Behind those Jaded Eyes

Chapter 1

Heya people! I'm just making a new fic for the fun of it. No, I haven't really thought of a plot yet for this fic, So don't be surprised if you see random dribbles of words lying here and there! By the way, this is a serious fic...well mostly with bits of crappy supposedly-funny humor woven in.

Sakura glanced up nervously at the pale green foliage as she continued to walk down the small dirt path in the dense forest. It was her first time out of Konoha alone on a mission, and she had never felt so afraid.

Captivated by the light of the dancing leaves, she didn't notice the small rock protruding from the dirt and with a "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and a "UHMPH!" she tripped…and fell.

"Itatatata-" she winced as she rubbed her bruised waist

Sitting up with a heavy sigh she pressed her palm to her waist and gathering chakra into the palms of her hand; healed the light bruise in a snap

(Yes, she fell onto her side, don't ask me why. She just did)

She slowly got up and dusted her Chuunin clothes off, hmphing unhappily as she strapped her medic-nin pouch back onto her slim waist.

"Bah…and I'm supposed to be a Chuunin too…" with a sniff and a light kick to the rock, she walked off.


Itachi glanced around carelessly, which was an amazing feat considering he was surrounded by more then 15 score of Jounin.

(I think a score equals to 20)

"Give up Itachi, you're surrounded. Surrender now and come with us back to the village and we'll make your execution slow and painful"

Itachi raised an elegant eyebrow

"And if I don't?"

The head of the jounin's growled

"If you do not comply then we will make sure your death will be slow and painful"

Both eyebrows came up…


"…even more so then your slow and painful execution if you come with us peacefully" the leader ended hurriedly

…and came down

"Riiiight" drawled the cold missing-nin as he walked over to a tree and leant against it, flinging a kunai through the trunk and scratching his forearm almost casually as two gurgles and heavy thumps came from behind the tree

Assessing each individual jounin with sharp red Sharingan eyes, the Aketsuki leader flicked out a wrist and drew a finger in slowly

"Come" he whispered

And the jounin's charged…

Later that day…

Sakura hummed to herself as she bounced from tree to tree, her pouch bouncing about her waist rhythmically

As she reached up to swing herself to a thick branch she looked up at the sky and noticed with a hint of fear and disappointment that the day had already started to fade and that night will soon consume the quiet forest

With a mumbled groan she speeded up, her eyes darting everywhere for a possible clearing

Several minutes later her sensitive ears prickled at the sound of running water and her keen eyes spotted a break in the thick branches.

With a happy and delighted laugh she leaped off the nearest tree and tucked herself into a roll, tumbling onto the large soft patch of grass and coming to a rested stop in a feline-like crouch

But her bubbling happiness dissolved as quickly as it came as she spotted a large dark figure lying on their side, blood pooled around the still person staining the light green grass with its dark presence

Sakura's nose wrinkled slightly at the smell and she recoiled back slightly in horror

Staring hard at the still humanoid, she noticed quickly that no flies had yet to land and hover around, and she could also see the rise and fall of the persons chest, the raspy sound of the dieing reached her ears. With a shameful purse of her lips at her own cowardice and unwillingness to help the injured man, she bounded forward and assessed the man, watching carefully for weapons. As she came closer she sensed almost no chakra flickered in the man.

Crouching over the man she softly took the mans hand and squeezed it gently

"Hey! Can you hear me? Please answer me!"

She gave a small sigh of relief as the figure squeezed her pale hand weakly

"I'm going to turn you over okay? Nod your head or squeeze my hand if its not going to hurt you!"

This time the strangers head moved slightly

With clenched teeth, Sakura rolled the stranger onto his back gently, supporting his weight until it rested on the ground

She never noticed the bloodied hand slip silently into the soaked Aketsuki cloak

Looking down she stared into an all-too-familiar face


The eyes snapped open to reveal two blood red Sharingan orbs



Sakura leaped back with a pained scream, blood spraying from the deep cut that ran diagonally across her two eyes, one end starting through her temple to end just near her other eye

Pain seemed to engulf her as she backed away, her hands pressing hard against the damaged pupils

Staggering like a drunk, she knelt beside a small stream on one side of the clearing and plunged her face into the icy cold water, screaming anew as it roughly washed away the blood, stinging her cut like there was no tomorrow

Standing up and backing away as fast as she could, blood still pouring down her face, she used her chakra to stem the blood, her breathing frantic and uneven and chest rising up and down rapidly

With an anguished cry she forced her damaged lids open, her vision fragmented as she looked around wildly

