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Summary: ChiChi is a vampire slayer who bears grudge against all vampires and sworn to get rid of every single one that crosses her path. Goku, an unusual vampire, has the honors of being her most hated unkilled target... Accidentally! G/CC!

Rating and Warnings: Definitely M and as for warnings... the usual vampire stuff, gore, blood, uh more gore and blood, violence and language... mainly. And people being OOC. This is pretty mild chapter.

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Chapter 1 – The Accident

The street lights cast their cold yellow beams in the night. The moon hung lowly upon the shabby buildings and the usual sounds of a midnight echoed from the streets. A dark being made its way towards the most suspicious and questionable area of the city. The area where the sounds at night weren't of partying or late dates at take out kiosks, but announced crime. Not many were brave enough to walk these streets nor fool enough.

His footsteps echoed from pavement as his heavy combat boots touched the wet asfalt. The man's pace was firm though it held hesitancy to it. The hems of his dark blue gi pants were tucked into boots and swished slightly as he moved forwards towards the destination he rather not know or even heard of. His semi-gauntleted hand came up to run thru his jet black spiky hair in annoyance and then to adjust the worn leather jacket he was wearing. The weight of the message in his left pocket was becoming more and more heavier.

He stopped abruptly frowning deeply at the door in front of him. It looked like a normal club entrance with long noisy line and bouncers and flashy neon lights and fancy cars. Drunk people were yelling and getting into little fights with each other to the great amusement of the crowd. With one defeated sigh he walked up to the bouncers getting angry yells from line for cutting it. All he cared they could shove it and get lost. Poor humas had no idea what kind of place they were about to enter. If they wanted to be sinful and brag what they had done they could go ahead, but he was sure the weren't looking to be that sinful.

" Punk, get on the line!" one of them said sneering at him vicisouly and flashing his vampire teeth to him, in attempt to intimidate him. That usually worked for nuisance human kids. The young man scowled and glared. He was almost a good head shorter than the two, but like that mattered anything if there was a fight.

" I don't think so." He retorded and the two bouncers got angry at his answer and were about to pull out some persuation objects. " Hey, don't kill 'the messenger' now, you don't even know the news, yet." The man continued smirking as the vampire bouncers stared incredulously.

" You... are The Messenger?" the spiky haired man nodded impatiently.

" But, you're just a boy! A snot-nosed punk! Oh shit!" said another of them and burst out laughing loudly. " To think we expected someone... more imposing, you know what I mean." The man kept laughing and the young man's cheeks were tinted red from anger and embarassment. Boy, did he know what they were expecting. Luckily the darkness hid his flushed face. Every damn time the same thing... The other bouncer shook his head.

" So... you're Son Goku, known also as The Messenger?" he said keeping his cool as Goku nodded. Coulnd't they just let him in and be done with his business? With a curt movement of his head he gestured him to follow and alerted another bouncer to replace him. They entered the booming club where it smelled like cigarettes and alcohol with slight undertint of sex and blood. Goku scrunched up his nose in disdain.

Arriving to the managers office the bouncer went in. Goku leant against the wall watching the partying crowd. Half of them were human and the other half... well... vampires and small class demons. From henchmen to private entrepreneurs and king pins. He was sure there were even some disguised slayers hidden into the crowd, waiting a chance to strike and then disappear leaving the place a bloody mess and chaos.

The door opened again as the vampire bouncer came out gesturing him to go in. Goku marched in and readied himself for another disbelieving vampire boss. The only thing that distinguised him from the other vampires were the fact that he still could blush, unlike the others, the pure-blooded. What would those big bosses and their first men say if they knew he was man-made vampire?

He gazed upon the man who stared in stupor, not looking like a dignified, cool and partly dead vampire nobility he was. Goku swore this was the last gig ever if this kept up.

" The Messenger! A sixteen-year-old teenage kid!" the vampire behind the table exclaimed and Goku groaned. Better get the message delivered so he could get out of here.


" Okay! Listen up! The one called ' The Messenger' is supposed to deliver it tonight and we strike when the opprtunity is absolute and secure, understood?"

The small group of men and women stood in a shadow near the neon lit entrance of the club, listening intently at theri leader of this vital mission. They were another type of people who could walk these alleys without much worries. They were slayers. " This strike is important and it can change the current flow of this... conflict. The Messenger... no one knows much about it can be fmeale or male, so be careful and keep an eye out for it." A young female with raven hair and inky black depths, dressed in tight, but easily flexible, black suit said haughtily. She wore boots with daggers in them and a slight jacket which hid more of her weapons.

" ChiChi... what about getting in?" one of the newbie slayers inquired nervously and ChiChi sighed. Some wood heads just didnt' think or learn... " Everybody gets in alone. No mind moving in a big noticeable group. If you're spotted and get killed...tough! Now move it! Asseble only in grous of three and put the information forwards immediately. Messenger must die!" ChiChi smirked and adjusted her silver daggers wih couple of handy enchantments.' All vampires deserve to die... damn spawns of the heart of the evil...'

The group dissolved and ChiChi was left to stand there alone. She was worried of her team, but she knew they'd be fine. She had only picked the best for this mission. Nothing could do wrong. She began sauntering towards the building the target supposedly was in and a small nagging voice in the back of her head kept repeating that she had the best of the slayers but they were against the best of the vampires and that fact was not to be ignored. With a sigh she prepared to woo some male ass...

Couple of minutes, dozens of honey words, one red hand print and one unconscious vampire male later, ChiChi mixed herself into the dancing and drinking crowd watching with anger as a vampire man was currently seducing an innocent uh, not so innocent girl when we're dealing with a place like this, who didn't have a wiff that she was conversing with a spawn of the darkness and would tomorrow find herself A) a vampire and eternal slave to the one bitten her, or B) she wouldn't find herself at all because she was dead.

