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Phoebe is a widow and Paula's (17) and Patience's (16) mother.

Paige is married to Mark and Pryanna's (16) mother.


Chris put a hand on Wyatt's shoulder and was about to answer when someone orbed in.

"I thought I told you to stay resting in the living-room!" Piper told Chris angrily throwing some clothes at him.

"How are you doing, Wy?" Their father asked caringly.

Chris, still a little shaky, walked to the bathroom to get dressed. He gave a "thanks" wink to his cousin when he saw her leaving, attempting to get to the door unnoticed by his Aunt and Uncle.

"Wy… sweetie, are you ok?" Piper asked caressing his hair.


The horrible flashes of his old life, blocked Chris' vision, while he attempted to button up his jeans with his shaky hands. He felt the overwhelming need to scream, to grab a knife and pierce his brains in an attempt to get the images out of his mind.

He rested his hands on the sink, trying to keep his balance and when he saw his face in the mirror, horror struck him with full force once again and he couldn't help launching himself to the toilet and heaving, repeatedly.

In the bedroom, Piper had sat on the bed and managed to get Wyatt to rest his head on her lap. She was caressing his hair lovingly, trying to calm him down, but she could feel him trembling like a leaf in a typhoon.

Luckily enough, he was in such bad shape, he didn't hear the strange noises coming from the bathroom.

Piper and Leo looked at each other in a silent conversation. They didn't want to upset their oldest any further with a loud demonstration of panic; but they were still worried sick about their youngest, the current resident of the bathroom.

Leo nodded at her and orbed to Chris, Wyatt barely realized his father's disappearance.

Once in the bathroom, he saw his youngest trembling, his right hand on the toilet, his left hanging languid, the hand resting on the floor. His body looked tired and a cold sweat bathed his face. He was taking long deep breaths.

Leo moved towards him, when Chris suddenly jerked forward. Bowing against the toilet, he emptied the content of his stomach again, while his father, sitting behind him, caressed his hair and drew soothing circles with healing light on his back. When Chris was done, he helped him rest against his chest.

"Shh… its ok, everything is fine, take deep breaths," he said to the boy in his arms, caressing his hair, tranquilizing him.

"Wyatt." Chris said trying to regain control over his body.

"It's ok, he is with your mom, he'll be fine." Leo told him, soothingly.


"He is fine, mom will take care of him, let dad take care of you." Chris was about to say something, but Leo just forced him to snuggle into his chest and hushed him. "Let dad take care of you. I am here and I am not going anywhere regardless of what you say, my boy, we are not leaving you alone… so stop fighting and just relax, champ. Let someone take care of you for a change."

He kept on telling him soothing things for the five minutes it took Chris to feel better.

When he felt his breathing was even and some color had come back to his face, he asked: "Feeling better, son?"

Chris nodded.

"Ok let's get you cleaned up and dressed!" He said getting up, washing his face and finishing dressing his son; despite all Chris' struggles to do it himself, seeing Chris' trembling body and pale face, Leo wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Ok", he said when he was done, ready to orb him away. Only Chris knew his father very well, and before he could do so, he pulled away from him.

"Where are you taking me?" he asked, apprehensively.

"To the kitchen to get you some tea or something to calm you down and settle your stomach and then you are going to rest for a while," Leo said in a "and you'll do what I say" tone. Only, his son just ignored his tone masterfully

"No! I want to go with Wyatt!" Chris said, sternly.

"And I want to be the king of the world, too bad none of us can get what we want!" Leo smirked.

"You spend too much time with mom, dad!" Chris shook his head, amused by hearing one of his mom's phrases on his dad's mouth; and started to orb away.

Nevertheless, his father also knew him too well, and forced him back right away. "You are not going anywhere Chris, I am sorry."

"I can't spend the rest of my life in this bathroom!" Chris smirked.

"Don't play smart with me, Christopher!" Leo said, sternly.

Chris sighed. "Please dad, I wanna go with Wyatt… please dad…I'll rest and stay calm near Wy… please, daddy? You are like the best, bestest, super bestest daddy in the whole world? Please, please… I'll be super nice and calm… I'll be so calm and quiescent you won't even know I am there." He put his best "I am an angel face."

But then… he should have known better… he was a lot of things - an angel had never been one of them (well… except for the little genetic factor).

Leo sighed and shuffled his hair, amused. "Somehow it's hard to believe you, kiddo!"

