Chapter 4 Grapes and Lime

I have a feeling a few of you are wondering who "Hime" ("Princess") She is kinda my OC, but I still have yet to decide if she will play a major part in this fic. Oh right! Apologies, apologies! To all of you who waited so long for me to update! Yes! This chapter has more Sak/Sas we say! But mainly Kak/Sak

Since you guys have waited patiently soooo long for this chapter, I have made it over 6000 words! Wheeee! This chapter focuses on Kak/Sak near the end, so thus is the completion of one of the pairings! That is…unless you guys want the two of them to have penetrative…I'll leave it at that.

Warning: Bit of Citrus between Kak/Sak, nothing too explicit (I think)

In the last chapter…

Neither was aware of the pale golden eyes that stared at them from within the shadows

With a satisfied chuckle it bounded away

"Itachi-sama will be pleased with my news…"

Sakura stood silently as the young nurse wrapped her chest firmly with a long strip of soft linen, tucking the end between her breasts. Hime sighed in envy as she slipped a short white dress over her head, pulling her arms rather roughly to the sides, ruffling the pale pink tresses in every direction

Sakura fidgeted as the silky material passed over her bound chest slowly

The young nurse sighed impatiently as she yanked the light material down her hips and to her knees, covering

her soft white panties

Sakura shifted uncomfortably as the cold air in the room swirled around her legs, causing one of the thin straps to slip off her small rounded shoulder

Hime rolled her eyes as she jerked the strap back onto Sakura's shoulder before pushing the younger teenager harshly onto the bed

Kneeling down, she grabbed an ankle tightly and jammed it into a dark blue sandal

"I…don't even know why he cares so much about you! What's so special about you anyway?"

She grabbed Sakura's other ankle even more tightly, ignoring the small gasp of pain as her nails dug into the pale skin

Hime's pretty face contorted frighteningly as she snarled at the younger girl venomously, jealousy welling up in her chest

Sakura kept silent

"You're nothing but an ugly dumb bitch who obviously can't kee-"

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Have you finished?"

Hime's hand loosened instantly as she quickly slipped the second sandal onto Sakura's small foot

Turning around she stood up and brushed the wrinkles from her uniform before walking slowly and calmly to the door

"Of course Uchiha-sama! She's ready"

Sasuke opened the door and stepped into the room

His eyes drank in the view with appreciation

On the bed and wearing a silken white dress sat Sakura.

Sasuke's eyes shifted as he glanced at the thin strap that had once again slipped down her shoulder to the small petite hands that rested in her lap before tracing down the length of her slim legs

With the bright sunlight shining down on her from behind Sakura looked positively…angelic

Sasuke nodded at Hime

"You did a good job"

Hime smiled back sweetly, her mouth practically dripping with honey

Sasuke barely noticed

Stepping forward, he brushed past Hime swiftly as he strode across the room towards the bed

Sakura leaned forward uncertainly, her hands held out in front of her as she seeked for the stranger's hand

She wanted to get away from the woman quickly

Sasuke smiled as her fingertips brushed his shirt lightly before clutching onto the dark material tightly

Raising a hand, he gripped her thin wrist gently

Sakura immediately released her hold on his shirt and grabbed his hand instead, her hand slipping snuggly in his warm calloused palm

Sasuke turned and lead her out the door slowly

"You may go back to your other patients, your job is finished"

Hime stepped back to let the two pass, her jealousy and rage doubling as it built up in her chest

She glared at Sakura's retreating back, her eyes narrowed in fury

"You better watch your back…you fucking whore"


Sakura flexed her toes in her sandals experimentally, marveling at the tingling feeling that raced up her leg as she took another slow step

Strange sounds filled her ears as she clung to Sasuke's side

Sasuke looked down at his small pink haired companion, smirking as he noticed her open mouth gaping in innocent childish wonder

"Too loud for you?" he asked loudly over the screaming and shouting of street vendors as they advertised their wares

"No...Not really…it's just that-"she hesitated

"The things these people are saying…I don't understand a lot of it…"

Sasuke frowned

"Like what?"

