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The First Time isn't Always Everything

Chapter 1

A sleek black limousine rolled silently and swiftly through the streets of a quiet neighborhood. It nearly blended perfectly into the darkness of the night, morphing it into an elongated shadow. This effect was a perfect extra feature for the couple riding inside who were completely oblivious to anyone else in the world.

Inside the car, the atmosphere was thick. Each person was aware of the other's presence but carefully hid that knowledge with words and smiles. They were an enchanting pair, attractive and intelligent. Although they sat close together, there was still some distance between them as though they were consciously trying not to touch one another. Silence surrounded them, but their careful posture spoke for them. The woman was not particularly happy at the current time.

She was the one who broke the silence, turning to stare at the man with pursed lips.

"What is it?" the tall, elegant man asked while raising a pale eyebrow at her behavior. He knew that she wished to voice her opinion.

"Oh, it's nothing really," she replied loftily, vaguely waving her hand for effect. "Except that I still can't believe that you did that."

"There is nothing to doubt, Kagome," he said. His voice carried a hint of humor, almost undetectable to untrained ears. "You witnessed the encounter with your own eyes. Do you often disbelieve what you see?"

"Well, that all depends. Certain things often look different than what they really are. You should know all about that," she retorted mockingly. She tilted her chin up, her blue eyes defiant. "Yet, I always like to imagine that people that I know did not just act like an ass in public, Fluffy-kins."

"That is not my name, woman," he said firmly.

"Is that so, Sesshomaru?" She purposely stressed his name. "And I was not aware that my name was 'The Wench' either."

"I am not a fool. Did I just not say your name or has your hearing failed you like it has for my idiot brother?"

"Hmmm, let me see," Kagome replied sarcastically. She held up her hand, counting off of her fingers. "Was it wench, woman, or Kagome? I can't seem to remember."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, pursing his lips together. "And my name does not include any part of the word fluffy, Kagome. I would assume that you would know this. Now what is this really about?"

"Like you don't know!" she shot back. "I thought that you weren't a fool."

Sesshomaru growled softly. He shifted slightly, bringing his large body closer to Kagome's. He turned his head, lowering his eyes so that his gaze looked down upon the angry woman. His long, silver hair swayed about him with the movement, softly attacking Kagome's bare arm and shoulder. She shivered slightly at the action, remembering other moments in which his hair had touched her body. "Woman," he warned.

"Kagome! Ka-go-me!" she snapped. "My name is Kagome. You are just like your brother."

"Do not compare me to such an intolerant moron," Sesshomaru replied, moving so that his posture was imposing upon the girl. "I will not be insulted in such a manner."

"Allow me to apologize, your royal highness!" she huffed. "You cannot be insulted. But it is not insulting to be introduced as wench in front of perfect strangers? Tell me; is it a Tashio brother thing to call females by rude names?"

"That trait is only displayed by incompetent souls. I am not Inuyasha. Do not compare me to him."

"But you are not a fool, right?" she asked.

"No, I am not," he answered coldly, still staring down at her. Her eyes, however angry they might be, captured him. She looked delicious.

"But Inuyasha is a fool?"

"Yes, he is. What are you trying to prove?"

"Well, if you are not a fool, then why do you insist upon acting in the same way that a so-called fool does? You aren't being a hypocrite, are you?" Kagome challenged.

Sesshomaru growled, swiftly wrapping an arm around her waist and drawing her closer to his body. "I am not a hypocrite. I am well aware of your name, unlike others. Perhaps your introduction was not the most appropriate; however, you have never seemed to mind me calling you such names at other times. It appears that you choose random intervals in which you like to confirm your name. So tell me, Kagome, who is the hypocrite?" he asked lowly, responding to her challenge.

Kagome colored fiercely. She knew exactly what he was talking about. 'Calling me those names in bed is completely different from in public!' she yelled at herself. Her vivid eyes flashed. She opened her mouth to voice her complaint, but her words were effectively stolen by Sesshomaru's lips as he moved over hers with mouth, teeth, and tongue.

