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The First Time Isn't Always Everything

Chapter 14: Epilogue

Humming softly, her hips swayed gently with the motion. Her hand moved in slow circles, carefully sautéing a pan full of chicken. A dark blue tang top clung to her slender hips and smooth circle, ending just before her matching lace underwear. It did not faze her that she was not in her apartment or the fact that she stood near a large window. She knew that no one would bother her. Kagome was in the Tashio kitchen, and she knew that few would dare to risk sauntering around Sesshomaru's back yard.

It had taken her weeks to convince Jaken, Sesshomaru's butler, to come to the apartment when Sesshomaru wasn't present. She had persisted, though, suffering through Jaken's squawking in order to be able to prepare a special, homemade dinner for Sesshomaru on their four month anniversary. It had taken her even longer to convince Jaken that he would not be needed at the Tashio residence for the remainder of the night. He had originally feared Sesshomaru's wrath for leaving without being properly dismissed. However, with a conniving smile, Kagome had promised the butler that he would be the last thing on Sesshomaru's mind this evening.

Now she waited for him to return. Glancing at the small digital numbers on the stove, she noted that Sesshomaru was not due home for another half an hour. She nodded and resumed her humming.

Perfectly cooked chicken slid from the pan over a steaming pile of noodles as the sound of a car door caught her attention. Her slight smile grew in size as she quickly placed the pan in the sink. Padding quietly to the edge of the kitchen, she waited in anticipation, listening closely for the sounds of Sesshomaru's footsteps. The rhythmical, symmetrical thuds against the hardwood floor moved past the kitchen, fading slightly as he paced down the hall. She knew where he was heading. Muffling her laughter, she slipped through the kitchen door and began trailing the silver haired man.

She caught up with him just as he was entering his living room. Sliding up against the wall farthest from him, she immediately stilled. Even though his back was to her, Kagome was captivated by him. His shining hair swayed smoothly as he walked, and she could see his muscles bunch and tighten beneath his shirt as his hands raised to loosed and remove his tie. Her teeth bit her lip as she held back a gasp of approval at the sight. He walked over to his bar, pouring himself a small glass of whiskey. Seeing that he was going to turn, Kagome quickly moved, plastering herself against the wall as she shifted against it. He gave no indication of knowing she was there as he moved towards his couch and sat down on the soft, silken cochins.

Seeing her chance and acting quickly, Kagome moved forward towards his back. Slender arms wrapped around him, her fingers darting nimbly against his shoulders as they laced around to cover his eyes. Leaning forward, her lips brushed against his ear and her soft hair brushed against his cheek as she whispered, "Guess who."

A surprised squeak erupted from her throat as she felt his large hands grasp her upper arms and pull her over the top of the couch. As she fell downwards, she felt his grip shift, allowing her lower body to fall gently on the cushions while her upper body became cradled in his arms.

"Good evening, Kagome," he said, staring down at her intensely.

Pouting, she unraveled her arms from his body and folded them across her chest. "Well you're no fun," she said. After a moments pause, she titled her head and quirked her brow in curiosity. "How did you know that it was me?"

"It is rare that I am not greeted by Jaken upon my arrival home. After all, he is my butler." He smirked. "And, if I remember correctly, today happens to be our anniversary. Is it not?"

Kagome's features quickly softened at his words. Her large eyes filled with tenderness and mirth. "You mean you remember?" she asked softly.

"Indeed," Sesshomaru replied, allowing his eyes to roam over her body. He could not hide his grin of satisfaction and his small grunt of appreciation for her outfit. The only thing that would be better, he told himself, was if she wore nothing at all. At the thought, his golden orbs snapped back to hers rendering her still. "Did you presume that I would not?"

Soft hues of crimson flushed across her smooth cheeks at his words. Her eyes dropped away from his in embarrassment. "I… well… It's just that you never said anything about it before, and, with how busy you are, I just thought that..." She shook her head. Inching her eyes back towards his cautiously, she said, "I cooked dinner for you."

With his eyes resting on the slight rise and fall of her chest, he replied, "Yes, I see that you have."