"Uhm…like…what is an umb-u-rela?"

Sasuke paused

"You mean umbrella?"

Sakura shrugged helplessly

Sasuke looked ahead as he fell silent, his calm mind lost in deep thought

'So…not only has she lost her memory of us but of every ordinary item's too' he mused as they strolled slowly through the Market Square

"Great morning, eh young lady? Would you like a bunch of fresh, juicy and sweet grapes?"

Both Sasuke and Sakura turned to face an old white bearded man; the well girthed vendor smiled kindly back at them

Sakura tilted her head


The old vendor seemed a bit taken aback but smiled nonetheless

"Yes, Grepez! Freshly picked from the farm this early morning"

Sakura opened her mouth

"Yes, we'll take a bunch please" Sasuke cut in irritably

The vendor blinked at him blankly

"The best you have, I'll pay extra"

"Ah…of course"

A large bunch of grapes and fifteen minutes later found the two of them settling down on an old wooden bench and the warm midday sun shining gently on their faces

Sakura scraped her sandals on the dirt ground as she tilted her head upwards, her pale skin soaking in the warm rays


Sakura stilled as Sasuke took one of her hand and placed a small oval object in her palm

"What is it?"

"It's a grape"


"No, G-rape"

He paused

No wait…that sounded too creepy


Sasuke smirked

He was sure the old her wouldn't dare to utter the word even in her mind

(If only he met Inner Sakura…now that would have been another story)

"You almost had it, just leave out the pause and the emphasis on the uh…rape part"

Sakura fell silent


Sasuke grunted in acknowledgement as he popped a grape in his mouth

Sakura felt the small object with her fingers gingerly

It felt rubbery…and soft

"Is this…grape…edible?"

"Mmmm" Sasuke could only nod and mumble as his mouth was currently full of grape juice and pulp

Taking it as a yes Sakura went back to her curious examination of the foreign 'edible' object

She gave it an experimental squeeze


Sakura squeaked as the grapes ripe juice shot out and splat across her cheek

Silence ensued as the juice trickled down her cheek to the corner of her lips

Her heart skipped a beat as a warm finger brushed against the corner of her mouth before trailing up to her cheek, collecting the juice as it went

"You shouldn't play with your food"

Sakura breathed out

"C-Can I…taste it?" she asked softly, her voice filled with melodious wonder

Misinterpreting her words, Sasuke shrugged as he reached for another grape

"Go ahead"

He tensed as several slim fingers wrapped around his hand

Sasuke looked down at Sakura and watched with amusement as she sniffed his sticky finger

"It smells…nice"

Sasuke's eyes of amusement soon turned to eyes of growing understanding as her lips slowly neared his finger


His breath hitched at the first point of contact, soft petal lips touched down on his knuckle lightly. So lightly that it was barely noticeable.

Sakura pulled back as the sticky juice touched her lips, she poked out her tongue and licked it slowly as she savored the taste

Not enough, no taste

Sharp onyx eyes watched unblinkingly as Sakura leaned forward again, brushing her lips with slightly more force

Again, not enough taste

Sakura sighed unhappily at her attempts and leaned forward again

Continuing their penetrating stare, Sasuke watched as the tip of Sakura's tongue slid out and gave his finger a little lick, like a kitten trying milk from its bowl for the first time

And just like the kitten liked its milk, the young kunoichi liked her grape

Silence followed as Sakura lapped at the Uchiha genius's finger, every stroke of her pink tongue causing him to clench his other hand to stop himself from throwing himself on top of her virgin body and taking her right there and then

Finding it rather difficult to lick her way around his finger without twisting his hand Sakura did the only thing she could think of

She sucked it

Sasuke's eyes widened as he felt his finger being enveloped in a warm, wet and silky mouth

He sucked in a breath as her tongue squirmed against his finger pad, brushing against it as it tried to lick off the remaining juice

The Uchiha genius could feel a light pull at his finger as she sucked gently, her tongue still flicking delicately everywhere

Sakura could still taste the blessed sweetness of the sticky juice, but there were areas where she simply couldn't lick off and the texture of his finger was absolutely irresistible

Sasuke swore silently as she bit down gently on his finger before she scraped her teeth lightly along the length of his digit-made-meal

Suddenly he found it difficult to breathe as she nibbled along the side down to his knuckle and up again

Now if only she was performing this act on another part of his appendages…hehehe…

Wait! What was he thinking!

