When we last left our so called "heroes" Dumbledore left to FuckaHoe...THE LAND! And Harry and Ron were left behind.

"What do you think we should do?" asked Ron.

"Um...act like this never happened?" Harry said hopefully, then quickly added. "OR! Go back up to the castle and pretend like Dumbeldore never left us, and we can just act like heroes to everyone, sound good?"

Ron was nodding his head so hard, Harry thought it was going to fall off. So he stuck his hand on Ron's forhead.

"Um Harry...what are you doing?" Ron was staring at the hand on his head.

"I thought your head was going to fall off...I was just giving you a hand. hahahahahaha!" Harry laughed.

"What...what's so funny?" Ron looked scared.

"haha, um...I said I gave you a hand...Um, I dunno, I thought it sounded funny..."

"How about we forget this little conversation and just go be heroes now? Okay?"

"Yeah, yeah!"

So Harry and Ron walked back up to the school, they were a little late, all the kids must have got word Voldemort was in the castle because there were billions and millions of kids running around screaming.

They could see these two certain students running up and down the same stairs yelling the same two things over and over. "I'm Asian! I don't even go to this school!"

"Who are those two idiots?" Ron pointed to those two girls.

"Oh, that's Molly and Odelie," said Harry back, acting like he was smart.

"Um...how do you know?"

"Because they have name tags on."

"oooh...let's go stop Voldemort!"


"I thought that's why we came up here...?"

"Oh my dear Ronny boy, we came back to PRETEND to be heroes, to tell everyone, look heroic...but everyone seems to already know."

"I wonder how..."

"Yes...I wonder..." Harry and Ron stroked their chins and had a deep thought look on their faces, while all the students were still running...and screaming...and fainting from running and screaming.

"I know! I'll ask everyone how they found out!" cried Harry.

"Yes! You do that," engouraged Ron. So harry stood up on something, and put a spell on his voice so he 's louder than everyone.

"ATTENTION! ATENTION EVERYONE!" People were still running, but Harry was louder so everyone could hear him. "HOW DID YOU GUYS FIGURE OUT THAT VOLDEMORT WAS IN THE CASTLE?"

EVERYBODY stood still, frozen, no sound, and then the girls went all sqeemish and screamed and yelled, "AHHH VOLDEMORTS IN THE FUCKING CASTLE!" Teachers rushed up to Harry telling him to stop with his non sense and striking panic on the students.

"But the students were already in panic, proffesor!" complained Harry.

"Yeah, if they didn't know about Voldemort, what were they screaming about?" asked Ron.

"Because Dumbeldore is no where to be found!" McGonigal said back.

"Oooh..." said Ron and Harry together...

"My bad," sighed Harry.

"Yes...you wouldn't happen to know anything about Dumbeldore's where abouts, would you?"

"No, not a clue, we don't know he's on his way to FuckaHoe, he didn't leave us," said Ron fastly, trying to act cool.

"Right, as sure as Potter's parents aren't dead and Sirus is at home making breakfast," snapped McGonigal knowing that Ron was lying.

"WAAHHH! What a bad example!" cried Harry through tear streaked eyes.


"Well if this is how students act if Dumbelodore's just gone, I hate to see them when they actually see Voldemort's in the school," said Harry. Then suddenly Voldemort appeard before all of their very eyes.

There was silence, and then a loud gasp from EVERYONE at the same time. Then the entire school fainted, all but Harry, Ron, and those two girls...Molly and Odelie.

"Well...I guess that would happen," sighed Harry.

"RUUUNNNN!" yelled Ron, pointing at voldemort and tyring to run out of there...which was very hard because of all the fainted bodies lying on the ground. "Damn it! I can't get out of here fast enough!" complained Ron. Harry was just staring at the scene, and noticed Molly and Odelie.

"So...that's what everyone's afraid of here?" asked Molly, talking to Odelie.

"Um...I suppose, I don't see the big fuss...he looks pretty old and rather dead to me," Odelie said back. They both noticed Ron and Harry, so they went over to them.

"Hello, I'm Molly and this is Odelie," said MOlly talking to Harry and Ron, ron decided to come back over to Harry. Molly pointed to the Asian girl named Odelie.

"Hello Molly, and hello beautiful," said Harry giving Odelie a wink.

"Guys! Voldemorts still in the building!" yelled Ron. All four of them slowly turned their heads behind them to glance at Voldy, and Voldy waved back. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" they all screamed and high-taled it out of there! They were jumping from person to person...ouch, talk about painful.

dun dun dun