"Oh come on…dad… he is in worse shape than I am, what are we gonna do? Go partying?" Chris asked and Leo rolled his eyes at him. "Besides, you know I won't be able to calm down until I am sure Wy is fine!" Chris told his father.

"GOD! Why did my sons have to be so complicated?" Leo sighed, giving in.

"Cuz we make your life a lot more fun like this?" Chris smiled playfully and Leo just hugged him.

"Yeah… I give you that one, my life has been anything but boring since the second I met your mom!" Leo told him amused, still hugging him.

"Dad… I love your hugs and all… but can I go now, please? Please?"

Leo sighed, resigned. "Go!"

From the bathroom door Chris could see his brother, curled in bed, his head resting on his mom's lap, her face sprinkled with tears while she lovingly caressed his hair and cooed at him.

"…you have a family that adores you, a girlfriend that worships the ground you step on, a career you love…aren't those good enough reasons, sweetheart?"

"No…" Wyatt's voice was guttural and broken.

"I know it's hard sweetheart… but you have to fight it… you have to get over it." Piper pleaded, kissing his forehead.

He shivered when her lips touched his skin. "I don't know if I can, mom…I don't know if I have the strength to face anything anymore…everything I'll see from now on… I will feel that in one way or the other I destroyed it in another life time." Wyatt said, so beyond devastated, that his words had lost all tone.

"We can make you forget, Wy... we'll cast a spell... it will be like it never happened!" Chris told his brother as he took unstable steps towards him.

"No... I need to remember." Wyatt said, heartbroken.

"Buddy... you don't have to... there is no reason for you to remember." Leo told him, soothingly.

"Yeah... I need to make sure nothing like that ever happens again." Wyatt finally had some strength in his voice.

"But in order for that to happen... you have to keep on living!" Piper told her son.

With that comment and what Piper was telling her blond son when they entered the room Leo and Chris could figure out that Wyatt had been questioning his will and desire to keep on living.

The mere thought of it forced Leo to lean against a table to keep his balance. He would have run to his son and told him all the comforting words in the world, how he wouldn't be able to go on without him, how his life would lose all meaning if any of his sons abandoned him, but the shock of imagining Wyatt's death had vacuumed him of all his words and all his strength.

Chris, sharing some of the new memories with his brother, knew how tempting suicide could be.

"Yeah, bro…We'll deal with this, together, I promise… it'll get better." Chris told him, comfortingly.

"I just wish it wasn't this hard… I didn't expect it to be this bad…I don't know how I will be able to cope with all these."

"I'll help you, bro." Chris told him, soothingly.

"Promise?" Wyatt looked at him for the first time since he had reentered the room.

"I swear!"

"Good… cuz I really need you to stick by my side right now…now more than ever!"

"I won't leave your side, bro… as long as you need me I'll be right beside you." Chris gave him a sad smile.

"We'll all be, Wy!" His father reassured him.

Wyatt nodded.

"So… what do you say if we go wash our faces and have a nice family dinner, so your family can show you both how, crazy and all, we still love you!" Piper said, caressing Chris' cheek and then kissing Wy's forehead.

Leo offered Wyatt a hand to stand up while Chris did the same with his mother. Leo pretended not to notice how his oldest was trembling and how it seemed he was going to fall at every step, and subtly helped him walk to the bathroom. Piper held Chris' hand tightly and comfortingly, trying to give him strength through her touch, he appreciated it, but said nothing.

Chris remembered the effect the mirror had had on him a second too late. As Wyatt stared at his reflection after splattering water over his factions, the bathroom slightly shook and Wyatt's stare pierced the mirror, literally, the mirror slightly melted in front of their eyes as Chris tried to remove his brother from his spot, he seemed in trance, glued to the mirror.

Still… there was no use, Wyatt fainted in his brother's arms while he was trying to break the spell Wyatt's image seemed to have on himself.

"Wy!" Chris heard his own voice screaming as his parents rushed to help them.

Leo orbed him back to bed without even thinking, and then proceeded to attempt to heal him, even if he knew there was no use.

"It's ok, he still too shaky from what happened, don't worry sweetie." Piper tried consoling Chris who seemed desperate, and wasn't really in a state where he could get desperate.

"I know…" he answered, looking as worried as before.

"You don't look like you know!" Piper said motherly, trying to touch him.

"Mom…focus on Wyatt, I am fine!" He said harshly avoiding her touch and leading her to Wyatt.

