The Year of Rocket's Revenge
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

It's been a long ride... but the end is finally here!

You are reading the penultimate story to end all stories! 'The Year of Rocket's Revenge' serves as the finale to my hit fanfic, 'The Adventures Series.' The best part is, you don't have to have read that old fic to enjoy this one! There's plenty of goodness for old and new fans alike to partake in!

So here I am, now taking part in my biggest project to date! Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: The characters and places from the Pokémon anime and other Pokémon products all belong to Nintendo and 4Kids Entertainment. Original characters Cassie Banks, Arius McFly, and many others too numerous to list here, were created by me, and no other writer may use them without written consent from myself.

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The Year of Rocket's Revenge
Session July, Part 1 (07.10.05)

The ultimate dream of any Pokémon trainer is to become the best. Better than anyone has ever seen. Every trainer wonders what it would be like to become a Pokémon Master. Very few ever reach that plateau.

One plucky 12-year old is hoping that one day he will be known as a Master. But not just any old Master. The greatest Pokémon Master ever!

Who is this individual, you ask? Why, he's Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, an enthusiastic young boy who strives to give it his all in battle, as well as care so lovingly for the Pokémon that live his adventures with him. Especially Pikachu, the yellow mouse with a shocking personality. Ash and Pikachu have been together since the very beginning, and there's not one step on their journey that one has taken without the other.

But Ash is not alone in his endeavor. He has two great friends by his side. There's Misty Waterflower, the 14-year old tomboy who loves water Pokémon. She's also in training to replace her older sisters as the gym leader of the Cerulean City Gym. Rumor has it that she's a lot closer to Ash than she would like to let on. And then there's Brock Slate, a 15-year old male who has a thing for anything in a skirt. When Brock isn't drooling over the newest sweetheart to cross his path, he's busy preparing food for his friends and their Pokémon. After all, back in Pewter City, he was not only in charge of the gym, but he also had many, many siblings to take care of.

Normally, that would make up the whole crew. But on this day, two others are accompanying them. One is Duplica Imite, a Ditto trainer who's goal in life is to become a superstar performer. The other is Tracey Sketcher, a Pokémon Watcher who loves to sketch Pokémon.

Together, this group of trainers and their Pokémon are preparing to step into familiar territory, as just above the next hill lies Pallet Town, Ash's hometown.

Pikachu appeared at the top of the hill and started cheering excitedly as he spotted Pallet Town just ahead.

"Pika pi!"

Ash joined Pikachu, glad to be back home at last.

"Well guys... we're back in Pallet Town!"

"Pi pikachu!"

Ash's traveling companions Misty, Brock, Duplica, and Tracey walked up behind him, as they glimpsed down towards the small, peaceful community.

"So this is where you live, Ashy-boy?" Duplica asked.

"It's just as beautiful as it ever was," remarked Misty.

"It's always nice to relax in a place where you can just let your imagination run wild!" Brock exclaimed.

The trio then heard the sound of chattering teeth behind them. They all turned around and saw Tracey shaking nervously.

"What's wrong?" asked Brock.

Tracey managed to break out of his nervous state long enough to give a response.

"We're... we're here!"

Misty raised an eyebrow quizzingly. "What are you talking about? Of course we're here!"

"No... you don't get it. This... this is where... this is where HE lives! The one person that any lover of Pokémon would do anything to meet! He's the most decorated and world-renowned Pokémon researcher anywhere! And to think... I'm just moments away from gazing my eyes upon him for the first time in real life! It's... like a dream, only it's not! Today I finally get to meet the one, the only, Professor Samuel Oak!"

Duplica looked at Misty and said, "I've heard a lot about Professor Oak, but is he really, really this idol of the Pokémon world everyone makes him out to be?"

Before Misty could answer, Tracey cut in with a response of his own.