She is simply EATING

Eating his finger so god dayyum sexily, why the hell couldn't the juice have dripped to his-

Shit! Must pause on the train of thoughts

It took all of Sasuke's trained self control to stop his damn libido from ruling his head as he waited for Sakura to finish sexing hi- to finish her little tasting

Finally after an eternity of thirty seconds did Sakura finish off her test tasting

"Grapes are very…sweet"

"Oh really?" asked a strained Sasuke as he quickly produced a water jutsu to wash his hand

"Yes, what are they made of?"

Finding himself unable to answer the clueless pink haired blossom he quickly plucked a grape and pushed it into her mouth along with a few words along the line of "See for yourself" before he returned back to washing his hand from the trickle of water that appeared from nowhere

Sakura chewed quickly and swallowed

"It's squishy"

Sasuke stayed silent as he contemplated whether to dump cold water in his pants or not


Sweat glistened off Itachi's body as he panted lightly, his Mangekyo Sharingan swirling wildly as he stared at the corpses of the villagers hanging off the wall blankly

Guinea pigs of his new Mangekyo Jutsu's.

Several lucky ones were used as moving targets; littered and punctured with so many kunai and shuriken that they were barely recognized beyond a lifeless pin cushion on the dirt ground

The unlucky ones suffered a worse fate of becoming live experiments to his cruel inhumane torture, disfigured to the point of bloodied stains on the stone wall

All of the villagers; men, women, the elderly and even children were not spared from his bloody massacre


Itachi didn't bother turning as he bent down to pick up his discarded sleeveless shirt from the ground, his back turned from the newcomer as he pulled the black mesh shirt over his torso

The other of the two waited silently, its head bowed in respect as it faithfully waited for Itachi to collect his Akatsuki cloak

Clouds of red swirled against a black sky as Itachi tossed the cloak over his lean shoulders carelessly, leaving it open down the front as he stepped gracefully towards an open wooden door, his cloak gliding behind him


The figure followed silently

The chill of the cold stone building settled down on him as he strode swiftly down a corridor to a small dark room with a comfortable armchair beside a crackling fireplace, casting dancing shadows to prance on the pale whitewashed walls

Settling down on the red plush chair Itachi stared down at the golden eyed servant

The cloaked figure kneeled on the floor, touching his forehead to the ground lightly

"Preparations for the assault you've set against Village of Sand are completed; the plan will be set in motion in three months time"

"Three months is too long, make it two"

"Very well"

"Make sure everything is perfect, there can be no mistakes for the annihilation of Sand"

"…As you wish"

The dark shadow paused

"There is also another matter of great importance"

Itachi simply watched him silently

"She has awoken"


Kakashi sighed as he allowed himself to be tugged along by a very big Pakkun.

If there was one thing he disliked the most in the entire world then dog walking would definitely receive first prize

"Hey Kakashi my man, race me?"

Kakashi looked down with his single grey eye at the giant canine bouncing ahead of him on its leash

"I can't really say no now, can I?"

The big fur ball shifted its shoulders in a somewhat replica of a shrug

Crouching down, Kakashi unlocked the huge beast's leash with a charge of chakra

"You know the protocol, no running off after racing or no walk's for two weeks"

The dog shook itself out as it stretched

"You know me man; would I ever run off on you?"


"Point taken, now what's your handicap this time?"

Kakashi thought for a moment

"How about Icha Icha Paradise the whole way"

The mongrel snorted

"Not enough dude, what say that dirt book of yours AND skipping eh?"

