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"Mommy!" a voice wailed in his ear. Rei groaned and opened his eyes to glare at his son. "What?" he asked sitting up and pulling up the little boy onto his bed. "Nicholai hit me" he whined as he showed his mommy his arm which had a faint red mark on it.

"He's lying I didn't do anything!" a yell was heard from outside the room. Rei tried not to laugh as an angry Tala came in holding a squirming lilac haired boys with ice blue eyes. "Apologize now" Tala said dropping the boy beside the bed. "You have till the count of three" Tala warned crossing his arms. Little Nicholai just glared at Zhen who continued to whimper to his mommy.

"One!" Tala said firmly and still Nicholai didn't do anything "Two" still nothing "thre.." "I'm sorry" Nicholai blurted when Tala went through with counting to three. Getting to three meant no dessert or going outside with his daddy. "That's better now behave please" Tala whined lifting up the slightly smaller boy onto his lap as he sat in front of Rei.

"Amazing how this one is older but yours still get the better of him" Rei said as he hugged Zhen close who had snuggled into his lap. "Yeah I know kind of weird but I think it's because of Bryan. Spencer is older than Bryan and he get's beaten by him.

"Who get's beaten by whom?" Bryan asked as him and Kai walked in. "Spencer, you always beat him even if he is older than you" Tala answered as Bryan sat beside him. "Nicholai tried to start another fight? That's good" Bryan said getting a slap from his lover "No it's not Bryan and you better stop teaching him that it is good. He's starting to hit Zhen for no reason" Tala glared at his lover. Kai smirked as he also sat beside his lover running a hand through the soft black hair. "Well there is one person Bryan can never beat and that's Tala. Which I think is good" Kai said as he smirked at the glaring Bryan. "I agree with that. Thanks Kai" Tala said grinning at the dual-hair.

"Yeah well what's the plan for today anything planned? Meetings?" Rei asked looking at Kai. Kai shook his head. "No this day we'll be spent with you and this sleepy head" Kai answered giving Rei a sound kiss on his lips. Rei smiled snuggling close to Kai. "Oh I um forgot to tell you" Rei said and got curious looks from the others "Here hold him" he said passing the sleeping Zhen to Kai's arms and he quickly stood up. Kai watched Rei look inside a bag with sewing needles and pull out a little baby tunic. "What do you think?" he asked handing it to Kai as he sat down.

Kai looked down at it not knowing what exactly to say when it hit him like a ton of bricks. "You're pregnant?" he asked looking at Rei with an astonished expression, Rei nodded blushing slightly as he looked down at his abdomen. "Congratulations Rei!" Tala said standing up and hugging Rei tightly. "Well I guess you two will want to celebrate alone so I'll take Zhen for you for a couple of hours. Don't take all day okay" Tala said with a sly grin. "And Kai please don't make Rei scream sometimes that very distracting" he added making Kai glare at him. "Okay we're going bye. Remember don't take all day" Tala called as he being pulled out of the room Bryan.

Kai shook his head and smiled slightly when the door closed behind Tala. "Crazy" he commented as he stood and walked to the door and locked it securely. Rei grinned slyly as a he moved to the bed swaying his hips teasingly. Kai placed his hands on Rei's hips and kissed his neck softly nipping the skin lightly, making the other moan.

Kai smirked as he slowly laid Rei down and began to undress him. Rei shivered as Kai began to kiss his neck leaving a trail of saliva behind as he moved down to Rei chest. Kai smirked as he took Rei's right nipple into his mouth and sucked on it making the other moan loudly as he ran his hands through the fine slate hair. "Nn..Kai.." he moaned as Kai moved to the other one doing the same thing. Kai's hand wondered down to Rei's pants and pulled them down enough to release Rei's hard erection and stroking it lightly causing a loud moan to escape Rei's throat "Oh Kai" he groaned kicking off his pants rubbing himself against Kai's hand. "Don't worry kitten I wont let wait for long" he whispered as he nipped the other's inner thigh making his shiver.

Rei's moans and pleas became louder as Kai kept avoiding the place that begged to be touched. "You must stay calm Rei or I won't let you come" He said his hands searching for the lubrication in the drawer beside the bed. "Please Kai, I love you make me yours" He said his eyes hazed with lust.

"I am don't worry" he said spreading Rei's legs and inserting two fingers at once stretching him carefully. Rei moaned at the intrusion and moved against the fingers as they began to move inside. Kai smirked as he had Rei panting and gasping for breathe after adding a fourth finger. "Kai...please...I want you...Now!" he yelled as he shivered violently as Kai's finger yet again pressed against his prostate.

Kai nodded and lubed himself up and positioned himself at Rei's stretched entrance. Rei moaned softly as he felt the tip going into him making him moan uncontrollably as it stretched him some more. After Kai was totally sheathed Rei pulled Kai into a desperate kiss. Kai plunged right in sucking on Rei's tongue as he put it into his mouth as he began to rock against Rei. Rei moaned into Kai's mouth as he began to moved with him his hands roaming over Kai's body pinching both nipple with each of his thrusts making him groan.

"Harder...faster...god Kai more...please.." Rei ordered as he slammed his hips into Kai's incoming ones. Kai gasped loudly as shock of pleasure went up his spine at the movement. He moved faster and harder loving the sounds coming from Rei throat "Yes ..oh...mmm...god Kai...just like that" he moaned continuously as he met each an everyone of Kai's thrusts. All to soon their end came both screaming each other's names out as one came inside the other and one came in between them.

Kai panted as he rolled over and Rei laid on top of him. "I love you Rei" he said kissing Rei's forehead lovingly. "I love you too Kai" he smiled kissing Kai sweetly and gently. Slowly they pulled away their eyelids heavy with sleep.

Rei smiled as he saw Kai close his eyes and snuggled into Kai's arms whispering "A beautiful Silver Peace." And also fell asleep in Kai's arms. "A Silver Peace" Kai said softly and smiled as kissed Rei's sweaty forehead and pulled him close. "The name of this era" Kai whispered finally letting sleep claim him for a couple of hours.

The End.


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