Eyebrows furrowing together, she asked, "What? Did you look in the kitchen or…" Instantly, she felt his hands move once again, cutting her off. This time they whispered over her arm to cup her breast fully. As he gave a gentle squeeze, she arched her back, moaning quietly. "Oh," she muttered. His over hand soon joined, darting underneath her tank top to grab the twin. "But what about dinner?" she asked brokenly.

"I believe that I will eat now," he said, leaning down with his upper body. His lips ghosted against hers, causing her to lick her lips in anticipation, touching his lips with her tongue in the process. She heard him growl as he moved to her neck, nipping at the tender flesh and having her arch even further in effect. "Your cooking," he continued, swiftly shifting so that his body rested upon hers, "can be rescheduled until later this evening." His mouth descended upon hers hungrily, molding her lips to his while caressing their silken texture with his tongue. Her sigh of content caused him to assault her lips with more vigor, pulling the soft appendage between his teeth.

It had been too long since he had last tasted her, and he could feel his member stiffen with excitement until he was barely able to contain himself. He had not been with Kagome since their temporary break-up five months ago. Since she had wanted to start fresh, he did not want to jeopardize their timid beginnings with pushing her too far. But when he had saw her this evening, scantily clad and laying in his lap, he could no longer control his desires.

Nimble fingers locked behind his head, grasping the glossy strands of silver hair as Kagome opened her mouth to him. Lifting her hips, she grinded herself against him, smiling into his mouth as she felt his arousal. She had missed his touch greatly, but she had not realized how much until now. She had not thought that Sesshomaru would have held back the way that he did in the restart of their relationship. It must have been hard for him to hold back his desire, and the thought touched her heart. It seemed that Sesshomaru really had changed.

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Much later, after several more sexual endeavors, they laid in his large bed with Kagome sprawled against his chest. "Kagome," he said.

"Hmm," she responded, lazily drawing lines across his strong chest.

"Open the first drawer on my nightstand."

Curiosity immediately caught Kagome's attention. Ignoring her drowsiness, she leaned over his body, doing as he asked. The drawer was basically empty, only a few items lay inside of it. "The key," he said. "Take it. It's yours."

Looking back over her shoulder at him, she asked, "It is? What's it to?"

"It is to this house. I trust that you will not try to pawn it on the streets."

Gasping in shock, she felt tears prick her eyes. He trusted her with his key. "Sesshomaru," she whispered, staring at the simple item that meant so much to her. Not even bothering to close the drawer, she twisted, flinging herself upon Sesshomaru and kissing him fiercely.

"There's no way in hell!" he shouted, fixating his gaze on the woman across from him. "This has to be some kind of joke."

The dark haired woman shook her head. She leaned forward over the table towards him. "She told me herself," she said intensely.

"But to do that," he replied. "It's not like him at all. Did he lose his mind?"


He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head with his hand. "I'm sorry, my delicious little Sango, but this is a little bit odd. I mean, Sesshomaru's never given his key out to anyone before."

"Maybe that's because he's never been this serious about someone before," Sango retorted, narrowing her eyes slightly in defense of her friend. "I think he really loves her… in his own, odd way."

"Well, yes," Miroku said. He let out a sigh and tapped his fingers along the table. "He did apologize." He paused. "And he gave her a key," he added in disbelief.

Rolling her eyes, Sango snapped, "Yes, we already went over that. Aren't you happy for them?"

Darting his eyes to her, Miroku smiled and let out a laugh. "Of course I am! After all, we've been gunning for them since the beginning. I'm glad they're finally realizing what we've all know all along!"

"I know," Sango said in agreement. "I wonder what he'll do next."

"Well, my divine sex-goddess," Miroku said, "Do you want to make a bet as to how long it takes before they're living together?"

Sango eyed him suspiciously. "And what would the terms be?"

Miroku's smile suddenly turned evil.

Pick up, read, sign, and put down. Others would be daunted by the seemingly endless stack of papers, but he worked tirelessly at this task. Soft flickers of light from a golden fire place swam across the wide, white walls. His silver hair captured random specks causing his hair to appear to sparkle. He sat shirtless, clad only in a pair of dark, silk pants. The shards of light illuminated his pale skim, giving it slightly darker hue. It did not matter to him that it was past midnight, nor did he startle when he heard the muffled closing of a car door followed by the opening of door to his home. Footsteps padded to the room of the study in which he sat. He did not even look up when that door opened.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" Kagome said, her voice tinted with drowsiness.