"Are you kidding? He's the most knowledgeable Pokémon researcher ever! You ask him anything about Pokémon and he'll answer it for you, right off the top of his head! He's that good! He's a legend! Every Pokémon Watcher dreams of one day being just as good as him! And here I am, just moments away from meeting him for the first time and it just gives me goose bumps!"

"Looks like we'd better not delay our entrance any longer then," Brock said. "Pallet Town, here we come!"

"I'm already way ahead of you!" yelled Ash, who had already started to run down the hill and into the town. Pikachu followed alongside him.

"Hey Ash!" Misty cried, sprinting off after him. "Wait for us!"

Brock and Duplica followed suit, leaving Tracey at the top of the hill, still in his half-dazed stare.

"Wait!" Tracey shouted, finally snapping back to his senses. "Man... do these guys do nothing but run around all day?"

"La la, la de la dee da!"

Delia Ketchum was out in the front yard of her house, singing a tune out loud as she watered the flowers in her garden. She had reason to be happy. After all, her son was returning home after his brief trip to the Orange Islands.

"I can't wait to see him back home and in my arms!" she said to herself aloud.

"Well, wait no longer!" exclaimed a voice from afar.

Delia looked up to see her son Ash running towards her, with Pikachu alongside him. She dropped her watering can and ran out to meet him.

"Oh, Ash!"

"Hi mom!"

The two met on the sidewalk in a loving embrace. After a few seconds, Mrs. Ketchum let go of her son, just in time to catch Pikachu leaping into her arms.

"Hi there, Pikachu!" she greeted.


"Hmmm... I thought your dad said Misty and Brock were with you. It would be nice to see them again after so long!"

Ash laughed. "Of course they're with me. Here they come now!"

The two of them turned to see Misty and Brock approaching from afar. There was also two others that Delia didn't quite recognize. Nevertheless, she was elated with joy to see Ash's friends again.

"Good morning, Mrs. Ketchum!" greeted Brock. "Nice to see you again."

"Why, thank you, Brock! And how are things going with you?"

"Great! With my dad back, the Pewter gym is up and running like never before!"

She then turned to look at Misty.

"And look at you, Misty! You've certainly grown since I last saw you. You're quite the woman now, aren't you?"

Misty blushed. "Well... I'm not that much of a woman yet."

"Nonsense! I'm sure you'll grow up to become a beautiful woman one day!"

"I'm still not sure she's beautiful, period," Ash muttered.

Unfortunately for Ash, Misty had caught his snide remark.

"What was that, Ash Ketchum?" she shouted in rage, reaching over and grabbing Ash by the jacket.

"I was just joking!"

"Now now, you two!" Mrs. Ketchum jumped in. "There'll be plenty of time for that later, especially since you have guests here to entertain."

"That's right!" Duplica interjected. "Besides, you wouldn't want little ol' me telling the world Pallet Town isn't as great as everyone thinks it is. That, and if you don't treat me right, I'll never do a show here when my acting career really takes off!"

"This is Duplica," Ash said, introducing her. "She wants to be the world's first Ditto master! She's also a great actress!"

"That's very flattering, Ashy-boy, but the truth is... I'm not that big of a star yet..."

Duplica then walked over and began to play with Ash... by rubbing her face up against his. Which irritated Misty in the process.

"Maybe if a certain someone would pass on a little inspiration..."

Ash started to sweat. "Duplica..."

"Hands off!" Misty yelled, pulling Duplica away from Ash.

"Let him have some fun!" Duplica shouted. "Besides, I'm sure he enjoys it when he's teased..."

"Ash is not that kind of guy!"

"Then perhaps you'd like to explain what kind of guy Ash is in front of his mother?"

Misty froze up. "I... I..."

"What's the matter? Afraid she'll want you to leave Ash alone if you're taking the relationship too far too early?"

"If anyone should be worried about taking it too far, it should be you, with all your mannerisms and endless teasing..."