The Copy Ninja raised his eyebrow

"Skipping? Hmmm….not really like me to do that"

Pakkun whimpered

"Aw cummon man! I promise to cut down on the diet! Please I'm begging ya!"

With a heavy sigh Kakashi pulled a tattered orange book from the back pocket of his black Jounin uniform and shoved it in his face as he strolled casually to the ramen store; their starting point

"In 3….2….1…"



Dust flew into the air as Pakkun sped off, his legs a blur as he barked with glee

Kakashi scratched the back of his head lazily and started to skip, his eyes trained on the book in front of him

People stopped their activities and stared with open mouths as a great blur sped past; kicking up a dust storm five meters high, only to be followed by the famous Copy Ninja skipping lightly along with one arm swinging and humming as he read his trusty orange companion, his pace picking up quickly as he began to skip faster

They all sweat dropped


A tired Sakura sighed as she leaned back on the bench, the grapes long gone from her attentions

Sasuke sat next to her, his elbows resting on his knees as he leaned forward

"We have been here for the better part of the day; would you like to go home now?"

Sakura thought for a moment, her face warmed from the gentle sun that had shined throughout the day

"Can we stay here for a little longer….please?"

Sasuke stared ahead as he rest his chin on his weaving fingers

"Of course"

The silence stretched between the two of them

"Yo man, why do you always win?"

"Chakra, jutsu and all that doo dah"

"Wha- Hey! You weren't supposed to use chakra!"

"You never said it was forbidden"

A growl was heard

"Okay man, next time no chakra allowed! Yo goin' down eh? Eh?"

"Suit yourself"

Sakura cocked her ear as the two voices came closer

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he shook his head lightly

"That idiot"



"Is he your…friend?" enquired Sakura innocently as she leant against Sasuke, her silky pink hair rubbing against his arm

"Mmmm…I suppose he is"

Both waited silently as Kakashi and his dog came into view, with the giant canine grumbling and sulking as it pulled on the leash in rebellion

Kakashi looked up from his book and spotted the two sitting on the bench

"Ah, good evening Sasuke, Sakura"

He nodded to the two of them as he calmly slid the book into his back pocket

"You too, Kakashi" replied Sasuke as he nodded in response

Kakashi looked down at Sakura, who had leaned back again and was currently tilting her ear towards his dog

"Sakura" he whispered quietly as he crouched in front of her, his sharp eyes taking in her white dress

The said kunoichi turned her head to face him, lips slightly open

A small breeze blew by and Kakashi watched as strands of pink hair blew across her small face, gently teasing the snowy white linen that binded her unseeing orbs, leaves of pale green and earthen brown swirling around the two of them as time seemed to slow to a stop.

It was Sasuke's quiet cough that interrupted their serene moment

"Kakashi, both Sakura and I need to head back to my mansion"

Kakashi smiled

"Oh? Then you wouldn't mind if I tag along, my house is just five blocks away from your mansion in any case"

Sasuke shrugged

"If Sakura doesn't mind"

Sakura shook her head

"I don't mind…" she mumbled quietly, curiosity underlying in her words as she continued to tilt her ear towards Kakashi's Pakkun

Sasuke stood up and wrapped a gentle arm around Sakura's waist

He caught Kakashi's eye

"She can walk slowly, but she's still unable to stand on her own; too much strain on her muscles, she'll need rehabilitation" he explained


The three of them walked in silence with Kakashi's dog trailing next to Sakura, its swishing tail whacking her leg repeatedly

If possible, Sakura's curiosity rose higher


Sasuke and Kakashi turned to see a messenger running towards the two of them, chakra flowing steadily from her feet as she sprinted down the road

"What is it?" asked Sasuke quietly as he stepped forward

"The Sixth Honorable Hokage; Tsunade-sama requires your attendance to a mission briefing A.S.A.P" breathed out the pink faced chuunin as she bowed down lightly to him in respect

Sasuke frowned

"I have not been informed of this briefing"

The messenger nodded in agreement

"The Hokage sends you her utmost apologies for interrupting your evening, but an emergency has come up and your participation in the mission is a must"