"Indeed I do. I am fortunate enough to possess a clock."

"And whatever you wanted couldn't wait till the morning?" she responded, walking into the room and plopping down in a oversized chair across from his desk. "Why are you doing work at this hour?"

"When one cannot sleep, Kagome," he said, glancing at her ruffled appearance quickly, "one might as well be productive."

"You couldn't sleep?" The thought of sleep left her as concern wrapped around her. She knew the emotion was displayed in her cerulean eyes as she looked over him. "What's wrong? Aren't you feeling well?"

Placing down his pen, he sat up in his chair, pressing his back fully against it. His arms fell to the armrests. His eyes met her, sending Kagome an unspoken request.

Her head quirked to the side as her lips pursed in confusion. "What?"

Sesshomaru continued to stare directly into her eyes. She shifted under his gaze, uncomfortable and not understanding what he wanted. "Why are you staring at me like that?" she asked, growing slightly annoyed.

One slender, elegant finger rose from the armrest only to tap down upon it again. He did not move otherwise, nor did he drop his eyes from hers.

Tentatively, she stood up from her seat, dropping her purse to the ground. With slow steps, Kagome moved around the desk to stand beside him. His head had shifted in order to retain their eye contact. Still uncertain, she stood next to him for a moment. "What's wrong with you?" she asked, lifting her hand to place it against his forehead, checking for a temperature. His skin was cool to her touch. Once again, his finger tapped.

Suddenly, she tossed her head back and let out a rich laugh that filled the entire room. Shaking her head, she lowered herself into Sesshomaru's lap. Her arms looped around his neck, and she pressed herself against his chest. His arms entwined around her waist in return, holding her body against him. His head nuzzled through her soft hair to place soft kisses against her neck.

"Why didn't you just say you wanted me to sit in your lap?" she asked. Sesshomaru grunted in response. "And you missed me so much," she said with a smile as her heart warmed, "that you couldn't sleep?"

Avoiding the question, he asked, "Do you have any previous engagements for this afternoon?"

A lock of silver silk caught her eye. Picking up the strand of hair, she curled it around her finger. Her small fingers then proceeded to run through the soft strands. "No," she answered.

"Good." He rubbed small, comforting circles along her back. "Then you will be able to convene with the movers."

"Huh?" When she tried to pull back to look at his face, he growled and tightened his arms, pulling her back against his body. "What movers?"

"The ones that will be collecting your belongings."

Instantly, her eyes narrowed. "And why would they be doing that, my darling," she ground out sarcastically.

"Because, my dear, I am employing them to do so," he said with a smirk and nipped at her collarbone. "Pack your essentials and what you desire to keep. My home will now be your residence."

"What?" she yelled, pushing against him. "Couldn't you have asked me first? Kami, Sesshomaru!"

"And could you have listened to my explanation before screeching into my ear?" Sesshomaru said sharply. He raised his head to look at her, his features stern. But he did not let her get up.

"Why do you always do this? How do you even know that I want to move in with you?"

"Since our last anniversary, you have spent every evening here. Why bother leaving if that is the case. I have also expressed my concern for your safety. You should not be by yourself, especially with your newfound wealth. Finally," he said, his features softening, "I would greatly appreciate it if you would move in with me. It seems that I have… difficulty… sleeping otherwise."

She let out a heavy sigh. She knew that he was right; she had merely been going home to get a fresh change of clothes. And, in her heart, she knew that she couldn't stay angry at him, not when he just confessed that he needed her there.

"Just ask me next time," she said, wrapping her arms around him again and kissing his temple. "It would save both of us a lot of stress."

His lips met hers. "Kagome," he said after their tender kiss. "I… I believe that I love you."

She smiled against his lips. Though this confession weren't the textbook perfect words that girls longed to hear, she knew that from Sesshomaru, it was perfect. "I know," she said softly. "I love you, too."

"I know."