He pulled back briefly, licking across the expanse of her mouth. Huskily, he whispered to her, "Or is your obsession with staking your name due to a fear? Are you worried that you will be forgotten, Kagome?" before taking her lips in a heated kiss once again.

Her anger was immediately clouded by overwhelming desire. Although her mind still told her that she should be setting him straight, she could not stop herself from winding her arms around his neck. He hit the mark with his last comment. There was a fear in her mind that he would discard her after he became bored. And it was Inuyasha that put that fear into her heart. But still, she willingly complied when he nipped at her lips with silent longing. And happily, she wrestled with his tongue until she felt the limousine coast to a stop.

She pulled back from his mouth, flushed from his actions. "This is where I get off," she whispered against his lips.

Sesshomaru growled slightly, annoyed that the halting off the car spoiled his plans. He would have to use his charm now in order to get her to spend the night with him. But, he was even more annoyed when Kagome pulled from his arms, scooting across the seat and practically leaping from the back of the car. 'So, she wants me to work, does she?' he thought to himself as he slid gracefully from the seat.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked in slight surprise as she noticed Sesshomaru exiting the door. She blinked at him, standing still as she regarded him.

"I am walking you to the door, Kagome," he replied silkily, moving to her side. His arm slithered around her back so that his palm rested upon her lower back. He added a slight pressure, urging Kagome to walk forward under his guidance.

"You're walking me to the door?" she countered, still surprised. "Why are you suddenly acting like a gentleman?"

"I always act in such a manner. After all, I am a gentleman," he responded in his trademark deep voice.

Yet, Kagome was not fooled by it. She smiled and let out a laugh at his words. "Oh, really? Since when?" Her light voice was once again filled with sarcasm.

"Since I was a young child," he simply said, moving his hand slightly to roam her back.

She shivered at his touch. "What have you done that makes you a gentleman? I am having trouble recalling when your behavior matched your claim," she asked lightly. Kagome smiled. 'I can win this argument!'

"Do I not open doors for you?" Sesshomaru said, leaning closer to her ear so that his breath caressed the appendage.

"You sure have a sense of humor tonight. No, you don't. Your servants do," Kagome answered easily, tilting her head slightly so that he had more access.

"I am the one that orders them to do so. My behavior is reflected in them. I am the one that desires them to treat you well."

Kagome snorted. "And I assume that slapping me was also part of your charming training?" she asked with some bitterness. As soon as the words left her mouth, she winced. Her hand flew up, covering her mouth as her eyes grew wide in shock. She had just made a huge mistake – and she knew it.

The effect was immediate. Sesshomaru snarled loudly, wrapping his arm around her waist. He spun her quickly so that she faced him. His other hand came up, grasping her chin firmly so that she could not look away. The golden eyes were narrowed and angry. He did not bother to hide his emotions this time, making Kagome tremble. "That was not meant to happen. Do you think that I am such a calloused monster that I desired it? I do not hit women with intent," he snapped.

Kagome instantly felt regret. She knew that he was right and that he did not mean it. How could she have forgotten his stricken face after it had happened? Her eyes softened, misting up slightly. "I know," she whispered. She raised her hand, moving it to cup his cheek. She did not miss his tensing. "I'm sorry. I was wrong to say that. I'm so sorry, Sesshomaru. You are far from a monster. I don't know why I said it. I shouldn't have brought it…"

"Enough," he interrupted tightly. "Something of that caliber cannot be easily forgotten. It seems as though it is still a sensitive issue although bringing up that moment is…bothersome."

"But that doesn't change the fact that it was wrong of me. I don't blame you and I can't expect you not to be effected either. It must be much worse for you. I just…I…," she countered back. Before he could answer, she leaned forward, pressing her lips to his softly. "Can you forgive me?" she whispered against them.

"Perhaps," he answered arrogantly, taking her lips with his. After a few moments of intensity, he pulled away. Gently, he lifted Kagome, carrying her the rest of the way to her door. "We could negotiate how you could make it up to me."

Kagome smiled, placing a quick kiss to his chin before laughing. "I think I know what your terms are already."

"Good. Then you agree with them."

"But I just spent last night with you. And you never proved to me that you were a gentleman yet," Kagome protested.