With one graceful movement she pulled out a pill and dropped it into the man's drink where it melted right away. If anyone saw anything, they didn't care and it wasn't their problem if someone they didn't know croaked. Smirking, she continued looking for one certain vampire that would be one life short when she was thru with him/her.


Goku exited the manager's room huffing and puffing. To stay and have a good time, everythign was free for him. No thank you! After all the trouble! All te slayers in his ass recently... He was out of here right now! ... though one beer wouldn't be that bad... he had dined already and the amount of blood he had had to consume lately for nourishment, would last next five days. And after all this shit he had had to put up with he more than deserved it.

Parting the crowd on his way, he arrived to the bar, plopped down on the chair and grunted something that resembled 'beer'. The bartender looked with disbelief. It had been a long time since he had last served a vampire a beer. Goat blood or sheep blood were the usual orders but he complied anyway noting the age of this particular vampire. Way too young to even think about drinking parrot's blood. ( Considered as tequila by vampires)

Goku sipped the coll liquid with bliss. Another good thing being a man-made vampire. He could still consume human drinks with out them tasting like shit. He kept happily taking swigs from his drink as a something plopped down to the free stool next to him.

He turned his head slightly to look at the person and almost choked on his drink as he drew a deep breath in surprise.( Ever heard of vampire getting killed by choking?) Next to him sat obviously angry female specimen, demanding a good shot of Tequila and glaring holes at people around her. The human female had long black hair which cascaded wondorously her slim body down to her waist. Her pretty face was cutely flared up and framed by bangs and stray locks and her black eyes were shining with inner flame. The girl was clad in tight fitting clothes which really appealed to Goku and loose jacket that, for Goku's eternal and unexpected displeasure, covered her upper body not letting out any curves.

The lady took a sip from her drink and muttered couple of cuss words. From the corner of her eye, ChiChi noticed a weird man staring at her and she became more vexed than she already was. Men! All leering idiots...

" WHAT?" she spat.

Goku noticed he was staring and blushed. Damn! There he went again... he regained his lost composure quickly. Another girl who was just looking for some forbidden exitement and like she would know he was a vampire and not ecxatly the best thing to her health...

" What what? Girl, aren't you way too young for that drink." He asked cockily and watched as she froze, putting her glass onto the counter slowly, obviously trying to ignore him. " What? Doesn't daddy know where you are?" he continued lazily. After all the hassle he came thru for the damn message he was allowed to tease a little female, wasn't he?

" Hey! I don't see you exactly being drinking age either! And I bet your daddy doesn't know where you are spending your time and I can say with damn pure conscience that my daddy knows excatly where I am! Now let me be mother fucker and go find some whore to hit on!" she sneered and in her anger took a huge swig of her tequila and spent the next minute coughing the burning out of her throat as Goku snickered. Whatta funny female.

ChiChi swore mentally. She had been here for two hours and no signs of potential 'Messengers' and now she was embarrasing hersef in front of a cute jerk. For his luck, he was a human and she couldn't slice his limbs of his body like she would have done to a vampire in a split second, but it was never stated that she couldn't kick him between legs.

She swung her leg about to kcik him there where it hurts when she found her leg blocked and graped and next thing she knew she laid ont he floor on her back, dizzy.

" Now why would you do that, girlie?" asked an amused voice above her. No way he could have blocked that! Was he another hunter? Not many hnters in the wordl were better than her in combat... ChiChi growled and focused her gaze on the face hovering above her. It was young looking and skinny, but she could see he would have strong features when he was older. His hair was black and unruly and spiked in every direction, defying gravity. His eyes were completely black but when she looked into them she came across a steel wall. The young teenager was smirking at her crookedly. Who the hell he thought he was?

Glaring, she stood up as he backed few steps.

A hand latched on Goku's shoulder and he rested the urge the act and beat the crap out of the offender. It was the bouncer that had showed him to the manager's office, looking to be in happy state of a pissed drunk.

" Messenger my man... enjoying the party? I see you found a piece of female ass already! Wooh what hips! If ya'ren't going bang him can I!" he slurred out loudly, reclining on the shorter man's shoulders and leering at ChiChi who looked shocked. Goku frowned and shoved the man off, the bouncer promptly tripping on the floor.

" DIE!" rang out and Goku whipped his head just in time to see the lovely girl pull out two silver daggers that screamed hunter and attack him agilely. The crowd burts in action as the hidden slayers came out.

" Wah!" he jumped out of the way, performing a neat back flip, landing on the counter. ChiChi charged right at him her daggers glittering in the dim lightning. Goku dodged again and blocked the following high kick from the female slayer. His eyes widened. He knew that style of fighting!

" HOLY SHIT! YOU'RE LEGENDARY GYO MAO'S DAUGHTER!" he yelled in shock, before he had time to think the words he had just spoken. The whole place stilled. The vampires in sudden hate and stupor for the legendary ex-slayer and his daughter who was becoming just as much of a nuisance and who was exceeding her father greatly. The inferior humans because they had no idea whatta heck was going on. The other slayers just as much startled were unmoving as well. The lengedary slayer girl was here tonight and that man standing on the counter was The Messenger, one of the Great Ones!

The chaos broke out in a second as the hunters and vampires clashed, the hunters being at disadvantage against just fed nocturnal beings.

" Uh oh...!" Goku uttered and smirked in satisfaction showing off his sharp canines. The chaos was what he needed to escape this place. He had already made the mistake of being seen by clubful of people and... He rather not to think about it what would happen if... He made his hasty escape and disappeared to the night, leaving the bloody massacre happily behind and brooding over the fact that pretty girls were always the ones to try kill you.


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