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Touched By An Angel

Previously in Chapter 6...

Finally he reached the door and opened it, growling angrily. "What is it? It's in the middle of the night, and Sheena's asleep..."

"Zelos? What are you doing here?" The young man's eyes began to finally focus, revealing the faces of two young, shivering teens, one brunette, one blonde.

Chapter 7

"I should ask you the same thing!" Zelos replied in turn. "Shouldn't you two be out collecting Expheres?"

"We were, but we were so close to Mizuho that Lloyd decided to ask Sheena if we could stay here," Colette answered. Zelos' attention turned to her hands clinging onto Lloyd's arm, arms wrapped around his.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind... she's already got me here." He led them both in. "...oh, where would you guys sleep?"

"We can sleep on the floor!" Colette suggested with an enthusiastic smile on her face.

"Colette, you can't sleep on the floor!" the brunette turned to her. "You can have the couch, I'm sure Zelos wouldn't mind the floor with me."


"It's really all right, we can set down blankets and stuff." The eldest of the three had already begun walking towards the cupboard and digging out more sheets. "Don't worry 'bout it." He looked back at Colette and smiled to calm her.

"Okay... if you're sure... " She quietly got on the couch and laid down her head, wrapping the covers already there around her small frame. "Goodnight, Lloyd. Goodnight, Zelos."

"'night Colette," they both said together, laying the bundles of cloth onto the floor. As Zelos lazily set a blue comforter down on top of the giant pile, he chuckled to himself.

"What is it?" Lloyd asked suspiciously.

"Ah, nothing, nothing." He crawled into his own stack, turned away from Lloyd. He laughed quietly once more. "I was just thinking how long it's been since I've seen you. And that makes me kinda..." He smiled. "happy."

"Happy?" The younger kneeled down into his own make-shift bed, also looking away from his bedmate. "Well, I guess that's an usual reaction, but... okay."

"Well, more than just 'happy,' I guess... estatic. I mean, it's been so long, and..." He realized he was ranting and stopped.


"It's just nice seeing you, is all. You're probably not happy about seeing me, though."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Lloyd sounded almost hurt. "Of course I'm happy to see you, Zelos! It was a... pleasant surprise seeing you here." Zelos was amazed at how much he was acting like his father. His emotions at that moment were difficult to read. He sounded depressed that he had run into Zelos, but his words were full of cheer. It left him almost... emotionless.

"Okay, Lloyd. What's wrong?" he pressed. It was something he needed to know, for some reason he wasn't sure of himself. But Lloyd wasn't acting like himself at all.

"It's... nothing is wrong."

"Seriously, what is it?"

"Nothing, okay?" His voice was getting louder and firmer. How could he tell him?

Zelos flipped around and held Lloyd's wrist, in case he'd thrash. "Something is up with you. Are you still upset about before?"

"No, well, yes... no... nothing's wrong!" He sat up and smacked Zelos' hand away. Now they were both up and wide awake. "Stop asking me! Even if something was wrong, I wouldn't tell you!"

"And why not?"

"Be-because... I wouldn't want to ruin your relationship with Sheena..." he muttered, unable to look into Zelos' eyes.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Relationship? Although, he had no clue that he had just finished fighting with her earlier that day.

"You know, if you're here with Sheena, so you two are probably..."

"I'm just staying with her to visit for a few days because things in Meltokio got boring. There's nothing going on between us, if that's what you're thinking."

"R-really?" His emotions were becoming able to be read again, his eyes lighting up slightly. "Nothing?"

"Nothing romantic. But what does it have to do with anything?"

"It's... it's..." What had his words so caught up in his throat? "Before... remember what I said about Dad and you?"

"You said a lot of things."

"About how I was selfish?"

"But then remember what I said? You weren't being selfish, you--"

"I wasn't thinking about my mother the whole time. It was because... because..." He looked down and shut his eyes tightly. "I..." He finally looked up into two blue eyes, wrapped his hands in red locks, and kissed Zelos softly. The receiving was surprised, but didn't fight back at all. Lloyd released his lips and just stared into the blue orbs again, now unable to look away. "I was jealous. I wanted you. But you wanted my father instead."

"You... what? But... what about Colette?"

He shook his head. "I thought I loved her, I thought I did. But the way I felt when he wasn't at my side was different from the way I felt when I was away from yours. I missed her and worried for her. I didn't want her hurt, and I don't know what I'd do without her. But when you were gone, I was depressed. I missed everything about you on an intense level. I constantly had you on my mind, where you were and if you were thinking about me at all. Zelos... I love you. I know you love my father, but..."

"I... I don't know what to say." It was true that he still loved Kratos. On the other hand, there was something about Lloyd that made him happy. Maybe he could let Kratos go and love the younger, maybe even more. Love could grow with time. And just maybe...

"I'm sorry. But... it is only for the best. I do not want you to end up unhappy."

"Please, Zelos. You don't have to love me back, but please, don't leave. Give it time... come with us! Come with me and Colette to collect Expheres!"

Kratos wanted only the best for him, right? He could love someone, even if it was his son, and he wouldn't leave him alone for the rest of eternity to reminisce over it. He could travel the world all over again with him with an open heart to fill with memories and love. "Okay, Lloyd. We'll see what comes." He held his head and kissed him again, the length of time increasing as moments stretched to forever.

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