"I am carrying you to your door. Is that not gentlemanly enough for your tastes?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her words.

"You are just carrying me to get into my bed faster," Kagome pouted but her eyes flashed with excitement and amusement.

"And you are just arguing with me to be stubborn," he returned easily.

He stopped at the door, dropping Kagome's legs but still held her by the back. He released her slowly, allowing her body to press against his and stay in that position. Sesshomaru grunted slightly as she moved, his body responsive to hers. Kagome seemed to enjoy herself as well. Her face heated as a gasp came from her throat when she felt just how receptive he was.

"Maybe," she answered breathily. "But you don't seem to mind arguing with me either. In matter of fact, I think that you rather enjoy it. You get a rise from it, don't you?"

Sesshomaru grunted in response, gentle spreading her thighs with his knee and sticking his leg between them. "Perhaps," he said, dipping his head to run his nose along her neck. "It is not every day in which a woman, as well as my client, is daring enough to stand up against me. I have yet to decide if you have a mental deficiency that blocks your judgment or if you are merely brave."

Kagome laughed, allowing her body to press against his momentarily. "You know," she teased with an enchanting smile, "implying that a girl is retarded is not the best way to get into her pants." With a quick gesture, her hand traced down his chest, making his muscles ripple under her touch. Then, she broke away from his touch, turning away from him and searching through her purse for her keys.

Frowning from her release of his hold, Sesshomaru moved behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist while pressing against her back. He made sure that his obvious arousal was poking against her. "I have already been in your so-called pants, Kagome. I highly doubt that it is relevant anymore."

"But you still aren't in them right now," Kagome reminded him in a sing-song voice. She pushed back against him, grinding into his lower body. She was pleased when he growled in response. "But," she continued in a teasing tone, "I would think about it if you told me the reason for your behavior tonight."

"There is nothing to explain," he muttered, beginning to kiss and nip along her neck. His arm wrapped even further around her waist, drawing her against him until there was no space between the bodies. Her moan was his reward, and as it seemed, she was having difficulty keeping her attention to looking for her keys. 'That's it, Kagome. Take the bait.'

"Nothing to explain?" she responded, her voice breaking slightly in tune to his ministrations. "It's not every night that you punch out a man in a club."

"Hmm," was Sesshomaru's answer as he pulled back from her neck. "I did nothing that was not called for."

"So, punching Kouga was the proper thing to do. Is that what you are saying," she asked with humor.


"Why?" she said as she looked through her purse, making it seem as though her search was more interesting than his answer.

"Were you not there? That irritating waste needed to be taught his place. I did not appreciate his open claim of you nor did I care for his insistence upon the subject despite your obvious refusal. It needed to be known that he was not to pursue you in any fashion," Sesshomaru answered, once again taking up to teasing her exposed skin but adding the flair of roving hands.

But Kagome seemed unaffected for once. "Damn," she muttered, frowning and pursing her lips.

"What is wrong?" Sesshomaru asked, peaking over her shoulder to glance at her.

"I can't find my keys," she muttered with annoyance. "I could have sworn that they were in here when I left. I have never left without them before. I don't know if I dropped them or not. How am I going to get in?"

Sesshomaru almost smirked. His golden eyes stared directly into Kagome, even though she was not paying attention. If she had been, she would have noticed the flashes of desire and success in his eyes. "So not fear. I shall have it taken care of. However, it will have to wait until the morning. I know of no place that is open at two in the morning," he responded easily and sensible. He paused slightly before continuing with seduction. "It seems as though you will have to stay at my house this evening."

Kagome's head snapped up and her eyes widened at his words. After a moment, she shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "I guess you're right. I can't wake Sango up at this hour. Alright, you win bud don't think that you will win every time!"

"If you insist," Sesshomaru said silkily as he turned her with his arm and began to guide her back to the awaiting limousine.

As he walked, Sesshomaru shoved his free, elegant hand into the pocket of his black trousers. He needed to keep the small object from sounding out and drawing her curious attention. 'I should borrow Kagome's keys more often,' he thought as they slipped into the car.


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