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Follow Your Heart

Chapter Two

"I bet you fifty bucks that I can get any girl I want plus…" Calvin slyly looked at his group of friends. "… Extra, know what'd I mean?" Calvin could hear the snickers and laughs from his peers.

"Okay, baka," shouted Mason, one of Calvin's crew.

"You think you can get the extra and all the shit," Mason cracked his knuckles. "I'll give you fifty bucks. But I gotta be there."

Calvin grinned, "You're on. I lose; I'm your slave for two months. I win, you gotta give me fifty bucks and put your underwear, with your name written on it, in the girls' bathroom."

Mason grinned and stuck out his hand. As Calvin shook it and Mason laughed, "You got it."

"Yolie!" Davis exclaimed. Yolie, who was walking to the store from school, turned to see Davis. "Hey Davis," Yolie said. Davis smiled, "Hey… the rest of the gang wants to go to the Digital World! You coming?"

Yolie shook her head no, "I have to work at the store-" Davis interrupted Yolie, "Wait. That means I gotta work too, huh?"

Yolie shrugged, "You can go to the Digital World, Davis. I'm cool with it since we aren't that busy."

Davis then surprised Yolie saying, "No way! I said I'd help so I'm going to help."

Yolie looked at Davis and blinked, "Um… Why, thanks Davis."

"No problem," Davis answered, smiling. Yolie shifted her backpack just as a boy bump into her.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

Yolie shook he head, "No, no… it quite alright…" Yolie looked up to stare into the deepest, darkest green eyes she'd ever seen.

The boy smiled at Yolie and answered ineptly. "Wow," the boy said, "You're real pretty."

Yolie blushed, "Thank-you. I think you're cute! And the fabulous tan!" The boy smiled and laughed, "I've never met a girl so honest before."

Davis grinned, "Then she's not your type, Calvin." Calvin turned to see Davis.

"Davis? Man! I haven't seen you in ages!" Calvin shook hands with Davis.

"Man," Davis laughed, "I see you're still the flirt freak."

"I'm a guy. Its second nature!"

Yolie raised a brow as she spoke, "You two know each other?"

"Soccer Summer Camp," Calvin laughed out loud. "We were something!"

Davis grinned, "Still mad about me going out with Candy Shakers?"

Yolie felt compelled to say something about the ridiculous name but she kept her mouth shut. She'd ask Davis later, she didn't want to sound stupid in front of Calvin.

"Miss Pompoms?" Calvin laughed, "To think that I almost went out went out with airhead, whew!"

Davis grinned, "Hey, the girl was packed."

Calvin made a quick comeback, "I've changed my ways, Davy old boy. Turned over a new leaf."

Davis suddenly stiffed. Yolie could tell that Davis didn't like what he was hearing.

"What the hell you up to, Calvin." Davis shouted unexpectedly. Davis took Calvin by the shirt with one hand and dragged him away.

"Excuse us Yolie," Davis told her, "Me and Calvin gotta talk." Davis looked at Calvin that made him shiver.

Calvin and Davis went behind a corner and out of earshot. Davis slammed Calvin against the wall. "You're an ass," Davis shouted, "You only use that line when your gonna do something to the girl."

"What'd ya mean? I was for real!"

"Kiss my butt, no you haven't. Nor will you ever!"

"Oh, now that cold-"

"I knew it! What's going?"

Calvin shrugged, "It was a bet. The first girl I saw, I said I could get any girl I saw first."

"Shit. You dumb ass-"

"Damn," Calvin shoved Davis back, "What is up with you? You were never like this when we were friends!"

"I seem to actually care for this particular girl because she's a cool girl and she'd get mad if she found out-"

Calvin grinned, "I know what I'm doing. Just stay out of my way." Calvin turned the corner just to see Yolie with an eyebrow raised.

Yolie stabbed a finger into Calvin's chest, "I was the bet?" Yolie blared out, "You have got some nerve you delinquent!"

"You, sir," Yolie shouted, "Is slime. Low and filthy little boy with messed up teeth!"

Calvin gasped as he covered his mouth to hide his teeth.

Yolie grabbed Calvin by the shirt, "I heard what you said and I'd like to tell you that every single girl will know by two tomorrow and will stay away from your sorry butt! Now," Yolie grabbed Davis by the hand, "Me and Davis will be leaving now. If you're smart, don't ever let me see you, talk to you, or smell you. That or I'm kicking your butt! That game is old and you just caught so get out of my way or get your ass kicked!"

  Before being pulled away Davis told Calvin, "Before you interrupted me, I said if she ever found out she'd kick your ass." Davis then left leaving Calvin looking scared and backed against the wall.

Yolie was still yelling about it when they neared her store. "That idiot!" Yolie yelled, steam could be seen above her head. Yolie then turned around and threw her arms around Davis. "Thank you Davis," Yolie kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks for watching out for me…"

Yolie paused and then smiled, "…. And for caring."

Davis started to blush like crazy. "You heard that?" He asked.

Yolie smiled, "But that kiss was just us being friends."

"Of course."

Yolie grinned, "Great. Lets get to work."

"Can I get another one of those kisses?"

Yolie looked up at Davis's face, eyes full of amusement and jokes. Yolie let Davis go, "Like those kisses, huh?"

Davis sighed, "Heavenly."

Yolie laughed and hit Davis on the arm, "Man, I hate you!"

Davis laughed and slung his arm around Yolie, "Stick with me, baby, I've got all the moves!" Yolie giggled, "That's it! I'm running away to hide!"

"What is up with Davis and Yolie?" Kari asked T.k. and Cody. They all saw under a tree in the Digital world. T.k. shrugged, "I'm not the one to ask. But Davis has been acting really weird lately."

"Like how?" Asked Cody.

"I don't know he just seems strange." T.k. shook his head, "Can you believe that he actually likes to work? At the store with Yolie working together?"

Kari and Cody's jaws both dropped like a sack of potatoes. "You gotta be kidding?" Kari exclaimed.

T.k. started to laugh, "I wonder what's going to happen with those two."