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The Forgotten

Chapter 1

I awoke in a stark white room. The walls so white when I first opened my eyes they burned. There was a sink in the corner along with a desk, and I was lying on a bed in the middle of the room. The sheets beneath me crinkled as I turned myself to get a better look at my surroundings. There was a boy dozing in the chair to my left. He had raven hair and wore a pair of rather round glasses. He looked to be tall, but I couldn't be sure because he was sitting in a curled up position.

I tapped him on his knee, which was the closest thing to me. "Hello? Wake up!" The boy and jumped and his eyes flew open. His eyes were a nice green. They went well with his hair which was tousled from sleep. He pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so glad your awake! This is brilliant! I have to go get Ron and Mrs. Weasley; oh and the healers. I suppose they will want to check you over before the let us talk to you." He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I will be right back Hermione!" He yelled back as he sprinted out of the room. What a strange boy. Who goes around hugging and kissing (even on the cheek) strangers?

Not even two minutes after that a man and a women came into my room. "I'm Evan this is Jessica. We were the healers assigned to your case. You and your friends were in a Death Eater attack while going on your Hogsmeade trip. You were hit by a curse. Although we were unable to determine which curse it was. You seem to be suffering no physical affects." He took a deep breath. "We had to wait till you were awake to test to see if there were any mental affects. So I'm just going to ask you a few questions. Okay?"

"Okay." I said happy to agree.

"What is your full name?"

"Ummm..." This is when I started to worry. I didn't even know my name! Something so simple and I could not answer the question. "I...I don't know. Umm… that boy. The one that was here when I woke up? He called me Hermione." The healers exchanged glances.

"When is your birthday?"

"I don't know." This time as was beyond worried. I was scared. I didn't know who I was or when I came to be.

"Well it seems as if you don't remember any facts about yourself. But you friends told me your really smart so I'm going to ask you a few potions questions." He smiled a little. "Sorry potions was my best subject. Is that okay?" I nodded. "Okay. What would you get if you added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

"Asphodel and wormwood make the Draught of Living Death. Which is a really powerful sleeping potion." Well at least I know something.

"Good! Very good! Where would you look if you wanted to find a bezoar?"

"A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat. It will save you from most poisons.

"Excellent sign that is my dear." The healer said clapping me on my back. "One more question. What is the difference between monkshood and wolfbane?"

"They are the same plant, which also goes by the name aconite."

"Fantastic! Well my dear it seems as you have retained all of your facts. I don't know if you will regain your other memories. Only time will tell. But it seems as if only personal memories have been lost. We'll keep working here to see if we can come up with a way for you to get your memories back. There might be a chance that they come back on their own with time. You should be able to go back to school today since there is nothing physically wrong with you. You have only been here for two days so you shouldn't be that far behind." He looked at the clipboard in his hand. "As for your name, it is Hermione Jane Granger. You are in your seventh year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are in Gryffindor! Good for you dear. So was I. Well Jessica and I should be going. Will send your visitors in after we have had a little chat with them." Then they both left the room.

Meanwhile in the hall...

"Sorry it seems Miss Granger has forgotten her personal life. She only remembers facts. She didn't know her name but I have already informed her of it. But I have to tell you all; she won't remember you either. I'm very sorry to have to tell you all this. I don't think she will ever regain her old memories so I think it would be best if you tried to start over new with her. " Evan started to turn around and walk away but he remembered something. "Oh and I forgot to tell you. She might not be the same person you remember." He turned to Dumbledore. "I suggest you have her resorted. Experience makes people who they are, she has never experienced anything. Give her a couple of days to learn. Keep her in the house she was in before the accident. But then I suggest you resort her. Have a good day." Then both healers were gone. Everyone shifted on their feet as if in deep thought and Dumbledore's voice broke through their shock. "I suggest we go in and see her."

And so they did. They spent time explaining things. Talking about the attack and how she only got hit. Being the Gryffindor she was (or so they said) she jumped in front of a first year. They talked about all the adventures they had been on and laughed over many things. By the time Dumbledore finally declared that they had to get to Hogwarts for dinner they were all friends again. At dinner, in his speech Dumbledore only said that he welcomed her back and that she was having a slight memory problem.

Yeah slight, I only don't remember anything about myself or anyone else I ever met. But Ron, Harry, and I ate in peace. Only a few questions were asked. Ron introduced me to his little sister, Ginny her name was. Only Ginny seemed quite put out that I didn't remember her. But it was on my way out of dinner that things really got interesting. I bumped into this guy on accident but when I looked up to say sorry I saw a blond haired god. I could stop myself from smiling and whispering to myself. "Bloody hell he's Sexy." But I guess I might have said it a bit too loud because suddenly Ron, Harry, and the boy in front of me stared, mouth hanging.

End Chapter One

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