Almost four months later, on a beautiful, cloudless Saturday in late summer, streams of people, many in dress uniforms, poured into Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The church was full except where the wedding party and the babies would sit. In the front pews on each side, there were bouquets of roses for parents who could be present only in their hearts.

The brides barely had space to turn around in the little room they were sharing with the female half of the wedding party. Both had long, full skirted, cream colored wedding dresses and full length veils which took up a respectable amount of space. The babies, at least, were in a different room with Janet which helped control the pandemonium. Cassie, Sam's sister-in-law, Julie, Sara's sister Lindy, and Sara's niece Garnet were the bridesmaids. They had wanted to acknowledge Janet but knew that asking her to be an attendant at her ex-boyfriend's wedding was a little bit much. Janet had dealt with the awkward situation by forthrightly saying, "I don't know if you're going to ask me to be in the wedding but I would really rather have the babies all to myself during the service." No one had thought about parking the Danny and Jackie in a nursery. They were going to be up front in the first row.

Julie said, "Sam, Mark is really glad that your Dad was able to come and walk you down the aisle. Mark's obsessing about the grey hairs that have started showing up at his temples. I think he was afraid he really would look like your father to people. And, although he doesn't like to admit it, he really is glad to see Jacob."

Lindy asked, "How did you decide on General Hammond to walk you down, Sara? I didn't think you really knew him."

Sara said, "Our dad and our uncles have all passed away. George Hammond means so much to Jack and I really liked him from the moment I met him. It works for me."

"General Hammond told me how touched he was by the request. He's been a great supporter to Jack, who, you have to admit, would tax the patience of a less flexible commanding officer," Sam added.

"Okay," Garnet spoke up, "Let me be sure I've got this straight." The college student had missed the rehearsal and most of the rehearsal dinner due to problems with her flight and had been nervously drilling on the details ever since. The only thing she was really confident about was that her former uncle was about to become her uncle again. "Major Carter."

"Sam," she corrected.

"Sam," Garnet resumed, "you're marrying Daniel Jackson and the groomsmen for both you and Aunt Sara are Mark Carter, Julie's husband and your brother," Sam nodded, "Teal'c -- where is he from again?" she paused to ask.

Sam said, "Africa."

Garnet looked a little dubious but continued, "Walter, who works at Cheyenne Mountain, and this guy, Jonas. I think you said he's a physicist you worked with a couple of years ago while Dr. Jackson was on another assignment. Where is he working now, by the way?"

Sara hadn't been able to get a straight answer on either Teal'c's or Jonas' actual backgrounds and waited with interest to see how Garnet's question was answered. Sam looked straight at Garnet and said, very seriously, "He's actually a sort of illegal alien. He doesn't really have papers that would satisfy the emigration service so if you could just let it drop..."

Garnet nodded vigorously, "Oh, yeah, sure."

The wedding coordinator stuck her head in at that point. "Five minutes," she said. The woman looked so incredibly happy, you would have thought she was the bride. She found every detail of this convoluted wedding party absolutely fascinating. There were the twins who had two different fathers, the two grooms. These fathers seemed to be in complete harmony with each other as did the two brides, despite the fact that one bride was marrying a father of one of the other bride's children. There was a very large, muscular, groomsman who absolutely had to have a hat on at all times. There was another groomsman, Jonas, who had seemed to be baffled by any number of common wedding traditions. During the rehearsal, he had been appalled when the subject of what would be thrown at the wedding party instead of rice came up. Apparently he viewed even watching the wedding party leave as hostile. One of the grooms, she couldn't remember which one, had taken him to one side at that point and he seemed to calm down. It was just all too interesting.

Exactly five minutes later, they were at the entrance to the sanctuary and could see Fr. Bill standing up front looking reassuring with Jack and Daniel and the groomsmen lined up. The processional began to play and the bridesmaids each filed down the aisle. Sara now started walking toward Jack. George Hammond had her arm but she was oblivious to him and everyone but the silver-haired man in the dress uniform and Charlie's gentle presence. Jack had no idea that she talked regularly to Charlie and as he watched her come toward him now, more beautiful than the last time he married her, he couldn't have known that Charlie was walking next to her in spirit and had just been told, "Your dad is one handsome man."

Sam looked at Jacob, a trifle nervously, and said, "Let's do it."

He held her back a beat. "This is the best decision you ever made. It gives me so much peace, facing the things I have to face, to know that both of my children are happy."

As they started forward, women were happily crying all over the place. Men were smiling broadly, clueless as to how their wives, daughters, and girl friends could be enjoying their tears so thoroughly. Sam felt on the brink of tears herself, at her father's words, at the love that overwhelmed her for Daniel and everyone else present, at the sight of her beautiful children in Janet's arms. It made her blue eyes luminous and Daniel was caught in them and never able to look away until the end of the ceremony.

Fr. Bill would always rate this as the best wedding of his entire career as a priest. Despite the odd circumstances, it felt more right than any other ceremony he ever performed, as he looked at Daniel and Sam, lost in each other's blue eyes, and Jack and Sara, so comfortable with each other but yet with such passion just below the surface. The babies quieted down right before the service began and were perfect throughout. Fr. Bill took it as a sign of God's presence and benediction.

Later, Daniel stood briefly with Teal'c, watching the dancing outside at the little bed and breakfast where the reception was held. "I never thought I'd be this happy," he said simply.

"I have never been able to forgive myself for your loss of Sha're, DanielJackson," Teal'c said, "until now."

"I forgave you a long time ago, Teal'c," Daniel said. "You know that."

Teal'c merely raised an eyebrow and replied, "There is a difference. But, DanielJackson, now that you have forgiven me and I have forgiven me, I would ask you for a favor."

"Anything, my friend," Daniel said, completely baffled as to what that might be.

"I know of your custom with the garter and the bouquet. Such signs are very important with the Jaffa," Teal'c said, baffling Daniel even further with this seeming non sequitur. He then compounded it with another one. "You told me I was a good man when I went to be with DoctorJanet after it ended between the two of you." He clapped Daniel on the back. "I am less good than you might think. Please try to throw me your garter and perhaps you could influence Sam to aim her bouquet toward DoctorJanet." Teal'c strolled away.

Daniel still hadn't lost his stupefied expression when Jack joined him. "So," his best friend asked him, "Is everybody happy?"

Daniel left Jack a little confused when he answered, "There may be some people who aren't happy but I think that's about to change." He put an arm around Jack's shoulders and said, "I think we should have a toast to those aliens, in code of course so no classified information is shared. What they did to Sam and what we learned in our time in that cell made all the difference. I'm sure they didn't plan on it but they gave us our sons and our wives and a much deeper friendship with each other."

Jack stood a little later with a glass of wine and said, "I'd like to make a toast on behalf of Daniel and I. Here's to those who mean to do us harm but bless us in spite of themselves."