This is the discarded ending for Treasure. Haha, my beta, skyandland, was glad when I threw this ending out.

Epilogue Discarded Version

Roxas opened his eyes when he felt a hand placed on his forehead. He smiled up at Axel, the redhead grinning down at him. His husband took the seat next to him and watched all the maids running in and out of the room in front of them. From inside they could hear pained screams and encouraging shouts.

Roxas rested his head on Axel's shoulder, smiling as he observed the bustle around them. Axel wrapped their hands together, absently playing with their golden wedding bands. He kissed Roxas' forehead just as the cries of pains stopped and the screams of a new born baby replaced them.

"Everything sounds good," Axel whispered."

"Yeah," Roxas sighed. "The new heir has been born."

"It's a shame we can't have kids."

Roxas chuckled. "I wouldn't trust you raising children even if we could."


The doors opened and the doctor stepped out, removing her over-gown. "King Roxas, King Axel, you may go in now."

"How is my sister?" Roxas asked, standing up.

"She's resting comfortably," the doctor reported. "The birth was perfect with no complications. Lord Demyx was the only one to faint from exhaustion. He has been moved to a private room."

Roxas rolled his eyes while Axel laughed. "I'll go check on him. You go see your new nephew and future heir."

"Thank you," Roxas leaned in for a brief kiss before disappearing into his sister's room.

Naminè was sitting in bed, propped up by numerous pillows and wrapped in thick blankets. Her hair was matted down with sweat but her face was positively glowing. Roxas was sure he had never seen look as beautiful as sure she did now. With a loving smile, Roxas carefully sat next to her on the bed.

"My husband didn't have the stomach for child birth," Naminè joked lightly, cuddling a bundle blanket close to her chest.

"I think that's why men aren't allowed in the delivery room," Roxas mused. "Ah, you learned your lesson. Next time, he'll wait outside with us."

"Ha," the girl laughed. "As if I'll go through this pain twice."

Roxas laughed and kissed her forehead, hugging her lovingly. Without a word, Naminè carefully passed the newborn baby to her older brother.

"I haven't decided on a name."

Carefully, Roxas moved the blanket and revealed the child's face. He sucked in a deep breath and felt tears prick the corner of his eyes. The little boy's face was round and chubby with cheeks that just begged to be pinched. His eyes were as blue as the sky and blinked owlishly up at Roxas. A full head of brown hair peeked from overtop the blanket and Roxas ran his hand through the softness.


Naminè blinked. "Sora… you mean, after the boy who saved the Destiny Islands? I never had the honor of meeting him."

"They look exactly alike," Roxas explained. "The blue eyes must run in this family." Roxas leaned over and kissed Sora lovingly. The baby made a soft cooing noise at him. "Welcome to the world, Sora."


"Did you see that, Riku? They named the baby after me."

"I was watching, Sora. It was nice of them."

Sora smiled and jumped into the ocean, loving the sound of the splash he made. Along the beach, a few children looked up curiously but went back to playing when they didn't see anyone. Riku calmly floated down from the sky and landed on the sand near Sora. He held out his hand and Sora immediately ran over top the water to grab it.

"I'll bet the next one's named Riku."

Riku smiled. "According to the Princess, there isn't going to be a next one."

"Riku, Sora." Two figures appeared before them and the lovers turned to face the Land and Water. "A child is making a wish to the water."

Sora nodded and closed his eyes while opening his mind. He allowed all the noise around him to fade away until all he could hear was the sad voice of a little girl as she prayed. When she was finished, Sora opened his eyes and turned to Riku.

"Her older brother fell out of a tree and hit his head. He won't wake up."

Riku turned to the Land. "We can fix this?"

The Land nodded. "All you need do is will it."

Riku and Sora nodded and called up a breeze, allowing the wind to blow them to the little girl's house. She was sitting inside next to a bed that held a ten year old with a bandage wrapped tightly around his head. A tiny bit of blood soaked through and the boy did not stir in his sleep. His sister held his hand closely as she valiantly tried not to cry.

Sora squeezed Riku's hand reassuringly. "All you have to do is wish it."

Riku nodded and closed his eyes. With all his heart and the sincerity he could muster, he wished the little boy would wake up and be alright. He felt the power of the land flow through his body and sighed in content. As Riku blinked his eyes open, so did the little boy.

Sora smiled as he rested his head on Riku's shoulder. The little girl let out a cry of joy and wrapped her brother in a hug. A breeze rustled through the trees and Riku and Sora allowed themselves to be swept away. They ended up back at the palace, watching through the window as Demyx and Axel were allowed to meet baby Sora. Demyx was just handing the baby to Axel when Roxas bent over, distracting the redhead with a nice view of his butt. Naminè screamed as he almost dropped the newborn. Demyx hurriedly grabbed his son back.

Sora shook his head as he watched Roxas lecture Axel from the window. "Thank goodness that guy can't have kids."

Riku laughed and wrapped his arms around Sora, kissing his neck lovingly. "I couldn't agree more." he lifted his head slightly. "A sailor is making a prayer."

"Being guardians for this place is going to be a full time job, isn't it?"

"Looks like," Riku smiled as Roxas finished his lecture with a sharp slap to the back of Axel's head. "Come on, Sora. We can watch them later."


Riku jumped from the window, floating towards the ground. Sora looked over his shoulder one last time and was surprised when his eyes locked directly with Roxas'. He smiled at his cousin, whispering under his breath, before following his love towards the beach.

Confused, Roxas stepped to the window and stared out. Axel came up behind him and looked over his shoulder.

"See something interesting?"

Roxas leaned back. "No, nothing at all."

Axel shrugged and wandered back to Naminè and Demyx, trying to convince them to give him a second chance at holding the baby. Roxas leaned against the window frame and couldn't stop the goofy smile that slid across his face.

"Thanks Sora. I'm glad you're happy," Roxas whispered.

Down on the beach, Sora and Riku laughed as they granted another wish.