Chapter 1

Daniella St. Jaymes was sitting at the table in the Great Hall doing research on her latest paper...Soul Keepers and why they were needed on earth. She suddenly got a page over the intercom to go to Madame Spitzta's Office. Dani sighed heavily as she snapped her fingers and was standing in front of the Madame's office.

Daniella knocked and the Madame said, "Come in Dani...I know it's you."

Dani sighed as she turned the door knob and walked in and stood in front of the Madame and said, "You wanted to see me Madame Spitzta?" Madame Spitzta said, "Well Dani...We've got an assignment for you...It's not exactly the easiest assignment we've given out...infact it's probably one of the hardest for a Soul Keeper who only has 3 years under their belt."

Daniella looked up and said, "Well...You know me Madame Spitzta...I'm always up for a challenge." Madame Spitzta looked over her small framed glasses at the young girl in front of her and said, "I do believe I can trust you with this assignment." Dani nodded an affirmative yes.

Madame Spitzta clapped her hands and the shade in the room went down, lights turned off and the projector in the back of the room turned on as Dani sat next to the Madame and a picture of the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen in her life came up on the projection screen. Madame Spitzta handed her a file folder on the young man in the picture.

Allan Jones (AKA AJ)

Professional Wrestler – Total Nonstop Action (TNA/NWA)

Ring Name: AJ Styles

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 210lbs.

Home Town:Gainesville, Georgia

Approximate date for Soul keeper: 6 Months

Soul Keeper Assigned: Daniella St. Jaymes

Disguise: Personal Assistant to Mr. Styles

Daniella took in all the information as she prepared herself for transport...Madame Spitzta looked at Dani and said, "Now...You will be on Earth for 6 months...give or take a few more months...You will be with him when it happens so he can go in peace and you can protect his soul until you get back here.

Daniella nodded and Madame Spitzta snapped her fingers and suddenly Dani had a few more new memories about where she was as she looked across the desk at a gentlemen names Jeff Jarret who was babbling on about her being AJ's personal assistant. Dani looked down and she had on a black cotton skirt that came to mid-thigh, black 2 in heeled, knee high boots, a red tank top and matching cardigan on...her hair was all piled up on her head with chop sticks.

Jeff Jarret stood up from his seat as Dani followed suit and said, "I won't let you down Mr. Jarret." Jeff laughed and said, "Were not really formal around here so just call me Jeff, Ms. St. Jaymes." Dani smiled and said, "Then I insist that you call me Daniella or Dani."

Oh yea...This assignment was going to be interesting.