Piper knew her son well enough to know that the only way to calm him down was focusing on his brother. Leo left room for his wife beside their blond son and walked beside Chris, shuffling his son's brunette hair and smiling at him reassuringly.

Piper couldn't restrain gasping after caressing Wyatt's hair and kissing his forehead. Leo held Chris comfortingly, knowing his mom's reaction would panic him.

"Calm down, Chris, he is going to be fine." Leo told him with his calmest voice.

"Why did mom gasp?" Chris asked, freaked, trying to get away from his dad's embrace, but he wouldn't let him.

"Wy has a slight fever, son." Leo told him.

"Mom wouldn't react like that for just a slight fever!" Chris said, breaking free from his father and running to his brother.

Wyatt spent the next week delirious with a fever no whitelighter or medicine could cure, since it was a product of his own mind fighting his new memories and guilt. True to his word, Chris didn't leave his brother's side for even a second. He never uttered a word of complaint, nor told anyone how his own new memories were torturing him.

"Hey…", Wyatt said, with a hoarse and weak voice, seven days after that, stretching his hand feebly to touch his brother's knee and wake him up from his daydream.

Chris jerked, startled and looked at him with a smile. "Hey, you too… how are you feeling?" He said leaning forward and helping him drink some water.

"Better…Do you ever leave this room, Chris?" He asked him ,worried, while his brother examined him, professionally. Chris shrugged for an answer. "Chris!" Wyatt told him, reprehensively and Chris stuck a thermometer in his mouth, to prevent him from saying anything else.

"I just wanted to make sure you were ok." Chris answered him, caringly.

"You didn't need to stay beside me 24/7 to do that!" Wyatt said taking the thermometer out of his mouth; Chris stuck the thermometer back in.

"Leave it there!" He ordered, though he was obviously relieved to see Wyatt had some strength to actually scold him.

"I thought I was the doctor in the here!" Wyatt spoke with the thermometer in his mouth.

"Ohh… shut up… I'll soon be one and a lot better than you!" Chris teased, happy to no end to see his brother better.

"Of course you will… who wants a killer for a doctor?" Wyatt said, sadly.

"Wyatt… don't you ever say that again, don't you ever THINK that again!" Chris said angrily, taking the thermometer out of his mouth, glad to see his fever was of 101.9 (38.8 C).

Wyatt sighed sadly, but really didn't want to go there either.

"Speaking of which…they accept me in quite a few places for my rotation next year… as soon as you are better, you have to take a look at them so you can advise me on which one to take…but you have to get better soon, bro… cuz I have to answer most of them by next week!" Chris pleaded with him.

"How long have I been out?" Wyatt asked, confused. He had some vague memory of feeling horrible and having his parents there, his aunts, his uncles, his cousins, his girlfriend, his grandpa… and his brother…always his brother beside him, but his memories were hazy and he had no awareness of how long he had been laying in that bed.

"Seven days…" Chris said, as casually as he could.

"You have been stuck beside my bed for seven days, Chris?" Wyatt asked him, concerned.

Chris ignored his question. "Though I think I know which rotation I am going to take," he said.

Wyatt sighed, knowing his brother wasn't going answer his latest question. "Ok…why don't you tell me which rotations they offered you, and which one you are planning to take, so I know which one I have to praise, because if you made up your mind, you won't listen to anything I say anyways!" Wyatt spoke in a typical brother tone. Sitting down, and resting his back against the bed frame.

"I am taking the one in San Francisco General!" Chris said, proudly.

"So you can actually bug me 24/7?" Wyatt teased him, though he was obviously delighted. "It doesn't even matter what the program is about, as long as you can have your brother near to harass him, right?"

Chris smiled. "Basically!"

"Good call, kiddo, it'd be great if we can work in the same hospital!" Wyatt said happily, laying back down, exhausted. "You are not planning to go tell anybody that I woke up, right? You want my exclusive attention?" Wyatt teased.

Chris smiled broadly, seeing how not only his health was improving, but his mood and state of mind, also.

"It's four in the morning, bro!" Chris smiled, showing him the alarm clock on Paula's night table.

"And you are awake… did you sleep at all in these seven days?" Wyatt admonished him.

Chris, once again, ignored him. "Though, I think your girlfriend's shift ended 3.30 today, so she might be awake, you can call her if you want… she left me her whole time schedule and strict instructions to tell you to call her if she wasn't here when you were conscious enough. Though, you don't HAVE to call her, I bet she'll understand." Chris said. He liked Wyatt's girlfriend, they'd been dating for almost six months and she was a really nice girl, but Chris still got a little jealous once in a while.

