The Star's Lament

By: OtakuSailorV

Hear the cry of a lost soul? Despair eats away at the heart that is left.

It was a perfectly clear night, but not one star shone in the rich velvet sky above. The land below was shrouded in stifling darkness. There was no light whatsoever and there would be none for the Wizard Howl had banished the stars. He had sent them careening through the sky; a glory of shooting stars to mourn his beloved.

The hill of flowers he had created just for her wilted and turned to black ash as he passed them. The air was thick with their dying scents and the horrid smell of decay.

Happiness is easily destroyed, he cries to the wind.

All of those memories he had shared with her, all of those promises they had made together. All of it, everything…it meant nothing now. It was not right; he should have been able to save her! He was Wizard Howl! She should have told him she was ill! He knew that she had worked herself too hard and put too much faith into things that were natural.

Death was natural; she had tried to soothe him. They would meet again, she promised.

Kneeling by her grave, he whispered his sorrows and regrets to her under the dark black sky. He knew that she could hear him.

Hear the cry of the shooting star? The last lament of a dying race.

Wow, dark SophieHowl, character death and italicized words are mine. Just thought them up while I was, I'm so strange...Anyway, first try at this fandom, thought I'd give it a shot since I absolutely adore this book/movie. And SophieHowl has become my new favorite pairing. Heehee.

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