Chapter 1: Own Little World

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Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto, not me. That goes for everything in this ENTIRE story. I only own Akemi Fujibayashi. That sounds kind of weird.



My name… is Akemi Fujibayashi… Pretty long name isn't it? Don't blame me… I didn't make it up…

My life… is pretty much difficult and it just got really creepy and bizarre on the day of my twenty-second birthday. "So what's your point exactly?" you ask. It just so happens that my ass was dragged into an "Naruto" world, but maybe if I explained it to you it'll make sense, so here's my story. And I'll make this biography as short as possible, so please don't sleep.

My life was pretty crappy. How? Well, at age six, my mother left me. That's right, left me… me and my father and my brother. She hated us, and if you saw the way she treated me, you would know exactly why.

My father was wealthy, because he owned a company. Things actually got better without her. Not…

What was worse?

My father and my brother got into a car accident, he was older than me (if you wanted to know)… my father made it okay with just a scratch, but my brother didn't make it.

Then my father committed suicide because he couldn't take the stress anymore, he felt guilty because he felt he was the one who killed my brother. He told me that he didn't deserve a good kid like me. He made me promise that I would love someone until the end. Even the company he managed was taken down. Sucks doesn't it? But that was life.

So what about me?

I wasn't a "geek" exactly, but I wore glasses. For a twenty-two year old, I still acted like a kid… at most times.

I was an average height, skinny, but not too bony. I wasn't attractive, but I wasn't ugly. I didn't think myself as pretty though. I had an average height of black hair with highlights. I always wore my hair back into a ponytail. At least my hair smelled nice, maybe it's the shampoo, anyways… my skin was white with a little bit of a tan and I never wore make-up in my life. Oh yeah, I had a crazy looking birth mark on my stomach, it looked like the sun or something… my dad said it looked cool. It was ugly to me.

My intentions were clear. I was going to life through my life and end it with no one. However I didn't want to die early, I still wanted my dad's wishes to be fullfilled. After my father died I was sent to an orphanage. But there were too many children in it. They forgot about me and I lived alone.

Miraculously, I somehow survived my sixteen years of torture alone. Although I had a depressed life, I promised my dad that I would die: old and wrinkly. Okay… enough about this boring shit…


Here is when my story begins…

"Aww… crap…" I said, driving along a road. It was raining like hell. I couldn't freakin' see where I was going. I didn't wear a seat belt because I was too tired to. I couldn't shake off the inevitable… bummer…

I was driving to my father's old house. There was a will from him that was being sent there so, of course, I had to go and retrieve it. Ehh... I had to drive all the way from Nagasaki to Tokyo.

And then it came… so quick.

My car crashed into another one.

"What the…?"

My whole body was thrown against the front of the car window, smashing it while I landed limp on the ground. I couldn't get up, the pain was unbearable… the rain poured all over me. I felt that my bones had broken, blood was escaping my body. I saw someone get out of the car and rushed towards me.

I groaned and my eyelids felt heavy. I plunged into the darkness.


"Oh boy…" I said, walking on the muddy grass. "It's pouring…"

Rain didn't stop for three days. I just got back from a mission, tired as hell. I walked towards the large carved rock that bore the names of the dead jounin.

I stared at Obito's name. It sucked being alone.

"I'm sure every where's bright where you are Obito," I said. "Time sure passes by…"

The rain was loud. A little… too loud. I was a bit annoyed.

I lifted my head towards the sky and closed my eyes, feeling some droplets fall on my face. The sound of rain was getting louder.

Suddenly, an image came on my mind. It was a young woman… she was… crying..?

The screams weren't from the rain. I snapped my eye (not the covered one…) open and saw something coming at me.

"What the…?"


I was screaming for… who knows how long… I screamed my freakin' lungs out. I just got into a car accident and the next thing I know is that I'm falling over a billion miles per hour from the sky. There was heavy rain, and it poured all over my body… I became too numb to move.

I continued screaming. Was this Hell?

What did I do wrong?

I opened my eyes finally… and… huh?

There was a guy with white hair? Maybe he was an angel. I'm probably going to Heaven after all, but wait…

You don't get this hurt entering Heaven… do you?

"Don't worry," said a voice in my brain.



A naked female body falling towards me, well… that's what I think I'm seeing. WTF?

I blinked, looking down, thinking.

It looked like I was daydreaming on the event that happened in my book: "Come Come Paradise". I reached for my book.