"You don't want me to talk to her, do you?" Wyatt said amused. "You are incorrigible! Hand me the phone, would you?"

Chris gave him the phone with a smirk.

"Bro…Thanks for being with me all this time… it probably wasn't the best thing for your mind or body… but it was nice to always feel you near… It made me feel a lot better!" Wyatt told him and Chris smiled. "Can I ask you one more favor?" He asked.

"Whatever you need, Wy."

"Can you lie down on the bed and sleep for god's sake? It's four in the morning!"

The next morning when Piper and Leo entered the room, they were as glad to find Chris sleeping, laying on a bed, as they were to see Wyatt sleeping a lot more peacefully than in prior days.

Chris didn't wake up till four in the afternoon that day.

"Mom…." Wyatt woke up moaning, two hours later.

Piper rushed to him. "Shh, baby… mom is here, everything is ok." She cooed in his ear, caressing his hair.

Wyatt opened his eyes and smiled at her. "I am hungry, mom!" He said weakly, smelling the food that was being cooked in the kitchen, his stomach was groaning.

Piper, Patience and Chris (the people in the room at that moment) smiled happily; being hungry was a very good sign.

"Ok… I have some leftovers that I can bring you right away, or do you want me to cook you something special?" Piper told him, eagerly.

"I want to go and eat with everybody, whatever it is that you are cooking right now!" Wyatt said, decisively.

"It's probably better if you stay in bed for a few more days, sweetie." Piper told him, lovingly.

"I want to go and eat with everybody whatever it is that you are cooking right now!" Wyatt repeated, stubbornly.

"Wyatt for god's sake, you are a doctor… think what you would say if you were one of your patients!" Chris tried to reason with him.

Wyatt smirked and sat down on the bed "I am not one of my patients, luckily." He told Chris and then he spotted Patience "Hey doll… I didn't see you there, come here beside me."

Patience snuggled beside Wyatt while he fought with his mother and brother.

"I have some lasagna from the other day, you love lasagna…I'll reheat it and bring it here to you… yes?" Piper asked him, sweetly.

"No…I want to go with everybody!" Wyatt whined. "Chris… please…"

"Tomorrow, bro, ok? Tomorrow night?" Chris told him.

"No... now! Doll… back me up here!" Wyatt pleaded.

"Wy… I am not five any more… if Chris and Piper say it's not good for you, I am not backing you up on something that's potentially harmful to you." Patience answered him.

Wyatt pouted.

"It's not going to work, Wyatt!" Piper told him.

"Please, Chris…I really need to see them… to have them near…you can understand what I mean." Wyatt explained, and for the first time, he was seriously distressed. "You'll orb me there, I'll lay on the couch… you can be beside me all the time… if I don't look good, I'll let you orb me down here!"

"You already don't look good!" Piper told him, but he had already convinced Chris.

"Mom…he'll feel better if everybody is around him, that's true… and if he looks too tired, I'll bring him back, ok?" Chris interceded for his brother.

Piper sighed "If you say so…but I'll be right beside you too."

"The more the merrier, mom." Wyatt smiled sadly and held his cousin tighter. "Can I go there now? It's everybody home?"

Patience shook her head "No, mom and Paula went to get an outfit for the party Paula has on Friday, Pry is at her capoeira class, mom was going to go get her after that; Paige is still at work, and your dad is probably fighting with some elder."

"Wouldn't it have been easier to say only Mark is home?" Chris provoked her, smirking.

"Probably…but it sounds a lot prettier the way I said it!" Patience answered him in a feisty tone, with a smug smile.

"Ok… let's think… practicality versus prettiness… what's more important?" Chris asked, sarcastically.

Patience walked to her cousin and gently slapped his cheek twice "Honey…do you honestly think all those girls chase you because of your practicality? Dream on, coz…" She said, leaving the room. "I'll see you up there, Wy."

"What is dad doing?" Wyatt asked before Pat even left.

"Do you want to see him?" Chris asked, softly.

Wyatt nodded.

"Call him… I bet he'll drop anything he is doing and come to you." Piper said.

"I just don't want to bother him." Wyatt shrugged.

"After this week…trust me… there is nothing that your father wants more than you bothering him!" Piper said caressing his cheek.

