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The Beginning


A/N: A poem in the POV of Hermione Granger.

Harry Potter,

Do you remember the beginning?

I remember it true,

I was meant to be your confidant,

A friend through and through,

I was meant to stay behind you,

And keep you safe from harm,

But Cupid had me cornered,

Plus you had a certain charm.

We were only eleven then,

How was I to know

That my infatuation with you would only with time grow?

Harry Potter,

Every day we shared together only brought me joy.

I never thought once in my life I'd meet such a special boy.

My love was everlasting,

And it tore my heart in two

That you hadn't felt for me,

What I had felt for you.

By sixteen I'd try anything to make you mine,

I'd be the one to comfort you when your emerald eyes lost their shine.

I t pained me that when I held you,

You thought of me as a friend.

I'd wanted you to love me as your wife until the end.

By eighteen I'd dream of loving you the way I know I would.

I'd imagine you caressing me as only you could,

I thought of how it must feel to have you kissing me.

Every night I prayed for that,

I'd pray you'd set me free.

I never thought in all my life,

You'd ask for me to be your wife,

Now I'll stand beside you in the place that I should be.

Never had I thought that you could love me back,

Before then all my life had been was just an empty sack.

You filled my life with happiness as you took my hand,

I never thought once in my life I'd meet such a special man.

I, Ms. Hermione Granger age twenty now standbefore you,

But before I leave this room,

I'll be Mrs. Harry Potter,

Your wife through and through,

For this is our true beginning.

I promise to be faithful,

And trustful in you,

For the rest of our lives,

Fromthis day I say, "I do."

I promise to love you until the end,

As I did in the past,

And as I still do now.

I promise Harry Potter,

In this, my weddings vow.

A/N: I hope you liked it!