A/N: This fanfiction is going to be based off of "Coldfeet and the Queen of Lonesome Island. It is a classic celtic fairy tale and most of you probably have never heard of it. I would appreciate if you would read it anyway and please review to give me your thoughts!

Looking in the mirror was something she avoided. A lonely woman living alone in a small hut had nothing to look at in the mirror. Her life was no fairy tale.

Her husband was a cruel man, who beat her senseless. He was never pleased with her, and detested everything about the marriage. This unending, unsatisfactory pain led him to long nights at the local bar, where he would drown his own sorrows in a jug of Irish ale.

One day, after many years of praying, of sacrifice and of pain, this troubled couple was given a gift. A group of four young babies emerged into their lives. These four boys were a gift heaven sent. The unlovely woman had something to look forward to each day.

They were three boys. The oldest, a dark haired, green eyed child was named Kellen, in hopes he would one day be a great warrior. The middle child, a black haired, dark eyed youth was named Ciaran, after his dark, poetic soul. The second youngest child was named Avner, who could one day be a hero. The youngest child, a blonde shy child was named Cal, after nothing.

The three eldest children grew at tremendous rates. By their tenth year they were twice the height of their father. Cal, remained the size any normal boy would be at ten years. Kellen, Ciaran and Avner bullied their youngest brother mercilessly, and Cal would often remain at home while the other three went gallivanting across town.

Their mother, never a beautiful woman to begin with became haggard with age. Tragically the husband died, leaving this poor woman to deal with four sons. In desperation and unable to take the taunting and accusations that poured from the unforgiving villagers, the woman left, taking her family deep into the dark woods which bordered the village.

The three eldest boys continued to grow at great speed, becoming the size of trees by their 17th birthdays. Cal remained a normal height, barely taller than his mother.

Still, the woman babied Cal, protecting him from his brothers and letting him help about the house. She did not know however, how soon her life would change.

yea the last part if kinda rushed, but I will continue it later. sorry!