"Ok… I'll go to the living room and call him from there." Wyatt said trying to get up.

Chris didn't even bother to argue with him and orbed him, blankets and all to the living room.

"Dad!" Wyatt called from the living room. As Piper predicted he was there a second later.

"Wy! You are awake… that's so good, son." He said hugging his son. "Are you sure you wouldn't be better in the bed in Paula's bedroom, instead of here where it can be a potential mess?" He asked, concerned.

Wyatt sighed frustrated.

"You already won that fight?" Leo chuckled, amused.

"Yeah… I did… I just want to be where the potential mess can be… I need to." Wyatt pleaded.

The door opened and Phoebe with Paula and Pryanna walked in.

"Good… cuz the mess has just arrived!" Leo said sweetly, looking at his son with so much love, it seemed like he was looking at a deity.

Pryanna ran directly to the stairs.

"Aha… so you are not saying hello to your favorite male cousin, I'll keep that in mind!" Wyatt shouted, teasing her and she turned around with the biggest smile ever.

Phoebe and Paula also heard him shout and dropped the bags they were carrying and they all ran to him. Only Pry got there faster.

"Wy… you are better… I missed you so much! How are you feeling? Shouldn't you be in bed or something? You have no idea what happened to me! I was…" And she kept on talking to him at hyper-speed, he barely got a word, but he chuckled nonetheless, hugging her like there was no tomorrow.

Everybody was more than delighted to see Wyatt finally out of bed, having everybody fussing around him, was exhausting for the blond Halliwell, but it did great for the guilt complex that his new memories had created.

They all pretended not to see the tears that flooded his eyes more than once that night.

Slowly but steadily Wyatt got better; Chris was forced (by all the members of the household, but especially by Wyatt) to return to his daily routine two days after the dinner. Wyatt returned to work a week later; Still Wyatt and Chris stayed in Paula's room for two more weeks. They didn't want to admit it, but they were still not ready to stay away from their loved ones, fearing this might all be a dream, and they would wake up one morning and they'd all still be dead. Nightmares were still hellish for both of them, and they would comfort each other at night.

After moving back to their apartment, the nightmares continued for long, and they would both orb to the manor in the middle of the night, just to make sure they were there. For years after that, Chris would sometimes find Wyatt in the dead of the night, lying on the floor of the bathroom, sick with remorse, and pain. As he promised, he was there to help him through it each one of those times.

"Brothers forever… I'll always have your back and you'll always have mine… always." Chris used to repeat to him, on those nights. "That's the one thing you have to remember from our other lives, Wyatt… that's the only thing that matters."


If you are wondering about Oprent and his family, the second Eliana (The guys mother, and a former acquaintance of Paige, just in case you don't remember) went to magic school to enroll her kids, Paige (who was at that moment the head mistress) called social services and Leonild (A.K.A The demon, father of the kids) was incarcerated for abusing his wife.

Paige and her family helped Eliana to start a new, better life. Railey was still a close friend of Patience and Pryanna, he was madly in love with Pry, but knew he had no chance.

When their father left, Oprent took the job of being the oldest man in the house very seriously, he overprotected his brother to a sometimes annoying extent; still Oprent and Railey had one of those sibling relationships that most people envy. Oprent also took care of his mother with devotion. He was a straight A student, mainly, to please his mother. At this point, he had just started college and wanted to major in social services, to help kids that had been abused, find a better life.

Once, when he was still in bed and recovering, Railey, who had gone to the manor the visit Pat and Pry, was dragged by the girls to visit their sick cousin. None of the three of them understood Wyatt's overreaction when he spotted the teenager, only Phoebe, who was the only other person in the room at that moment, did.

"Railey… do you think you can ask your brother to come and see me for a little while, if he doesn't mind?" Wyatt asked him, once he had regained his speech.

"Oprent?" Railey asked, shocked.

Wyatt and Oprent had never gotten along, they didn't hate each other, they just didn't "click". Oprent had always been a little scared of Wyatt and Wyatt had always thought Oprent was boring and jealous of the Halliwell family, and it annoyed him that he was always trying to please each of the members of his family. Even if he had gone to school with Paula, the only ones of the Halliwells that he had some sort of relationship with, were Chris, who he looked up in a "Big brother" sort of way, though they didn't see each other too often, Paige, who he adored because of all she had done for his family - she was his mentor, and he would always run to her whenever he had a problem and the two kids, Pat and Pry because they were his brother's friends.

