"harry come on!" yelled Ron.

"NO!" yelled Harry.

Ron and Hermione were standing outside of Harry's room talking to him beond the door.

"This is silly Harry, you have to face Luna someday," said Hermione she was leaning against the door waiting for Harry's reply.

"No I don't" Harry yelled back, "I can stay in here forever!"

"Ow man, he's really upset about this whole Loony Lovegood thing, in fact I think he's acting a bit loony!" said Ron, he only ment for Hermione to hear him.

"I can still hear you Ron!"

"Oh sorry mate."

"Harry, Ron shouldn't be sorry. He's right, now you should come out and go eat breakfast in the Great Hall. Beside's you have classes later," said Hermione, she was trying so ahrd to convince Harry to come out that she even said the words, 'go eat' to him!

Harry opened the door and stepped out, "okay but...I need body gaurds!"

"Oh boy," said Ron and Hermione together. Later that day Harry ran back in his room, not to hide but to make posters.

"What do you think he ran in his room for?" asked Hermione, looking a bit puzzled.

"Well I guess to hide from Luna."

"He seemed fine in the Great Hall."

"You know he never really told us exactly what happened with Luna."

"I know..." Hermione walked up to Harry's room and knocked.

"Who is it?" called Harry.

"It's Hermione and Ron! Who else would it be?"

"It could've been Luna," said Harry, he opened the door for them and they walked in.

"Luna's in Ravenclaw! No way she could get in here!" said Ron, he looked at all of the papers on the floor.

"What do you need all this parchment for?" asked Hermione.

"Well like I said I need body gaurds, so I made flyers!"

"It says there will be tryouts in the Common Room at 11:30 PM," said Hermione, she was reading one of the flyers.

"Yes and I need you need to put a water proof spell on it."

"Yes well I understand..."

"Oh and a fire proof spell."

"Um mate don't you think your going a bit over the top with a fire proof spell?" asked Ron.

"Ha! No of course not! If I have a water proof spell how would I put out the fire?" said Harry, as he was tapping his head.

"Er...right, good call mate." Harry, Ron, and Hermione headed down to the COmmon Room to put the posters up. Harry, Ron, and Hermione put a few posters in the Common Room, on the boy's doors, and the girls.

"Well that takes care of that! Now all we have to do is wait," said Harry.

They came back in the common room at 11:15 to prepare.

"Well I need someone...trust worthy. Also to hide me from Luna."

"Hey do you think they could keep Snape and Malfoy away from us too?" asked Ron. They all chuckled for a few seconds and then the fun ended. Someone was walking down the steps with...a flyer in his hands!

"Hello..." It was Neville he sounded scared.

"Harry did you put your name on the posters?" whispered Hermione, the three of the them were sitting in a dark corner, nobody could see their faces.

"No, I forgot," whispered Harry.

"Um...hi...I'm Neville Longbottom and I came about this...position."

"It's okay Neville it's just us, Harry, Ron, and Hermione," said Ron.

"Lumos" said Hermione, her wand flickered with light. The others did the same.

"So Neville you say you want to be a body gaurd," said Harry.

"Um yeah."

"Well you can't so be gone! Bye!" Neville ran out crying.

"Harry! That wasn't very nice," said Hermione.

"Oh well."

The next day Ron and Hermione were already in the Great Hall when Harry walked through the door he had five people around him..his body gaurds.

"Um...is that Harry?" asked Hermione.

"I guess so, their coming this way."

"Hey guys," cried out Harry from behind his body gaurds.

"Harry we can't talk to you like this," said Ron, "and you never told us what Lunda did."

"You want to know? Well why don't you ask her yourself she's coming this way! MOVE OUT BOYS! HEAD TO THE DOOR!" Harry, surrouned by his body guards, all ran in the oppisite direction.

"Hi Ron, Hermione."

"Hi Luna," said Ron and Hermione.

"So er...can we talk for a minute Luna?" asked Hermione.

"Well..we are now...so what's up?"

"So Luna...we were wondering why Harry hates you so much."

"He hates me? The last thing I remeber was that we were walking down the hall way and he said hi Luna then...I stepped on his...I stepped on his TOE!"

"that's all? That's what he's so worked up about!" yelled Ron.

"Oh yeah...I also kissed him so hard he slapped me."

"Er...oh..bye," said Hermione. Then her and Ron ran.

" Wow, no wonder Harry's so worked up about this!" cried out Ron.

"I know Luna really is loony. Let's go find Harry back in the tower."

So Ron and Hermione ventured on up to the tower.

"Hi guys whats up?" asked Harry.

"Um...well...we sorta went to talk to Luna...and she told us everything," said Ron.

"yeah who knew she acts that way!" said Hermione.

"So is she going to buy me new shoes or not?"

"WHAT!" yelled Ron and Hermione at the same time.

"She stepped on my shoes! Didn't she tell you that?"

"We thought you were mad because she kissed you!"

"No that part was okay."

"Oh, where's your body guards?"

"I fired them because Collin stepped on my shoes while trying to take a picture of me." "Oh...wait I thought Luna said you slapped her," said Hermione.

"I did, but not because of the kiss, because of my shoes."

"Oh okay...well me and Ron have to go...um...do...something...yeah so bye harry!" So Ron and Hermione went in some where to be alone.

"Gosh we have to make sure we stand clear of his shoes, Hermione!"

"Yes, yes, this I know Ron. Who knew he was a crazy shoe freak? I mean come on we all wear the same things here!"

"No your wrong there! No way would you ever catch me in a skirt!"

"oh shut-up Ron you know what I mean."

"Yeah I do. Well I hope Luna buys him new shoes."

"Oh shut-up."