Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Star Wars. They are the rightful property of one George Lucas, who fortunately decided to share them with the world through his films. I'm merely borrowing them in the most respectful way to have some more fun. That is all.

Moments – series ; Obi-wan has become somewhat of a personal hero of mine. So I'd thought it would be fun to write some moments out of his life, to add to the existing character.

An unusual lesson

"Mmm, strange your request is, master Qui-gon."

"I realize that, master Yoda. However, my padawan still has his thoughts focused too much on the future, and doesn't seem to hear my warnings. This would teach him to be more attentive to his surroundings."

"Agree, I do. Though the future at times you need to be careful of more."

Qui-gon recognized the slight admonishment and nodded. "Yes, master Yoda."

Yoda sat quietly on his cushion for a moment, his hands resting under his chin. Finally he spoke again.

"Very well, master Qui-gon. Grant you this request I will."

Qui-gon rose from his cushion and bowed low to the powerful jedi. Without a word he turned and left the serene chamber. Yoda sighed and shook his head slightly.

"Unorthodox, your ways are."

He watched the sun slowly setting behind the ever-busy skyline of Coruscant.

"But sometimes, to have a little fun, a jedi is allowed."

With a small smile he settled into meditation.

- ∞ -

"Now Obi-wan, it is important that you keep practicing that stance. Although you performed it correctly this time I nearly had you on the second turn."

"Yes, master," Obi-wan said, still picking at the slightly burned spot on his tunic. Qui-gon had grazed him by a fraction, but he had successfully finished the kata. Right now he felt glad, even a little proud. But he quickly squashed that. 'A jedi shall not be proud, and I'm in no mood for a lecture from Qui-gon.'

Suddenly Qui-gon halted in the middle of the hall. Obi-wan almost bumped into him.


Qui-gon turned and looked at Obi-wan.

"Padawan, tell me, what do wish to be after you take the trials?"

"What do you mean, master?" Obi-wan asked a bit confused by the sudden chance in conversation.

"What kind of jedi would you like to be Obi-wan? A true field agent, a healer, perhaps a strategist? What path do you think is yours?"

Obi-wan's eyes glazed over.

"I want to be an all-round jedi, master. One that had mastered all the ways of the jedi—"

Qui-gon took a very discrete and subtly look over Obi-wan's shoulder.

"—so that can help with almost anything. And maybe if I work long and hard enough the Council will grant me the title of Master, and then—"

Qui-gon shuffled his feet a little, and ended up a foot more away from Obi-wan. In his little speech Obi-wan never noticed.

"—the greatest honor would be to serve on the council. But I guess that would be reaching, right?"

"There is nothing wrong with ambition, padawan. It is over-ambition you must avoid."

Obi-wan nodded. "I realize this, master. Why are you not on the council? I know they would let you if you would follow the rules more closely."

"Rules are there to be observed, not to be dictated by, Obi-wan. Remember that. Sometimes the Force compels us to act in different ways then we can foresee. Always—"

"Be mindful of the Living Force, yes master, I know."

A thin smile appeared on Qui-gon's face.

"Are you sure, Obi-wan?"

"Yes, master."

"Well, if you are certain…."

In the instant Qui-gon let his sentence trail away Obi-wan felt a sudden change in the Force. The skin on the back of his neck tingled, and without a moments hesitation he dropped to his knees in a crouching position. His padawan braid en ponytail moved with the sudden gust of air displacement, and he could Obi-wan could tell a flying object just missed his scalp.

Directly his hand shot towards his lightsabre, dangling from his utility belt. But instead of drawing it his hand relaxed and it remained in its position. Quickly scouting his eyes in the air directly above him Obi-wan saw a round object whizzing past, propelled by three hover units. Following it he could make out it was a small hover chair. Immediately it became clear who had just flown by at a familiar height though an unusual speed. If the size of the hover chair offered no clue the pointed green ears of the driver sticking out on the sides were a dead give away.

'Master Yoda? Why in blazes would he speed by so quickly? And so close to my head?'

"Are you alright, padawan?"

Slowly standing up from his crouched position on the floor Obi-wan noticed a slightly smug smile on Qui-gon's face.

"Yes, I'm fine," he responded.

Qui-gon's smile broadened and he placed a hand on Obi-wan's shoulder. "Good."

For a second Obi-wan tried to process the situation and events. Then he raised a suspicious eyebrow towards his master. Incredulity laced his voice.

"You asked master Yoda to fly by over my head to test whether I was paying attention to the Living Force?" Obi-wan uttered.

Qui-gon's smile did not diminish and he squeezed Obi-wan's shoulder. "You did good, Obi-wan." He let go and started walking to their quarters, their original destination.

Obi-wan simply stood there for a few seconds. Staring at his master's back. Then he lightly shook his head and continued walking. He caught up with Qui-gon and a small chuckle escaped his throat.

"I must say, master, I can imagine you would come up with something like this. But master Yoda?"

Obi-wan didn't miss the twinkle in Qui-gon's eyes.

"A jedi is allowed to have a little fun, from time to time. Remember that, Obi-wan, and you will become one of the greatest jedi's in the order."

Obi-wan grinned. "Yes, master."

- ∞ -