Sasuke hesitated as he glanced at Sakura

"Don't worry about Sakura, she can stay at my house until you come back from the briefing" said Kakashi as he reached down to Sakura and brushed her hand gently

Sakura grasped Kakashi's palm instinctively, her slim fingers weaving with his

Sasuke narrowed his eyes

"I'll be okay…he is your friend right?" piped Sakura as she gave him a small smile

Sasuke walked over and hugged her gently as he enveloped her in his protective embrace

Sakura breathed in deeply as she rested her cheek on his shoulder, her fingers still entwined with Kakashi's

Her stranger still smelled of the wonderful aroma of pine and dark earth

"I won't be long" said Sasuke as he pulled back

Sakura nodded

Sasuke looked at Kakashi

"Take good care of her"

Kakashi chuckled

"It's just a mission briefing, not a mission. You're not going away for that long Sasuke"

Sasuke smirked

"You never know"

With that he disappeared

Kakashi looked down at his pink haired charge

"We should get going too, it's getting dark"

Sakura nodded as she clung to him


"We're here" announced Kakashi cheerfully as he pushed open the worn wooden door of his small home. Warm soft air blew out through the doorframe

Sakura stood silently on the welcome mat as Pakkun brushed past her legs and trot into the cozy apartment, his nails clicking loudly on the wooden panels

Kakashi smiled as he grabbed her hand and tugged her gently inside, leading her into the living room, pausing briefly only to crouch down and take off her blue shinobi sandals. Sakura shifted her feet as she felt the wood panels with her toes. It was cool, hard and smooth, with little bumps here and there, she allowed herself to be guided when she uttered a soft gasp.

Kakashi paused and turned around "What is it?" he asked worriedly as he checked her up and down

"Its different…it was nice and cool but now its all springy and warm, like a bed…only fluffy" Sakura whispered in amazement as she probed the lightly tanned carpet with her foot. Kakashi looked down and chuckled as he watched her step onto the carpet and bounce lightly on her toes

"Feels nice, doesn't it?"

Sakura could only nod

"You must be tired from walking around with Sasuke all day, why don't you have a seat on the couch while I make us some hot tea?" asked Kakashi as he picked her up and carried her to the couch before he cropped her on the plump and marshmallow couch, chuckling as she squeaked and sank into the interiors of his sofa

"It's so soft!" exclaimed Sakura in utter amazement as she attempted to sit properly on the dark brown couch, only to sink again

"Yo, haven't you sat on a couch afore pinky? Comfy ain't it? This three seater couch cost me man a small fortune ya know?"

Sakura instantly stilled as she whipped her head around towards Pakkun, tilting her head as she listened to his doggy panting curiously. That was how Kakashi found her as he walked into the room with two steaming mugs, plopping himself onto the seat next to her as he set the two cups atop a low glass table in front of the couch

"Intrigued?" he asked as he watched her contentedly

"What…is it?" asked Sakura slowly as she fiddled with her dress, her hands obviously itching to touch the 'thing'

"Pakkun. Floor. In front of Sakura" ordered Kakashi as he leaned forward for a sip of the steaming tea

"Aw man, why do I gotta go on the floor for cherry girl?" whined Pakkun as he hopped off the couch and dropped to his haunches

"You're big, she can't reach your head when you're both seating on the couch" replied Kakashi as he placed the mug back onto the table

"Fine, but this better not takes too long"

Sakura frowned and made a little noise of evident confusion as she tried to understand what was going on

Kakashi smiled and placed his large warm hands over hers, the rough calloused skin rubbing against her pale smooth ones lightly as he guided her smaller hands over Pakkuns ears

Sakura started as a scratchy but nice kind of material passed her fingers, the tips were thick and rough but warm, with a really smooth kind of feeling as she rubbed a bit of the material between her fingers. The scratchy things were connected to a bigger thing that flopped about as she played with it. Sakura jumped as something bigger connected to the floppy thing moved