As Misty and Duplica argued away, Ash looked on in confusion, Mrs. Ketchum observed with interest, and Brock and Tracey flashed faces full of jealousy.

"Misty sure defends Ash a lot, doesn't she?" asked Tracey.

Brock nodded in response. "They say women are very protective when they find a mate. They have to be, especially when other women continue to claim possession of that same mate."

"This is just like watching one of those harem shows! Now if only there were a shy girl, a genius girl, and a chef girl, then Ash would be set for his teenage years!"

"I know." Brock then started to wail loudly. "Why can't I be as lucky as Ash is in love?"

Mrs. Ketchum then walked over to Tracey, wanting to meet him as well.

"And what's your name?" she asked.

"Me? Well, ma'am, I'm Tracey. Tracey Sketchit. I'm a Pokémon watcher!"

"A Pokémon Watcher? Never heard of that profession."

"You haven't? Well, allow me to show you..."

Tracey opened his backpack and started to dig through it to find one of his many sketchbooks to show her. Before he could find one, though, Misty ran over and pushed him out of the way and onto the ground.

"Forget about him, Mrs. Ketchum. It's not even that important of a job. I mean, isn't everyone a Pokémon watcher just because they see a Pokémon?"

"It doesn't work that way!" Tracey yelled from the ground.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Brock cut in. "Maybe we should pay a visit to Professor Oak! After all, I'm sure he'll be glad to see us!"

"Now there's an idea I can agree with!" Tracey exclaimed as he got up from the ground and reached over to shake Ash's mom's hand. "It was nice meeting you, but my destiny calls!"

Mrs. Ketchum smiled back. "Well, nice meeting you two!"

Tracey then bolted down the road, heading for Professor Oak's laboratory.

"Should we really let him go there by himself?" Misty wondered.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," replied Brock. "After all, remember the first time we met Professor Oak, and how we reacted?"

"Oh," Mrs. Ketchum spoke up. "That reminds me... Samuel told me he wanted to see you the second you got back into town, Ash."

"Samuel?" Duplica scratched her head before figuring out the truth. "That's Professor Oak's first name, isn't it?"

"Yep," Ash confirmed, "and it seems he needs my help once again!"

After a ten-minute walk from the Ketchum residence, Ash and the others were standing at the front door to Professor Oak's laboratory. Ash reached for the doorknob and turned it, already aware that the professor kept the front entrance unlocked during the day. The quintet (including Pikachu) went in and immediately heard two voices in the nearby living room engaged in a conversation about Pokémon.

They walked over, and as expected, found Tracey chatting with his idol, the world-renowned Professor Samuel Oak. Or rather, at that very moment, Tracey was drooling with expectation as the professor flipped through one of Tracey's sketchbooks.

"Good... not bad... very good! I love the detail on this Butterfree! I'm impressed that someone your age is so skilled at drawing Pokémon!"

"Well... I've had plenty of practice. I've been drawing since I was eight."

"And it shows. I'm sure that you're only a couple of years away from becoming one of the best Pokémon Watchers in the entire world, Tracey!"

"You really mean it? Wow!"

Ash took this moment to interject.

"Hey dad! I'm home!"

Everyone took a step back in shock. Especially Tracey, who almost fell flat on his face.

"Dad?" he screamed out loud.

Duplica glanced at Ash strangely. "Did you just call the professor your dad?"

Misty and Brock sweatdropped. "Here we go again!"

Professor Oak got up from his seat and addressed the group.

"Yes, it's true. Ash is my son."

Duplica and Tracey both looked back and forth between Ash and the professor, trying to find any similarities between the two. But they couldn't find one.

"Is that even possible?" Duplica asked. "You two look nothing alike!"

"That's because I'm Ash's father only by my marriage to his mom, Delia. He was born long before the marriage."

Flashback about sixteen months ago, as many bear witness to the marriage of Professor Samuel Oak and Delia Ketchum at the Cerulean City Amphitheater. Ash and Misty were serving as the best man and the flower girl, respectively, as they stood to either side of the couple.

