Island Sweetheart is here, don't fret

Island Sweetheart is here, don't fret! Anywayz, I'm here with a new story and this one is about a little romance between Davis and Yolie! Yes… very *uncommon* but I think they could make it out as a couple! They both have certain passions that lead me to think of the two! Sorry if you don't like it! I try to come up with things that are Original or unusual but unique things.

This is also my first *Digimon* story.

Disclaimers note: I don't own Digimon

Italic- Characters thoughts

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*…*- Stressed words


Following Your Heart


Yolie sat down on a bench chair, her eyes searching for Kari but now sign of her at all. Where could she be? Yolie thought, she then she remembered that she had come early. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to see Davis. "Where's Kari?" Yolie asked the brown-headed boy. He smiled triumphantly and said, "she asked *me* to tell you that she is home sick so she wont be able to help you at the shop!"

Yolie sighed, she really needed the help and Kari was sick! Everyone else was busy with something. See, her parents took her sister to Yokohama for some benefit and they left Yolie there to run the shop for two weeks. Yolie wanted to go but she remembered that she had things to do in the Digital World with the other DigiDestined.

Davis saw her disappointment and said, "But don't worry! Kari also asked me to help you out!"

Yolie sighed, "Well, hopefully you can be responsible enough to handle working in my family's shop." She then thought, I've been cursed! Having Davis there is going to drive me Bananas!

Davis felt like a hero when Kari asked him to do her a favor so he didn't hesitate to accept.

Yolie sighed again, "Be there after school for two weeks and whenever Kari gets better, you won't be needed."

"Okay!" Davis walked away, happy that he had done Kari's favor.

Yolie walked to towards her apartment complex and she spied a woman and a man and they were laughing. They suddenly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and the man whispered something into the woman's ear, she blushed fiercely. He started to laugh and then the girl pulled his shirt downward and her lips met his. The man seemed surprised but he gave into the kiss. They seemed oblivious to everything around them.

Yolie blushed at herself for watching the private moment and she walked up the stairs. She finally reached the top and she looked back down to see the couple walking past, they were looking into each other's eyes.

Yolie felt a slight tingle in her heart that seemed to ache. She heaved a sigh and opened the door to her apartment.

Davis lay on his bed thinking about Kari. "She is so cool," Davis told himself. He felt honored that Kari had asked his self to do her a favor. He sighed and thought, working with Yolie is going to drive me Bananas! But then he would do anything for *Kari*! Davis groaned he hoped that working in Yolie's family shop wouldn't cut into his soccer time.


Island Sweetheart wrote this from her heart to ya'll. Anyways, if you'd like to tell me why they don't make such a good couple and blah, blah and blah. Review so that I might learn from my mistakes yada, yada, yada…