Hey everyone! heres my new story! Oh, btw, i dont own teen titans, but i own my trading cards, my action figures and my pictures, but i dont own a matress now (im a deprived child, lol) oh yeah, i dont own all of the lines, some of them are actually from the show. :P

Raven kept tossing and turning in her bed because she couldn't sleep. She glanced over at her clock and saw that it read 2:37am. The mysterious girl sat up and said, "Well, since I can't sleep, I'm going to go get some tea and meditate. I've been having trouble meditating lately. Other than what happened yesterday…nothing seems wrong."

She got up out of her bed and slowly started to walk towards the kitchen, treasuring the silence. Raven shut her eyes because she was still tired, but kept walking.

"Raven" a voice said. Startled, she turned around; ready to attack, but saw it was only Robin. "Is everything ok?" he asked.

"Yes Robin, everything is fine," she said irritably.

Robin had a puzzled look on his face. "If everything is fine, why were you getting ready to go into the infirmary?" he asked with concern. Raven quickly looked up and saw the door she was getting ready to walk into wasn't the kitchen, but the Titans medical center.

"Oh…I was going to go get some pain killer. My shoulder hurts from yesterday.

At the mention of Raven being in pain, he instantly felt guilty. It was all his fault she was in pain. "Look." He said. "I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. Its all my fault."

Robin clearly remembered why she was injured. He had wanted to have combat practice outside, but Cyborg protested because he was having problems with the obstacle course.

"Fine then." Robin stated. "I'll go first to see if its safe for everyone."

"Ok man. If you say so…" Cyborg said, still unsure if it was a good idea.

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire made it through the course fine. Beast Boy tripped and fell on his face. When it was Raven's turn, she was unsure if doing this was a good idea. She had a bad feeling something was going to happen.

"Its ok Rae. Nothing is going to happen or it probably would have already." Cyborg assured her.

Raven took a sharp breath and said, "its Raven, not Rae!" All of the sudden, a big sign lit up that said 3…2…1…GO!

Raven immediately said her mantra, "Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" and began to levitate. She easily passed through the poles that shot up from the ground. She gracefully went through the rings of fire, but began to have trouble with the laser guns. All of the sudden, they all began to malfunction, and aimed for her and shot her all at once…

"It wasn't your fault Robin" Raven softly said. "It could have happened to anyone."

"Maybe." Robin said. "But I still feel responsible for it. I'm the leader of the team, so I feel responsible for everything bad tat happens to everyone. I could have done more to-"

Robin was cut short by a massive earthquake. Raven immediately put one of her shields around her and Robin. After what seemed like hours, but was only seconds, the earthquake stopped. "Raven? Are you ok" Robin tried to say with authority even though he was very shaken up (lol, I'm hilarious).

Raven calmly said, "Yes, I am fine. We need to check on the others before we can say we are all fine though."

Robin agreed. "You go check on Starfire and I'll go check on Beast Boy and Cyborg." Immediately, they both ran in opposite directions to go check on their friends.


Slade emerged from cold magma and said, "The day has begun." and gave a sinister, haunting laugh.