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Epilogue - …Everything Will Be Fine.

The morning sun peeked about the brink of the mountain peaks and illuminated the wilderness with its warm morning light. The last night's battle was only a memory to the environment as the pure and new morning swept the dark night away. The area was full of huge boulders and debris, many burn and scorch marks were imprinted in the forest tree and many of them were broken or ashy black. The magical fires had died away for time being.

Despite nature's own cure the heavy feeling of oppression hung yet in the air and the certain feeling of a place where something remarkable and horrible had happened was settling to its new home slowly. The signs of recent battle were way too obvious as half of the landscape was mysteriously looking like after a hurricane…

In middle of the ruins four people were scattered; exhausted on the ground and not quite awake nor asleep. Goku stared tiredly at the pale blue sky, feeling content and happy for the first time in many years. He was free, finally. Slowly he raised his hand and examined it. How could have though he'd have that kind of power? A power to burn other vampires to dust now that they powers were awakened fully. He chuckled. No wonder Vegeta didn't want to be healed; he'd have been burned to crisp in matter of seconds!

But he was now free…

What should he do now? The vampire world would be thrown into chaos and a war would probably break between vampires and slayers; this time it would only be more open and direct. Did it mean he'd have to fight ChiChi? Did he have to fight at all? Could he remain neutral? Or join the slayers' side and use his power against vampires?

So many questions and no answers… for now.

A fierce curse word drew his attention from his thoughts and Goku saw the injured Vegeta to scramble under a huge boulder, into cooling darkness of it. Goku laughed openly although little concerned for the elder vampire's well being. The sun was rising and Vegeta would melt like a pudding if he let the rays of the sun hit him. Poor Vegeta. Nothing but trouble for him, it seemed.

"Shut up, boy! I am not a Day Walker like you are!" Vegeta seethed from under the small cave under the boulder. " I'll fucking melt if I stay outside!"

Goku said nothing in response. Melt… the freak lizard, Frieza had melted too…

The burning smell of flesh… his fist hitting again and again the white and half-cooked being… he yelled at the creature… insulted… anger, so much anger… the horrible sight of his burnt and bleeding body, oozing bodily fluids and pus, blistered all over…screaming… ruby eyes… full of fear and despair… punch him again! The enraged final blow… square in middle of his charred chest. He felt the ribs and ribcage cave in with a crunch as blood spurted from the fatal wound. The lizard hunched over more blood flooding from his gaping mouth. His fist pierced the creature's torso and a horrified and pained scream erupted from his throat. The flesh and intestines started to melt and burn and Frieza writhed in agony, crying out.

He watched with uncaring eyes all the time, like outside his own body and mind…

The final cry of defeat sounded and echoed in the earth.

He fell…


" Goku?" a voice asked sounding worried and Goku broke out of his reverie and his eyes met ChiChi battered and dusty face. She had tears in her black eyes, brimming and making her eyes shine glassy. Before Goku had time to say or react she had thrown herself on him and kissed him hard. She pulled away abruptly smiling mischievously at Goku's shocked and frozen expression.

" Chi…"

" Oh you're ok, Goku! I was so worried when I woke up that you'd be gone or dead… You're alive!" she smiled through tears before burying her face into his chest and sighing contently. Goku, still not quite sure if he was dreaming or in the hands of a cruel illusion, wrapped his arm around her slight form, hugging her back. It was like everything was clean between them. One battle to erase every feeling of hate and reveal what they really wanted from each other: each other.

" I'm fine, ChiChi," He assured her, feeling oddly serene and calm about everything. Ever since the first meeting the shabby and seedy bar he had been unable to entirely stop thinking about her. They stayed lie that for minutes, both adjusting to the huge chance in their life. No words were need to speak those feelings; words would just do injustice to that feeling and wording it a petty mundane thing.

" What now?" ChiChi whispered.

" I dunno. We just have to see and live," Goku replied, slowly stroking her back, giving her cold body warmth.

" A war is gonna break out. Let's not fight each other or go back to what we once were. Just go away and kill everyone that opposes to this, us!" she declared hotly and Goku laughed with mirth. That sounded good.

An union between a special vampire and a slayer princess.

And no one ever could get between them.


Vegeta reluctantly, or so he at least wanted to appear, settled down to Capsule Corporation with Bulma and to learn about the modern world. Bulma made him swear that he wouldn't drink anymore human blood, but resort to animals and such. Vegeta hesitantly complied but that was more than Bulma ever expected of him. Those two seemed to get along fine and Goku and ChiChi even dared to suspect that the couple really had fallen in love even though to outsiders it looked like a really phony relationship.

Goku and ChiChi chose to travel around for a while and finally as ChiChi became pregnant, settled down to the peaceful shade of Mt. Paozu, near Goku's grandfather's previous home. The couple was forced to fight occasionally, and when they in boredom chose to, vampires and slayers alike, but they kept primarily themselves hidden and ChiChi Mao was declared perished in the hands of cruel vampires by the slayers. Hitake returned back to the village not convinced that ChiChi was dead but not that heart broken either…

Kuririn and Yamcha finally found their way out of the wilderness and headed for the nearest local bar to get a drink after such experience.

In short, they lived peacefully.



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