Green and Gold

By: OtakuSailorV

Genki was thirteen now, just the right age to start thinking about a girlfriend, or so his mom had teased him at his birthday party. Truthfully, he was not all that interested in the girls in his class. None of them were like the girl he had met and had adventures with back in the Monster World.

While hanging around with his friend's one day, he stopped almost dead as he spotted a jewelry vendor by the side of the road. He had mostly cheap, foreign things for sale, things that would break easily or leave a mark because they were poorly made. Still the glint of one of the necklaces caught his eye.

His friends stopped to let him investigate, curious themselves as to what had suddenly silenced the overly-energetic teen.

Genki picked up the green stone, shaped like a teardrop and encased in a thin band of gold. The thin golden chain that it hung from looked like it might snap from the weight of the bauble. The vendor hovered nearby, making comments and trying viciously to get Genki's attention.

"How much?" Genki found himself saying as he still eyed the necklace. It looked just like…

"Eh, oh, that will be 1500 yen, please," the vendor replied.

Genki pulled out his money and was happy to find that he had enough to buy the little treasure. Handing over the amount, he didn't wait for his change as he walked back to re-join his friends who all had amused smirks on their faces.

"Who did you get that for? You're girlfriend?" They teased. "No, he's gonna wear it himself."

Genki was lost in his own world though, as he fingered the jewel and pocketed it with little thought for the teasing shoves he was receiving.

Yes, it was for a girl. A very special girl… One he would never see again.


Short little thing I thought up earlier, when writing an update for my other MR ficlet, To Protect. Strange, yes, I know, but I thought it was cute even if it was...really short.

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