How I Know You

A/N: Ok, I read almost all of the book 'Wicked,' but right at the point where Elphaba is getting her monkey (forgot his name) to say spirit, my stepsister caught me reading it (it was her copy, the only one the library had, and I can't get a job till I'm 16, so I can't buy one...) and made me stop. I've also heard most of the soundtrack, since she was in the chorus for school and needed to learn the songs. So, since I'm obsessed with Aida (for those of you who don't know, it's also a musical), I decided to do a crossover thingy with Boq and Elphaba, using the song, "How I Know You." Here goes. I'll also include the reprisal.

Note: the singer is in bold, the lyrics are normal. Also, if you don't know the tune, look up Aida, Adam Pascal, Heather Headley, Tim Rice, and/or Elton John.


We grew up together

At least began to grow

As you became a loner

I gave up hope to know

You always ran away from me

I never got the chance

To ask you why you feared the sea

Or why we weren't friends

How I know you

How I know you

Long before our paths met

I had always enjoyed

My life, it was sedated

And I had only toyed

With the ideals of romance

I'd never really asked

The questions that you put to me

(A/N: the last line doesn't follow my rhyming pattern, please excuse it.)

I always hoped they masked

That you liked me

That you liked me


You must have imagined all that

And don't say anymore

'Cause now that we're both students here

My childhood is no more


I never have forgotten

And nor, I think, have you

Those happy childhood memories

None ever will subdue


But please, don't tell my secrets

Say we've never met


No, I remain as your friend

You cannot deny that!


You don't know me


Yes, I know you –


You don't know me!


How I know you,

How I know you.

Ok, that's it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Aida, or Wicked.

Note: This scene takes place in the book (not sure about the musical), where Boq recognizes Elphaba, and she is embarrassed/upset about the incident.