Epimedes' Angel

An Explanation.

This is a FanFic for Phantom of the Opera, set in an alternate reality akin to a fantasy novel's world. The Erik in this story is something of a mixture of Eriks of the past—three-quarters of his face is marred, not only the right half, though the rest of him is (in my head) relatively the same as the Gerard Butler version. His past is that of Leroux's or Kay's version, as is his relationship with Christine, only the end of his days at the Garnier are more along ALW's lines.

Things will be a tad confusing, in the beginning; it is seen from Anevyren's point of view (a character of my own making), and seen with an Erik who refuses to speak. Therefore, his origins, how he got from the Garnier to her doorstep, and other such things, remain largely a mystery, explained only through hints and metaphors.

This is, and is not, an E/C fic. It originated in a complaint (made by myself) against writers of EOW fics, that they were never written in a believable fashion. I was (and am) of the personal belief that Erik would never have been as blissfully happy with another woman as many FanFic-writers represent him as being. Then, a friend made the comment—"Why not write it like you think it would be, then?" I happened to think this was a brilliant idea, and thus that is what I have done.

The reason I say it is and is not an E/C fic is relatively simple, though somewhat complex—bear with me! It is not an E/C fic, because Erik does not end up with Christine (I know, I hate it too, but again, bear with me!). However, in his heart, that is the only woman he is with—and, I'd like to think, in her heart as well. So, Christine is his only "one true love"—but, she is not his "one true" partner. Therefore, it is and is not an E/C fic.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I felt it was pretty imperative.