"Will you just get on with the inspection pinky? I can hear the warm fuzzy blankets of my kennel calling to me, desperate for my love and attendance"

Sakura moved her hands back towards her stomach where the scratchy things like her hair became more shorter and softer, the bigger thing connected to the floppy thing connected to the scratchy things was getting slightly more smaller and angular, it was not only when the pad of finger accidentally rubbed against something extremely wet and smooth did it occur to her that her stranger's friend's hand had left her own

"Argh! Me eye! Me beautiful eye! You've gone and poked the bloody thing! The pain! I may not be able to see again!" cried the massive canine as he jumped to his paws "The only thing that can cure such a serious injury is sleep! No, give me not that look Kakashi! I'm being serious, my eye will recover only if I sleep! Wait for me my sweet darling kennel! Papa is coming right now babe!"

In a flash Pakkun disappeared

Kakashi chuckled as he took a large sip of his beverage, sighing loudly in appreciation as the hot liquid sloshed down his throat "Seems like you made him mad" he mused as he leant back onto the couch again, still sipping his tea

Sakura didn't answer, instead she rubbed her hands together, her hands tingling pleasantly from the sensation of touching Pakkun's clean fur. "It felt so…strange…I-I can't place it in words" she finally replied, her tone holding a touch of disappointment at Pakkun's questionable zipping retreat

Kakashi hummed softly in reply, the warm mint and thyme English tea lulling him into a pleasant state of drowsiness. He watched through lidded eyes as Sakura reached out with her hands, assuming she was reaching for her tea, he closed them as he took another sip

A shift on the couch. A brush against his cheek so light it was almost unnoticeable. Kakashi's eyes snapped open in surprise, they widened as he came face to face to Sakura, she had shifted so that the points of her toes still touched the carpet and her knees pressing slightly against the couch while her body turned to face him. Sakura had the tips of her fingers lightly touching Kakashi's cheeks, her face naught but several inches away from his, her face tilted up slightly in a manner that seemed as though she could see his masked face

Fingertips pressed down gently as Sakura placed her palms upon the sides of his face, slowly they began to move as she explored the contours of Kakashi's face, slim fingers passed over high cheekbones as smooth palms rubbed softly against the material of Kakashi's mask. Sakura moved her hands higher as she felt the slight fine lines of crow's feet along the side of Kakashi's eyes to his temple, a slight flaw that was overlooked. Kakashi closed his eyes as he relished the feeling, he kept still as she traced the shape of his eyes, fingers as light as feather fluttered along his eyelids as they flicked at his eyelashes playfully, pressing down slightly over the rough but handsome silver linings that were his eyebrows.

The mug slid from Kakashi's lax fingers and fell with a quiet dull thud to the carpet, spilling the small remaining contents over the tan floor. Both didn't notice.

Kakashi lifted his hands and pulled down his black mask slowly, soft black material slipped off to reveal shapely angular jaw lines tapered off to a perfectly pointed chin, but the pale lips pulled up into a slight smile; given the chance, would attract more attention. They were not very full and leant towards the thinner side, but they matched perfectly with the elegant jaw and high cheekbones, with the top being just a tiny bit fuller then the bottom, but the difference was so small one would not notice unless he or she stared hard a hands length away.

Sakura's fingers played with the long deep scar that ran down his Sharingan eye one last time before they slipped down Kakashi's straight but slightly arched nose, sliding slowly down the length as they felt the proud curve. Kakashi reached up with his own hands and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, light fingers traced his lips as he held Sakura's petite face in his own large hands, the pads of his thumbs caressed Sakura's high cheekbones, slowly and leisurely as the tops of his thumbs smoothed the rough material of the linen that covered those once beautiful orbs that captured his soul with their open, translucent beauty. Her elfin shaped face fitted snugly between his two palms and he felt himself sink further and further into a softly burning desire he hadn't felt for so many years.