"Are you sure, hon?" Phoebe asked at the same time.

"Yeah, do you think he would mind coming to see me? I would go to him myself… but my family would kill me if I get out of bed." Wyatt smiled teasingly.


The next day, when Oprent entered Wyatt's room, he was sleeping, twisting and moaning with an awful nightmare, Chris was beside him, holding his hand.

"Wyatt… Wy… wake up!" Chris shook him a little to force him to wake up, after greeting Oprent, not as delighted to see him as Oprent would have expected.

When Wyatt woke up and saw Oprent beside his brother, he instinctively tk sent him flying to the wall.

"Get out a second, I'll call you when he is himself again!" Chris instructed the poor teenager who was looking at them from the floor and with a headache.

It took a few minutes to calm Wyatt down. Oprent entered the room meekly, Chris tried his best to make him feel comfortable. Except for the particular moment when Oprent attempted to kill him in his past life, he had always liked the kid, who looked at him as if he was some sort of role model to follow.

"I am sorry for what happened a few minutes ago." Wyatt said, apologetically.

"It's ok, Railey told me what happened to you both, anyone would be edgy…and you were asleep, you just thought I was someone else." Oprent said, softly.

Chris and Wyatt looked at each other, but said nothing.

"What?" Oprent asked, confused.

Wyatt sighed and rubbed his temples. "I wanted you to come here, and now that you are here, I don't know what to say, how to say it." Wyatt said.

"Why don't you try telling me why did you want me here? It's not something usual, you know." Oprent told him, softly.

Wyatt looked at his brother for strength, Chris smiled at him.

"I guess I just can't make amends with the whole world, and when I saw your brother here yesterday, I thought that if at least I could make amends with you, the one person who is going to be the hardest one of all to ask for forgiveness…it would have some kind of symbolic value." Wyatt said.

"What do you mean? I don't understand." Oprent asked, more and more confused, looking at Chris for answers. Chris just smiled, with his hand resting on his brother's shoulder.

"Ok kiddo, you have two options… as a way to redeem myself… I am going to give you these two options, and hopefully it will make me feel better knowing that I offered to share what I don't want anybody to know, with the one person that is hardest to apologize to, because if it happens again, it will be hard for me not to act like I did…wrong and all…but still…it would be hard not to do the same. So…you have two options, you can just listen to my apology and leave, or you can find out the reason I tk shoved you to the wall, because I didn't think it was anyone else, Oprent…I was absolutely conscious that it was you, and for that I am sorry."

Oprent looked shocked and confused not knowing what to do, still curiosity would have killed anybody, not only the cat.

"What happened?" Oprent asked.

"Kiddo…" Chris said kneeling in front of Oprent "I swear it's not as fun and epic as it sounds… looked at what those memories did to us… they are not nice…and what he is going to tell you is not going to make you feel good…"

"I still want to know…I know you are going to hate me for this Wyatt…but I always wanted you to like me, and you never did, no matter how hard I tried…the most I got from you was a condescending smile, and it's no secret how much I admire Chris, so if you are willing to share one of your worst moments just with me… regardless of how I am going to feel about that, I want you to do it."

"Ok… fair is fair… whatever your reasons are…just so you know, if you still want to know why I never liked you…that is not that I don't LIKE you… I just can't get myself to care about you and you always annoyed me, in this life and in the other one… Stop trying so hard, kiddo… I am the double blessed, I have tons of suck ups around me… so I hate them! Stop trying so hard, and I'll probably like you!" Wyatt explained.

Oprent smiled at him.

"Back to the story… have you ever heard of the "Lex Tallionis"? Wyatt asked.

"An eye for an eye…Paige always brings it up somehow when I go to her cuz I am angry about something", Oprent said.

"What do you think about it?" Chris asked him, paternally.

"What she always says to me… An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." Oprent said.



DISCLAIMER: The line "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" belongs to the admirable and praiseworthy Mahatma Gandhi


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"think that in the show they should have more emotion whne he was leaveing i mean after all he was their son, nephew and he did just save all their lifes and the world and he was in all sense going to die so i think that more emotion was called for." Absolutely! I thought just the same.

"but hey what to we the fans know about that kind of stuff." Of course!
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"You just want to smother him with kisses." Absolutely! And people keep asking me "What are we going to do with those two!" I have a couple of ideas in mind, glad to see I am not the only one!

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