Notes: All of the ambiguity of the series made me deem this fic necessary, so I stayed up until midnight typing it. I need something to distract me until The Half Blood Prince comes out!

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Warnings: Probably OOC

Rating: Well… There's no language, no 'adult situations' and no violence. So, G

Title: Are They?

"You've known them for how long? And you've never wondered? They've never said differently have they?" Ban shouted.

"But- but Ban-chan! How could I even think that? They've been my friends for years; they would have told me if they were like- like that! That would be saying you and I are…" Ginji trailed off but Ban knew immediately what he meant.

"Argh! But who would think that about us?" Ban replied.

"I can't believe you'd think it about Kazu-chan and Juubei!" Ginji exclaimed.

"I can't believe you haven't! They seem like the kind of guys who would be into that kind of stuff."

"Into that kind of stuff! Ban-chan, they're Kazu-chan and Juubei!"

"It's not like there's anything wrong with it."

"No, of course not, it's just… different." Ginji replied hesitantly. "But Kazu-chan and Juubei aren't. I mean I can't believe you'd think they of all people-"

"Just forget it then. I guess I was wrong," Ban said in an attempt to placate Ginji. It wasn't over though.

"Midou-san, why have you called us here? Where's Ginji?" Kazuki questioned upon his arrival at the Honky Tonk. Juubei was with him, his hand on the crook of Kazuki's elbow for guidance.

"Ginji's not here?" Juubei asked. Ban had called them that morning from the Honky Tonk, telling them he had something important to discus with them.

"No. He's not. He doesn't know I called you here today. I discussed this with him last night, but he thought I was wrong. But I just have to know. It's about your relationship," Ban said firmly.

Both of them looked very confused.

"What about our… relationship?" Kazuki wanted to know.

"I've been thinking for a while that you guys might be… straight," Ban said, hesitating on the last word.

"What?" Kazuki cried, outraged. "How could you think we were straight?"

"But there was that girl at the pharmacy!" Ban exclaimed.

"Ren? She's thirteen. That's disgusting! How could you even think that?" Kazuki erupted. Juubei patted his arm in attempt to calm him.

"Where do you get these ideas, Ban?" Paul asked from his position behind the counter.

"I guess it was pretty ridiculous." Ban sighed.

The End!