Standing off to the side, Misty's eldest sister, the blonde-haired Daisy, made a remark about the couple as she watched from the front pew.

"Don't they look so cute?"

The priest then began the 'exchanging vows' part of the ceremony.

"Do you, Samuel Oak, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to caress and to cherish, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

"I do," the Professor responded.

"And do you, Delia Ketchum, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband for the same reasons?"

"I do," replied Delia.

"The rings, please."

Pikachu hands Ash a small black box. Ash takes the ring out and gives it to Professor Oak. Misty takes out a similarly looking ring and gives it to Mrs. Ketchum.

"With this ring, I be wed," both halves stated, with the professor slipping the ring onto Delia first, and then vice versa.

"Okay then, if no one objects to these two being wed, then I now pronounce you two husband and wife. Professor, you may now kiss the bride."

Professor Oak lifts the veil and gives Mrs. Ketchum a short, passionate kiss, resulting in a giant happy uproar from the congregation. The newlyweds led the way to the press box for the after wedding banquet.

"I remember hearing about that wedding!" Tracey exclaimed. "It was talked about on television, on radio, and in the paper for weeks! Wow... to think I know the son of THE Professor Oak!"

"It's not that big of a idea," Ash told him modestly.

"I'm surprised not many people know of your relation," said Duplica.

"We wanted to keep it a secret," the professor said. "I'm sure Ash has enough to think about on his Pokémon journeys and work for the Pokémon League. Delia and I didn't want Ash to be stressed out about having reporters following him every day."

"That," Misty added, "and the fact that Ash didn't want to be given special treatment by any of his opponents or rivals just because he was related to the professor."

"There's nothing wrong with that," Ash glared at her, having taken offense to that statement.

"Anyway," the professor told Tracey and Duplica. "Now that you know the secret, I ask that you not divulge it to anyone!"

"You'll never hear it from my lips!" Duplica quickly agreed.

"Me too!" Tracey added. "Your secret's safe with us, professor!"

"Good. Now that that little problem is taken care of, I need you to take care of something for me, Ash."

"Sure dad... I mean, Professor Oak!"

"There's a scientist named Professor Schtickly who lives in the Seafoam Islands area. He wanted me to send him a young, talented trainer to help him complete his research on a project he says will revolutionize the Pokémon transfer system. With Gary away and you coming home, it was easy for me to decide who to send."

Ash was elated over being chosen. "Don't worry, Professor Oak! I'll be glad to help in anyway I can!"

"Good. You'll have to catch a ferry to the main isle, then search for his laboratory on the south side of the island. He can't wait to see you!"

Brock began seeing hearts in his eyes. "And I can't wait to see all of those gorgeous babes in bikinis!"

"And I can't wait to lie on the beach and soak up the sun!" Misty added.

"And wherever Misty goes, I go!" Duplica exclaimed.

"It's settled then," Ash pumped his fist in anticipation. "We're making a trip to the Seafoam Islands!"

"What about you, Tracey?" the professor asked, turning to the watcher.

"No thanks," he replied. "I'd rather stay here and observe you at work."

"My my, that's very flattering. Okay then... why not? I could use a fresh hand or two to help out in the Pokémon Preserve."

Tracey became starry-eyed. "You mean it? Wow... I'm going to work side-by-side with my idol, the one and only Professor Oak! It's like a dream come true! Unbelievable! Fantastic! Stupendous!"

"ENOUGH WITH THE PRAISING ALREADY!" Misty yelled at the top of her lungs.

A minute later, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Duplica were waving goodbye to Professor Oak and Tracey as they headed south towards the docks.

"Bye!" the quartet yelled. "See you later tonight!"

"Don't be late!" Professor Oak shouted. "We're having roast beef tonight!"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Ash exclaimed.

To be continued next week in Part 2!