Sakura was entranced, once again she slid her fingers over the soft silk that twitched under her fluttering hands as they traced and re-traced the small area of smooth petals, she had thought everything about this person was so…smooth…so glazed, perfect…but this…this was nothing she had felt before, it felt so pleasant and warm, so delicate that she thought if she pressed too hard it might shatter

Kakashi groaned softly as his former pupil continued to feel his unmoving lips, she was driving him crazy with her soft touches, with lidded eyes he, himself drew his hands lower, where his thumbs brushed against her soft lips lazily. Slowly, oh very slowly, he gently pulled her face up to his, where he stopped just an inch from her tantalizing lips, her hands had dropped from his lips to rest and grip his wrists lightly, Kakashi paused as their hot breaths mingled with each other, the tip of his nose barely touching hers as he gave one last caress of her silky lips, watching as they parted slightly as if in invitation, needing no more invites the silver haired jounin dipped his head down, closing in the small distance between the two.

A jolt shot through Sakura as their lips touched, lightly at first, but with building pressure as Kakashi pressed down more firmly. It was one thing to touch, another to feel. Heat pooled at the pit of her stomach as this man slipped a hand to the back of her neck, tangling his long fingers in her hair as his other slid down to the small of her back and pulled her lithe body flush against his chest. Warmth and a soft musky smell surrounded her everywhere as the silk she had felt not so long ago twitch against her lips, her hands pressed open palmed against the lean wall that radiated heat as the lips against hers moved slowly, toying with her own as it slowly opened

Kakashi's ears pricked as an almost silent sigh escaped the young woman her held in his arms, all irrational thoughts flew out of his mind as he dipped down more insistently, opening his mouth slightly to allow the tip of his tongue to slide out and flick at the hot wetness that had been enveloped by his own, as if to hear his silent question another sigh slipped out and he slid his tongue in

Sakura gasped softly as the foreign appendage slipped into her own mouth, probing around slowly, curling over her teeth and smoothly slipping down to the back of her mouth, where it twisted around briefly as it explored the contours of her mouth and what it had to offer. Sliding over her own tongue it rubbed against hers coyly, as if enticing her to join it, hesitantly she lifted her own slightly, and quickly it slid beneath hers, as if to support, began to push her tongue up more firmly. Dancing around the insides of her mouth, leaving a faint taste of mint everywhere it went, Sakura found herself voicing small noises that she never knew she could, a feeling she had never felt before raced along her nerves, setting it on fire as her body tingled so pleasantly it almost felt painful, never, had she experienced this feeling before

A muffled moan escaped from their locked lips as Kakashi withdrew his tongue, the young kunoichi panted for breath, the heat of her breath flowing over his face as their lips still touched lightly. Slowly and languidly without giving her time to recollect herself, he nibbled on her bottom lip before he sucked it in his own mouth where he trapped it gently between his teeth and began to torture the captured piece to his leisure, his hand caressing her back as he drew an idle finger up her spine, his play rewarded with a shiver as Sakura grew more dependent on him to hold up her body

Giving her bottom lip one last suckle, Kakashi drew back, his action met by a small mewl of protest, his lips drew up in a small smile as he gazed at her swollen glistening lips. Tangling his fingers in the locks of her long silky hair, he gripped them lightly and gently pulled her head back, clouded eyes glowed in approval at the sight of Sakura's elegant exposed neck, the pale skin mixing with the pale pink of her long tresses, bending his neck, he tilted her head to one side to allow him access to the side of her neck

Sakura panted for air as the hand that had played so lovingly with her hair tugged her unresisting head back and to the side, exposing her long slim neck to Kakashi's use, hot air flowed across the sensitive skin and she shuddered as something wet lapped at the side of her neck

Kakashi laved his tongue over the area of her skin slowly, salty and sweet flavors filling his mouth as he felt her shudder beneath him in satisfaction, pulling her body to his more tightly, he bent his head and suckled on the small patch of skin, an irregular beat vibrated along his teeth as he sucked at her jugular vein. Sakura trembled as he scraped his teeth along her collarbone, stroking it with his tongue before he slid his tongue up along her skin, over her jaw line and to her ear lobe where he caught the small piece of flesh between his teeth and swirled his tongue along it, a whimper escaped the kunoichi as he released it in favor of delicately nibbling the edge on the shell of her ear

Sakura shivered as Kakashi licked her ear lavishly, hot fire built between her legs as she panted in need, she didn't understand what this man was doing to her, but she didn't want it to stop either, unexplained emotions and feelings swirled in her as her breasts rubbed against his chest, little volts of electricity shooting from her chest to the growing fire, an ache began to thrum under her hips and settle on top of the growing fire, and she was painfully aware of everything that was happening to her.

