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The Forgotten

Chapter 6...

I awoke in the same room as before only now instead of Malfoy at my bedside it was Harry and Ron. "Hermione!" Harry exclaimed as he noticed my stirring. "Your awake! Should I go get someone?"

"No. I'm fine. I just seem to be fainting a lot." I cleared my throat. "I could use some water though." Ron jumped to go get some water but Malfoy came strolling through the door, glass in hand.

"Here." He walked to my bed and handed me the glass. "I saw you were waking so I went and got some water." He shrugged a little and sat in a chair opposite the side of my bed Harry and Ron were sitting. "I figured you might be thirsty."

"Thank you, Malfoy." He cringed a bit as I said his name. I lifted the cup to my lips and smelled the contents. It didn't smell poisoned. I heard a chuckle to my right and looked at Malfoy.

"I didn't put anything in it. Trust me." I heard Harry snort but for some reason my gut told me to trust him. So I tilted the glass and the liquid flowed down my throat. Cold but otherwise I was unaffected.

"Thank you." I said again but this time I meant it. He just nodded his head a bit. "Malfoy could ah...could you leave the room for a second?" He got up and walked toward the door where he turned around and looked at me.

"If you need me," He said with a look toward the boys. "I'll be right outside." He pulled the door closed quietly.

"Yeah." Ron said with a slight look of disgust. "Like either me or Harry are going to hurt you."

"So..." Harry said changing the subject. "Do you really feel okay?"

"Yeah, physically at least. I mean it's kind of strange to know that I walked around the last three months and I don't remember any of it." I looked down at my lap, twisting my hands. "I mean how did I end up in Slytherin? I guess Ravenclaw I could have handled. But Slytherin? My life must have been hell." I looked up at the boys and saw them exchange a look. "What? Wasn't it hell?"

"You didn't seem to be having a bad time." Said Ron looking down at his own lap.

"What do you mean seem? Didn't you know? What did I say?"

"That's the thing," Harry said. "You weren't talking to us."

"Wasn't talking to you? Your my best friends. Didn't you tell me you guys are my best friends?"

"Yeah of course we did Hermione." Ron said laying a hand on my shoulder.

"You just wouldn't listen." He stood up quickly running a hand through his hair. "Wouldn't listen to a damn thing we said." He started to pace the room. "Everything went well until after dinner your first night back from the hospital. Until you ran into him." He said jerking his head toward the door. "You said..." His face contorted with disgust. "You said that he was sexy." I gasped and our eyes met. Once again I found myself starring at my lap. "But that doesn't really surprise you does it? Because you have felt that way all along." I looked up at him my eyes watering to the brim and over.

"Harry, you don't understand. Its not like I was planning on acting on it. They are feelings Harry. People can't help what they feel."

"Yeah Hermione. I think your right, because right now I can't help but feel that I would rather be anywhere than around you." He walked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"Ron." I said with a sob. "Ron tell him I'm sorry. Make him understand."

"Him?" Ron said standing up quickly enough to knock his chair back. "Him? What about me, Hermione? You have known I have liked you forever. Do you even understand what this is like for me? We were supposed to be together. All this time I got though it by thinking, 'When Hermione gets her memories back we will finally be together. I will tell her how I feel and everything will be okay.' I sat back and watched while you snogged Malfoy. While you dated him, I was thinking 'that should be me. I should be dating Hermione. Kissing her. Walking around the lake with her.' But no. You don't even care how I feel! Instead you ask me to make Harry understand. Well I can't Hermione. And do you want to know why." He didn't even pause for me to answer. "Because I don't understand!"

"Ron I didn't know. I'm sorry I didn't know." My hands covered my face as I wept. I heard him stomp out of the room the door slam behind him. This only made me sob harder. My two best friends deserted me. I'm lost now. This is how I felt when I first came to Hogwarts. A muggleborn in the middle of a bunch of strangers. They had helped me through that time. Who is going to help me find my way now?

I heard a slight tap on the glass panes of the door and dried my tears on the sleeve of my hospital gown. "You can come in." I called my voice still slightly hoarse from crying. I saw Malfoy's head peek in as the door came open.

"Are you alr..." He hurried into the room and shut the door. "Hermione? What happened?" He came to the side of my bed and laid a hand on my arm. I had been looking down since he came into the room to hide my puffy eyes and nose I knew I would have from crying, but he put a finger under my chin and lifted my face. I heard his slight intake of breath. "What did they do to you?" He turned around as if he was going to go and find him but I grabbed the hand that had been resting on my arm.

"Please. Please don't do that." I waited until he nodded before I dropped his hand. We sat there in quite. Him starring at me intently while I looked anywhere but him.

"I'm sorry." I heard Malfoy whisper and it made me turn toward him. "It's my fault you are going through all of this." He looked so sad. So defeated. I just wanted to help him. I scooted toward the edge of the bed right in front of him and reached out and wrapped my arms around his waist, my head buried in his stomach.

"It's my fault really. I didn't know any better. I didn't know that I was supposed to stay away from you." I whispered into his front. I felt his arms slide to around my back the best they could in his standing position.

"Yeah. But I shouldn't have let you. I knew better. Once I knew you had gotten your memories back I should have left you alone. So that your life could go back to normal. I just couldn't do it though. I need you. We are in this far to deep to quit now."

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