Title: Betrayal

Author: vegemite

Rating: G

Summary: Takes place during RotS, when Obi-Wan tries to convince Padmé to tell him where Anakin is. Obidala, as always!

Disclaimer: I don't own it. So there.

A/N: This was strange for me to write. Basically, the premise is that in the past, Obi-Wan has tried to start a relationship with Padmé, but she told him no. Now he realizes that she's married Anakin, and he feels, well, betrayed. I got this idea when I was watching RotS for the second time on the fourth of July. The way Obi-Wan says "I'm so sorry" sound more angry than genuinely sad...anyway. These are his thoughts.


Tell me
Make this easier

Don't you know it's hard?
I begged not to be given this task
But it is mine, alone


Don't you know it breaks my heart?
Seeing yours shatter
Like tiny raindrops
Melting away, until--

Let me take this pain
I know it's hard
Just tell me
Why can't you tell me?

It's not true!
It can't be!
And him
I didn't think this could happen...

Of course I did
Somehow, I've known
Always, I've known

I can't look at you
I don't want to see you
But I have to know
I have to know if all is lost

"Anakin's the father, isn't he?"

Your face says it all

I can't believe...
You chose him!
You told me you couldn't
But you told him yes

It hurts
My love, it hurts
A poison blade
Thrust into my chest

"I'm so sorry."

Only you and I know why