Did that happen in my book?

I blinked again. Was this real?

I placed my book inside my green jounin vest and looked up again. That was odd, a woman falling from the sky…

What's up with this world…?

I thought too late. The girl slammed right on top of me.

I looked at her groggily… she wasn't that heavy I can tell you that. She was skinny and had long black hair with highlights covering her chest and up. I tried looking away. I don't think it would be a good idea staring at her continuously. But I was suspicious.

She looked ordinary to me.

I wonder what happened to her. I peered closer to her.

I've got to be dreaming.


Someone broke my fall. I was glad I didn't hurt much. It was freezing. I still couldn't move, not even my eyelids moved anymore. I felt someone wrap their vest around me.

Aah… it was warm.

This is weird, I was supposed to be dead… am I alive? In another world probably, which is weird...

I snuggled against that person, placing my hand on his/her's stomach.

Wait a minute… that's supposed to be bad. What if it's a…

I raised my hand where supposedly his/her chest was.

It was flat.

Screw my freakin' tired eyes, I snapped them open to look at a one-eyed covered stranger.

He looked back at me, smiling.

"Hello," he said happily.

Oh… My… GAWD!

I screamed even more… my raspy voice cracked. I felt the guy wince.


Man… she screamed, I think, for an hour at least. Was I that scary? Maybe it's the mask.


I looked at her uneasily, sticking my index fingers in either side of my ears. If that was a technique, she could kill someone with that…

"Er… excuse me?" I yelled, trying to get passed her screams. She did have a nice figure though… EH? Wadduya thinking?


I looked at her stomach… was that a cursed seal?

She continued screaming until she lost her breath. I gave her my coat, erm... vest… again because she threw it back at my face in her defense.

"Look!" I yelled dangerously. I didn't mean to, but this girl, young woman, something about her annoyed me a bit. She stopped screaming; covering her goods (you know what I mean…).

The young girl looked at me like I was some sort of monster She didn't look like, but sounded like, a weird monster or something.

"Hmm," I replied. "Are you…?"

She looked so timid… scared, like a little bunny rabbit that just got cornered by a fox. Eh? Was I the fox? I blinked again.

This was confusing. How the hell did a woman fall from the sky? Was it a sign or something? I looked at the rainy, thick clouded sky, then back at her.

She was still staring at me, horrified. Her wet hair was covering half her face and the rest of her body. She looked so innocent, it made her seem as a ghost or something. I examined her eyes further. Eh? Silver eyes? She looked so familiar; like the woman from my thoughts... the one I just had... hmm...

"Yelling won't help you," I said calmly. "No one…" I stopped myself. Apparently, I was telling her what a killer would tell his victims. But… but I'm not a killer! Er… technically I was (I mean… I am a ninja). I gave her a nervous grin.

"You see I… I…" I tried explaining.

"Why is this happening to me...?" she sobbed.

I stared at her.

The girl fell limp... and fainted.



I was cold. Dead cold. Oh, didn't I just die? All I remember is seeing this guy with white hair telling me…

"Yelling won't help you," he replied, replaying over and over in my mind.

Shit. He was going to rape me.

I felt something soft against my back. A cloth? I think I was lying on a bed. I knew it! Aww… fuck! He was probably the same person who got into a car accident with me. He probably took me in his house to toy with me.

But wait… didn't I fall from the sky? It was raining… hard. I fell on some guy and he told me those murderous words and then I passed out.

I smelled a man's smell. He definitely took me in his home.

How am I going to make it through this?

I slowly opened my eyes. I didn't have my glasses on… it was blurry. I knew it was morning because of the intense shine on my eyes. I searched with my hands instead.

Hmm… paper… ouch… paper cut… pencils… an eraser… something soft with some metal thing on it…

I found something made of plastic and flat. Huh?

I picked it up. It was a book. I squinted to see the words.

"Um… 'Make-Out Paradaise'…?" I said slowly. The rest were a blur. So… this guy really was a pervert eh? I was so disgusted.

As I searched more I felt even more horrifed. I felt cloth... long cloth that might be used for muffling or tying up victims. Blankets and masks... MASKS FOR THE VICTIM? Or maybe the rapist.

And the most scariest thing I felt was a couple of small metal... knives or daggers. To cut the VICTIM OPEN!?

I tried finding my glasses, but couldn't. I was so cold, I pressed the jacked closer to my body. The warm jacket touched my skin. Wait… skin?

I looked at my body.