Kakashi began to lean forward as he took baby bites along the edge of her jaw, pushing her down into the soft interiors of the couch, the forgotten hand that had been stroking the small of her back began to slide down to her tailbone where it rubbed over her soft mounds, he kneaded one gently as his teeth that had journeyed along her jaw line reached the end of its line, bending his head as he tilted her head the other way he bit down on the untouched part of her neck, holding her in place while he began to lick it absentmindedly as his attention diverted to the wandering hand below their navel

Sakura was lost in her black world, unable to see, her body concentrated on her sense of touch and she almost lost her mind as the silver haired jounin pushed her down and pinned her against the sofa with his weight on top of hers, his legs spread slightly to accommodate her legs between his own, her toes just brushing along the top of his shins as the warmth from his body seeped into hers everywhere, cocooning her hot body with only the short white dress of woven silk between her and his perverse hand

Deft fingers hiked up the silken material of the soft snowy dress, bunching it to settle around Sakura's petite waist as it slipped back down and dipped down between her legs. Kakashi chuckled softly, his throat reverberating against Sakura's rapidly rising and falling chest as she jerked, dark orbs of molten silver burned with clouded lust as his tongue gave her neck one last prolonged lick before he lifted his head back to her face where he captured her lips once more, kissing her heatedly but slowly, his tongue snaking out to come into play one again. Sakura jerked once more as his finger drew up a line between her lips lazily, she arched her back up against his as her body fought for an escape away from the torturous pleasure, ragged panting escaped their interlocked lips as his thumb rubbed her lightly through the material of her panties, dampness met his questing fingers as they continued their explorations of her burning ache

Kakashi smirked lethargically as a groan hummed over his wet tongue, watching with lidded piercing eyes his fingers raked the edge of the simple white cotton and slipped beneath, fiery wetness met his expectant fingers as he toyed with the outer lips, the rough pads of his fingers rubbing against the slippery sides, drawing a spasm from the kunoichi, as he raced his fingers up and down the slick sensitive flesh, weak fingers gripped his forearms pleadingly as Sakura shuddered lightly, sweat dampening her hair as her body ground against his own, trying to escape his manipulative fingers, yet needing more. Giving her tongue an answering suck, Kakashi slipped his fingers deeper into her inner lips right at her entrance while his thumb gave her clit a slow rub.

A muffled scream of strangled release reached his ears as Sakura jerked underneath him, holding her head still with his hand, he watched with lidded piercing eyes as a flood of wetness drenched his fingers, still rubbing her nub, he waited as she continued to convulse and release, her lithe frame shook in the aftershocks of her first orgasm, her virginity still twitching as the aftermath of her experience calmed. Finally, the exhausted kunoichi fell back and sank into the couch her breaths settling into an even pace as her sweat drenched dress stuck to her trembling body, releasing her swollen lips from his attentions, Kakashi drew back and placed a small kiss on her forehead

"Sleep Sakura, we'll readily face whatever happens to us tomorrow" he murmured softly as he settled down on top of her, his withdrawn hands settling on her hip and in her hair, his warmth radiating onto her as his lean body served as a protective blanket around her delicate frame

Nodding slowly and sleepily, the drowsy Kunoichi allowed her head to rest on his open hand, her arms curled around his chest as they hugged him weakly, her body relaxing as sleep came upon her like the descending velvet sky

Had he not been a jounin Kakashi would certainly have missed the whispered words that flowed from her just moving lips

"I remember…Kakashi…"

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