"Yeah, even though Fluffy-wuffy is my brother, he's still an asshole. There was this one time that he kicked my ass for scratching his car. And there was this other time that he tried to beat me up because I called him gay. It's not my fault though. Come on, he really looks like a girl. But that's ok, because I have this picture at home where he's sleeping with a teddy bear. I should have brought it."

"He's drunk," Sesshomaru growled, leaning over in his hair towards Kagome.

She smiled and rested her hand on his arm. "I didn't know that you had a teddy bear. I think it's really cute."

"I am not cute, woman."

"And then I met Kagome. Man, she's pretty but scary! When I first met her she yelled at me because I didn't read her book. But how was I supposed to know that she would want me to? She's smacked me on the head a couple times too – and pretty hard. I think I still have some lumps on my head from her."

"All right," Kagome said, "He's really drunk. I think he needs to stop."

"And did you not tell me that Kikyo was going to supervise his alcohol intake?"

"They just started dating. You can't expect her to know how he gets. She probably thought he was fine."

"It does not matter. Silence him."

Rolling her eyes, Kagome leaned forward in her chair. She glanced to her left, looking down the long table towards Kikyo. Nodding her head at the woman, she watched Kikyo rise and whisper something in Inuyasha's ear.

"Ok, well, I guess I pissed off the Lord of All Things Fluffy. But, I'm glad you two finally decided to tie the knot. It took you guys long enough!"

"He will never be permitted to speak in public ever again," Sesshomaru muttered before the crowd before them began clapping in approval of Inuyasha's final words.

Kagome laced her arms around Sesshomaru's arm and placed a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you," she whispered into his ear, "for not stopping him yourself."

"Hn." Removing his arm from her grasp, he stood. Unfolding his hand in front of her, he said, "Come. Dance with me."

Her smile and eyes brightened. She slipped her hand into his. Together, the slipped through the numerous tables that filled the large reception hall, politely thanking the guests as they passed. Once on the floor, Sesshomaru spun Kagome into his arms.

"Well, Mrs. Tashio," he said quietly so only she could hear, "are you pleased with your reception?"

Following his lead, Kagome slid her hands over his tux and up to his shoulders. "Quite. You didn't have to do this, you know."

"You desired this. It will not kill me to tolerate these people," he responded. He smirked. "After all, I will be expecting you to repay me for my kindness later this evening."

"Sesshomaru! We're in public."

"And your point?" he said, pressing her further against him. "They are not morons. They are well aware of newly wed obligations."

"Oh," she replied, quirking a brow. "So it's my obligation to sleep with you?"

He dipped her down, sliding his hand across her rear as he did so. Pulling her back up, he said, "In your case, yes. However, it does not matter. You would not be able to resist me anyway."

"Isn't that a bit pretentious? Maybe I don't want to tonight," Kagome replied, lifting her chin in response to his challenge.

"I see." In an instant, he had shifted their positions. Kagome's thighs were now straddling Sesshomaru's leg, the action hidden by the large folds of her wedding dress. Appling gentle pressure, he rubbed against Kagome. His head dipped down and he nibbled on her ear, hiding himself with his long hair. It was not long before Kagome began to quiver against him. She bit her lip, trying to hold back her moans of pleasure from the simple actions. "Perhaps you just need persuaded." He increased the pressure of his knee against her lower body, coupling it by pressing against her hips as well, causing her side to side swaying to become more exaggerated. He continued to nip and suckle her earlobe. Soon, Kagome could not hold back her pleasure. She arched against him, whimpering slightly.

"Sesshomaru," she panted. "Stop."

"Do you not like this?" he asked.

"We can't…" She let out a muffled cry as Sesshomaru moved to her sensitive neck. "…do this here."

He pulled back. "Perhaps we should leave then," he said huskily. His eyes gleamed with arousal as he stared at her.

"But we've only been here for an hour," she replied with an equally low voice. Despite her words, she knew that she would surrender. She couldn't fight her arousal, especially when he was looking at her like he was now.

"They will be fine without us. Besides, I believe that they would prefer us leaving than seeing me take you here."

Blushing at her words, she glanced around. "All right," she replied, with a smirk, "but only if you make sure you don't rip my dress."

"Your wish is my command, my love."

The End.