Did I lose it? My... MY...


Oh my gawd... what if I did?

That freakin' white haired pervert. HE PROBABLY PLAYED WITH ME THE ENTIRE NIGHT!

I found something while I continued searching near the bed. A huge black shirt. I wore it on myself. I felt like I was wearing a mini dress or something, and then some shorts. I placed them on too, good thing there was those cloth straps on them. I made the waist line tighter.

Geez… this fitted the guy? What a fatty. But I mean, he IS a guy.

That would be funny is he wasn't. That means he would be a fat girl. Er... on second thought... EW, IT WOULD BE GROSS. Just thinking about it made me shudder. But then I realized that the rapist had no boobs so I was okay. Actually, either way sucks... but I much rather prefered him than a lesbian.

I searched around the room, sticking my hands in all directions for feeling. I kept tripping on something… then…

I heard a grunt.

GAWK! It's probably the guy!

I tried going back, tripping over the guy again. I finally did, pulling the blanket over me.

"Blankets aren't going to help you," said a voice in my head. Eh? It was my voice except… I didn't think that.

"Who… are you?" I asked mentally.

"I'm you," said the voice again. "You can call me Sai."

"M'kay… I think I'm losing it," I thought.

"Don't worry… he won't hurt you," said Sai.

"How do you know?" I thought angrily. "He reads porn!"

"Just do what I say dammit!" snarled Sai impatiently.

"Geez… talk about a nice conscious," I thought.


Someone kept tripping over me. Geez… it was annoying. I opened myeye (my Sharingan eye was still closed). I stared groggily at the ceiling… my back was on the floor.

Wait… what happened again?

I just got back from a mission, yada yada… then I was staring at Obito's name and…

Ooh yeah, then something had happened to me when I was staring at Obito's name.

A young woman, no… a bare naked young woman… landed on me. She screamed, gawd… gave me a headache… I shut her up and she fainted.

I stood up, trying to retrace my memory.

Then… I carried her, because I was worried she would catch a cold, then I laid her on my bed… humph… figures the floor, then I took out my shirt because it was hot and then my mask… then my forehead protector and just collapsed on the floor.

I looked at my bed. A large white blob was on the center of it. Something was in my hand; it was a pair of glasses. I placed them in my pocket and started toward it. I knew she was inside it.


She was shivering.

"Hey," I said, taking off the blanket. "I… UMPH!"

Something was thrown at my face. It was soft. A pillow. Then other things kept intercepting with my face.

Hmm… let's see here…

A lamp… pencils (POKE!)… that hurt… trash paper… my blanket…some books… wait… books?

I stood there, horrified.

ARGH! My first editions! I didn't get to read them yet!

"STOP!" I yelled frantically, catching my thrown books. "STOP, PLEASE!"

She didn't stop, she kept throwing and screaming.

"Get away!" she shrieked. "GET AWAY, GET AWAY!"

I swear she even got my mattress and tried throwing it at me. I dodged.

"GAH!" I yelped.

Finally, she stopped. YES, FINALLY!

There wasn't anything to throw much, she probably ran out of weapons. I hastily ran toward my bedroom door, locking it. I couldn't let her escape until she gave me some answers… maybe she was a spy or something.

But she looked so… innocent.

She flinched from the "lock" noise.

"Can you please listen?" I asked, approaching her cautiously.

"Where… are my glasses?" she croaked. She obviously needed water from her endless screaming.


I dug my hands in my pocket, revealing her shiny glasses. There weren't broken. No wonder I had them on my hand.

"If you hear me out," I said. "Then… you can have your glasses."

I was proud of myself. Pretty good bargain.

I smiled at her, then again, could she see it? It was a good thing she couldn't see my face, I wasn't wearing my mask.

She didn't say anything… whew… my eardrums can rest. It was in the urge to shatter, literally.

I examined her some more… erm… fully clothed this time.

She looked skinny, not too skinny, no wonder she was light to carry. She had black hair, shiny black hair, with highlights. She wore my shirt I wore yesterday, and my… er… my clean underpants. Did she think they were shorts? She looked, kind of cute with or without her glasses. Her skin color was like Sakura's, except a little tanner.

The first question popped in my head.

How did you fall from the sky?

I hesitated. Was she some sort of monster or somewhere beyond? I shook my head. Name asking is starting small right?

"Look," I said. "What's your…?" I touched her shoulder gently, for comfort.

Big mistake…

To be continued…