As everyone got out of the car they all heard screaming and saw police run everywhere. They where trying to control the mob that wanted to get into the concert. The limo pulled right up in front of the Stadium.

Once they where inside they had to be very careful for them not to change into their zodiac animals. But the police got the crowd under control enough for them to find there seats and sit there until the concert started. They where surprised when they got to their seats it was in the front row.

"I can't wait, I can't wait." Momiji said as he bounced up and down up and down and up and down again. It wasn't only him everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the hottest concert of the year to start.


"Well I really cant, I'm so tired I don't know if I could after the concert I had last night." she said trying to get her way out of it so she didn't want to get caught by her friends at the concert.

(O and I forgot to mention that Tohru has a wig she wears so no one knows who she is ok back to the story.)

" Well I'm sorry to hear that" As he grabbed her arm and dragged her out to the car by force.

"Ahh what are you doing let me go, let me go right now." Tohru screamed before entering a black world.

And the car was off

At the concert

The light dimmed and the concert was about to start the whole stadium was in an uproar. It was hard to hear anything. When two people walked on stage to introduce the next first singer.

"Hello everyone" said the girl "my name is Elizabeth and I will be one of your host for this evening. Right next to me is Kyle. We will both hosting this concert for you tonight.

"Everyone make some noise," Kyle screamed

The audience just went ballistic. Even the zodiac members where jumping up and down like crazy and screaming there heads off. (Haha pic. Hatori doing that. Well he was just standing up)

"Ok, Ok settle down everyone" Elizabeth said, " your first singer tonight is Cell tanner" (don't ask about the name lol)

As Cell walked out on the stage all the girls started screaming and holding up signs saying I LOVE YOU CELL.

Back to Tohru

The car pulled into the back of the Stadium and Roberto got out of the car holding Tohru bridal style into the stadium. Once inside Tohru started to move.

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