Priestess Adularia: Carrie is one of my two favorite books in, I don't know, the entire stinking world, and the movie rocked, too! So I decided, what the Hell? If it reminds me of anything, it makes me think of Teen Titans. This first part was in the book only, not the movie, but the rest you'll recognize if you've seen Carrie. And if you haven't, watch it anyway!


The Shadow Exploded

Directed by Priestess Adularia


Arella (Angela Roth) as Margaret White
(Stella Andrews) as Sue Snell
Robin (Richard Grayson) as Tommy Ross
Bumblebee (Sarah Charles) as Ms. Collins
Blackfire (Carol Andrews) as Christine Hargenson
Mammoth (Real name unknown) as Billy Nolan
Jinx (Real name also unknown) as Nora
Cyborg (Victor Stone) as Principal
Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) as Idiot on Bicycle
Mad Mod (Real name unknown) as Dumb Teacher
Huntress(Helena Wayne) as Estelle Horan


Raven (Raven Roth) as Carrie White


"Is it over?" Beast Boy was crying into his pillow.
"It wasn't that scary," stated Raven in her usual monotone voice.
"It was so sad," Starfire wailed. "Why did the sweet irl Carrie die? And at the end
" she began to sob.
"I think it was awful."
All heads turned to Robin.
"I hated it," he stated. "It was cruel to pigs, popular kids, unpopular kids, teachers, principals, mothers, religious people, and telekinetic people."
All heads turned to Raven.
"What did you think, Ray?" asked Cyborg.
"I loved it," Raven stated firmly. "I think you would have to have been crazy not to."
" Robin trailed off. "In that case, wasn't it the best movie you've ever seen?


"But…" Helena Wayne began.

"'But' nothing," her mother Selina replied. "There's no reason why you can't enjoy the privacy of our own back yard. Get all the sun you can."

Helena, her mom Selina, her dad Bruce, and their butler Alfred lived next door to Angela Roth and her daughter Raven. Helena had a habit of sunbathing, and Angela—whose hedge hadn't grown out yet—had called dozens of times to complain about the 'show' she was 'putting on' in their backyard.

Helena's bathing suit was perfectly decent, but Mrs. Roth would go on and on about what a scandal it was for 'her baby.' Selina was a patient woman, but she had an awful temper, and when Angela called her daughter the 'Whore of Babylon' she lost it completely and called Angela a dirty old woman with a can of worms for a brain and said Helena could go around buck-naked if she wanted because it was her backyard.

Helena wanted to stop sunbathing right then, but Selina was a stubborn woman. And now she had bought Helena a tiny little bathing suit and Helena's protests that she didn't want to be a pawn in a backyard fence war did no good.

So there she was on a Sunday afternoon, covered in suntan lotion and listening to Linkin Park. Selina hated rock music, but today she turned it on herself. Helena was really beginning to feel like a Whore of Babylon.

But no one came out, and Helena started to relax. I guess they're at Church.

After a while, she fell asleep.


When she woke up, a beautiful little girl was staring down at her. Helena stared back. The girl was tiny and pale and perfect, with huge sloe eyes that were almost purple. She was wearing a little black dress, kind of cute but awfully long for a little girl in the summer.

Sweet was the only word that fit. Sweet and bright and innocent. Her mother's sickness hadn't touched her very deeply then.

Not yet.

Helena smiled. "Hi."

The girl, Raven Roth, didn't smile back. Even then, her face was as impassive as a marble statue. "What are those?" she asked, in a tiny pretty little voice.

Helena glanced down, and her cheeks flushed. Her top had slipped while she was asleep. Fixing it hurriedly, she replied, "Those are my breasts, Raven."

Very solemn, she replied, "I wish I had some."

"You have to wait, Raven. You won't have them for, oh, another eight or nine years."

Raven shook her head. "No I won't. Mommy says good girls don't." Now she looked half-sad and half self-righteous. It wasn't as unnerving as the blank mask, but it was just as strange.

Helena gaped at her, and the first words that popped into her mind popped out of her mouth: "Well, I'm a good girl. And your mother has breasts, doesn't she?"

She lowered her head and murmured something so soft Helena couldn't hear.

"Would you repeat that, please?"

Raven lifted her head, and now she looked defiant. Helena wondered if she had ever smiled like a normal little kid.

"Mommy was bad when she made me. That's why she has dirtypillows."

Helena couldn't believe it. She was dumbfounded. She didn't know what to say. All she knew was that she wanted nothing more than to grab that sad little scrap of a girl and run away with her.

They just stared at each other, until Angela Roth walked out the door.

For a moment she just stared, stunned. Raven looked like she was going to faint. Her face went gray. Helena wanted to die.


Helena jumped to her feet. "She didn't do anything wrong! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"

Angela didn't hear her. She was screaming about sluts and sins. Raven ran over to her, and Angela scooped up the child and ran into the house. But before she did, Raven glanced back at Helen. Her face was full of hate and fear and longing and most of all misery.

It was as if all the sorrows of the world had fallen on her like stones.

And she was only three.