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This is my first story, so please review and tell me what you think. In this Kim never wrote a letter to Tommy and never went to Florida. I'm a big Tommy/Kim fan so all Tommy/Kim fans, T and K will have a happy ending (with complications in between).

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Another job and a call

Angel Grove, California

Youth Center, 10 am

"Another job done, right guys?" asked Tommy Oliver, while wiping the sweat off his forehead. The Rangers had just recently defeat Zedd's latest monster, Erbabus (Lame name, but it's the best I could think of ). "All depends, Oh fearless one," Rocky answers, very mischievously. After a long day that was super dull, the others were just waiting for something to lighten the mood. "What'd we all forget, Rocko?" Adam said, pretty aware that his best friend had it in for somebody. "Ooo, can I guess that it was something about a certain White Knight forgot about Her Royal Pinkness!" Aisha said, trying to control herself from laughing. "What's so funny, 'Isha? Is this something I forgot or don't know about?" Tommy asked looking very confused.

The others just laughed. "Oh Great leader" Billy started, before getting hushed by the others. "What? As I was saying, a certain Pink Lady is coming home today from visiting Geneva, Switzerland. "Oh, right she was seeing His Royal Redness, Zack-Attack, and Tiger Trini, right?" asked Rocky, with an expression of recognition spreading across his face. "Right, I better get ready, Kim wants me to be early for once!" Tommy said, hurriedly adding, "And she wants you guys to come along." Rocky wanting to be funny at the moment burst out saying, "Why, so we can see you kissing Kimmie? Or better yet, we all know that his White Knightness and Pinkie want to …" "Rocky!" they all shouted, as Tommy gave him a death glare. Nobody wanted him to finish that sentence.

Geneva, Switzerland

Hotel/Airport, 8 pm

Trini and Kim were packing up, while Jase and Zack were waiting for the girls. "OMG! The gang is gonna be so surprised when we show up. Did you remember to tell Tommy to bring them?" Trini said happily. The peace conference was finally over, and the original power trio were returning home. "I told him, unless 'Mr. I-Can't-Remember-Because-My-Brain-Is-Swiss-Cheese' forgot. Man, they are so not expecting this!" Kim shouts excitedly. Just then, Jason knocks on the door and opens up, "Am I interrupting anything? Our flight will be leaving and YOUR BOTH not done packing!" Jase exclaims a bit impatiently. He and Zack had been waiting for half an hour. "Fine 'big brother', you can carry my luggage, since WE are now done!" Kim said a bit too bitterly. Zack walks in and pull Trini and Jason aside, "Tri, was she talking about 'Mr. Greatest Ranger Ever'?" "Yep" was the reply.

They finally got to the airport, on time because Zack was speeding, although Kim so disapproved. "I'm gonna call Tommy to tell Him that our plane will arrive in 2 hours, ok?" Kim said. The others just rolled their eyes, knowing it was just an excuse to talk to him. She dialed the number she knew by heart and waited as it was ringing.


"Is that how you answer your girlfriend, Thomas James Oliver!"

"Sorry, Beautiful. I mean it. We just had a run in with you-know-who. We're all a little stressed."

"Aww, now I feel bad that I left, Handsome. I'll be home in 2 hours, about 12. Make sure to bring everyone. I have a surprise."

"Alright, Beautiful. I love you."

"I love you too, Tommy. I love you too." Kim said and then she hung up. She couldn't wait to get home and rush into Tommy's arms. With that, she fell asleep with, the thought of going home to her friends and to Tommy.