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Jou was really right when he told us that Bakura had been hanging out with Kaiba now.. I actually thought he was joking when he told me at lunch- until I saw them both in the library when I went to get a book out for geography. That is so weird.

I mean, yeah, he was my friend, for awhile… until he tried to steal my soul. Then, I got scared. I know, that's not very nice for me, but so what? Sometimes…. Oh, I don't know, I just wish I didn't get caught up in all of this mess. I know I'm not a good friend for saying that. And coming from me, well… being a bad friend is the worst thing I could do to anyone.

I wish they all could understand why friendship is so important to me. I must sound like a broken record to everyone, but they don't get it. I never used to have friends. In elementary school, I was alone. And it sucked. Middle school was the same. So when I was offered to be Yugis friend, I jumped. His friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me. I dont want to stop being his friend. And since he didn't seem to be friends with Bakura anymore... So neither was I. I know I don't sound like a good friend for saying it, but Bakura never really did fit in. He was always on the edge of our circle of friendship.

I know, its really is a pathetic reason to not be friends withhim anymore. Maybe it's fear, then, I don't know. I wish I did.

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