Tears trickled down her damaged orbs to mingle with her blood, the sac containing them damaged beyond help

Her head pounded as she crawled to where the Aketsuki lay, his clouded red eyes following her every movement

Sakura looked back at him through her tears and grabbed his kunai from his twitching hand

She could see that all his chakra was gone, and he practically had no energy left, looking back into his eyes she realized that his eyes had begun to spin again

Probing wildly, she realized with a start that he had been concealing what little chakra he had gained during her tirade

With a scream she clutched her head, shaking it from side to side, sending drops of blood and tears left and right as her breath hitched in her chest

Losing control, she watched with wide eyes as her own pale bloodied hands began to gather chakra, the blood drying on her palms as they slowly hovered over Itachi's body, healing the light bruises and scratches that littered his body like the leaves on the ground during the middle of autumn

With a defeated sob she closed her eyes and allowed the chakra to drain from her body

15 minutes later…

Sakura opened her eyes with a jolt as she realized that the commanding pounding in her head had disappeared, leaving behind the immense pain and stinging that belonged to the cut

Looking up she realized that the older Uchiha had finally loosened his grip on her foggy mind

She looked at her own small hands and looked at the battered body

Sakura closed her eyes

'I will heal him, I will return him to full health'

Inner Sakura screamed


'Yes, I will heal him. I love Sasuke. I will do anything for him. If he defeats his brother when Itachi is like this then he will most certainly kill himself or go crazy with rage and frustration, he has waited so long. Besides, it has been my wish that I can at least save ONE persons life before I die…'


'You'll what?'

Sakura laughed bitterly and shook her head slowly, her dimming jade eyes staring at the man before her

"I'm going to heal your larger wounds, don't move or it may prove fatal"

Itachi's eyes narrowed suspiciously but he nodded anyway

Sakura grasped the bloody kunai and crawled towards the stream, slipping the sharp blade in and washing away the dark rich blood

Looking around she stumbled over to a large dock leaf and sliced it off before staggering back over to the small stream to fill the large curved dock leaf with the icy water

Stumbling back to Itachi while holding the dock leaf, she knelt down and, using the kunai, sliced away the fish netting shirt

With slim fingers she slipped the tip of her index finger into a large cut

Charging chakra, she watched with dull eyes as a green and pink hue began to play around the wound, fighting and eliminating the infections.

She moved her finger lightly across the cut, earning a hiss from Itachi as her chakra began to playfully swirl around the area where she touched, creating new tissue and sealing it with new skin

Nary a scar existed where the wound once was

And she continued to do this, politely cutting the clothing only where necessary until she had healed almost all the major wounds

Finding a small clean and white cloth from her medic-nin bag, she dipped it in the cold water and began to wipe away the blood, dirt and sweat from his smaller scratches

"Who did this to you?" she asked flatly as her dimming eyes roved around his body, looking for more cuts

Itachi kept silent

Sakura sighed and dropped the cloth back into the makeshift bowl

"You'll have to sit up for this"

She watched as the older Uchiha sat up from the ground gracefully, his stone like face staring straight ahead as several broken bones shifted and cracked even more

Sakura sat behind him and sliced his shirt away, then placed her palms on his perfectly sculpted back

Her eyes traced all the faint scars and her lips pursed

She'll heal them later

IF she had any chakra left when she was done

"This will hurt" she whispered and began to charge chakra in her small slender hands

She closed her eyes…and slammed the chakra into his internal organs


Itachi twitched as he felt the chakra surging through his body

'This will hurt' was an understatement

It didn't just hurt

It was as painful as hell

He growled as he felt his broken bones slowly and painfully mend themselves together

His bleeding liver began to heal as the fiery hot chakra laced among his organs, fixing this, twisting a bit of that into proper shape

He began to sweat

But he wasn't the only one sweating


Bead's of sweat began to form on Sakura's brow as she pushed all her chakra into Itachi's still form

Her hands began to feel wet and clammy as her life giving chakra flowed away

Blood spurted from her mouth and out her loosely closed lips

Blood drained from her face and her temperature soared up

But despite this she smiled.

A sad, sad smile

A painful smile

With a small pitiful gurgle she slammed all her chakra into his body and arched her back as pain consumed her body

Her eyes opened and watched, as the world slowed…as time slowed just for her

..And she stared up at the starry night with lidded eyes, tears still streaming down her face

Her breathing slowed and blackness began to corrode away at the night sky

Her vision was fragmented and shards of black pierced her sight

It was perhaps…the last thing she'll ever see

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