Title: Road to Redemption

Author: xiaou-xijiang

Rating: T

Author's Note: Sorry for long wait, but I completed this chapter all in one day, because I was guilty that my attempts at Chapter 7 of Hey, Strangerare failing so badly, so sorry if it seems a little rushed.

Warning: there will be naughty words and violence in this chapter.

Chapter 3: let slip the dogs of war

That morning the sun rise bled. It was weird enough that I was awake earlier thannoon, especially on a Sunday, but a weird disquiet filled me. I felt it in my dreams. I dreamt of her. She was beautiful, a silky white veil whispering over her face. Her dress flowed like water, sparkling like diamonds, rippling like a sweet combination of moonlight and sun.

Everyone was smiling, hell; even I was smiling like an idiot. But she was so beautiful I couldn't care. She was gliding towards me, and with every step my heart beats faster. But the closer she came, the harder it was to see her face. When she finally stood beside me and slipped her pale hand into mine, I felt the completeness that I always did whenever she was around.

She squeezed my hand, and it was warm and soft. So, as you can imagine it took me awhile to realize that something wet was sliding against our fingers, making it harder to hold my grip on her. Drip. Drip. Drip. A whisper of sound against the stone of the church floor echoed in the silence.

It might have been irrational, but that sound shook me to the core and I couldn't find the strength to turn towards my bride. Then her hand was falling from mine and I felt her body crumple like a flower wilting in the cold of winter. She fell, her legs just folded from beneath her. And I just stood there barely able to breathe as her fingers slipped through mine.

And there she lay.

I knew my face was twisted in a grimace; I was fighting myself, forcing myself to keep my face turned. I knew if I saw what I knew I would if I looked, my mind would break into a million pieces.

Just like my heart.

But I couldn't stop myself. I turned to look at my girl. She lay like a fallen angel, her arms spread at odd angles, her dress a sea of silk. Her bouquet of white and lavender orchids was soaking with her blood. The stain was spreading along the purity of her dress. Innocence lost. How fitting. Her veil had slipped away, twisting and floating down to rest in the growing puddle seeping from a gaping wound in her torso.

Her eyes were wide and panicked, her hands fluttering around her chest. Blue eyes, impossibly wide, searched for me; pleaded with me, and I couldn't do anything but stare in widening horror.

I guess she tried to call for me, but dark blood bubbled from her rosy lips to spill over her chin. I turned away, tears falling from my eyes as I heard my love's broken gasps. I was shaking and I was crying, but when I heard her last, broken gasp, I was screaming.

I couldn't sleep worth a damn after that.

Looking at the shitty walls of my shitty apartment was slowly driving me insane, so I drove. Riding on my bike was like a dream, and for the first time it just throw me into a worse form of discontent. It was like I was grasping for something, and it eluded me. The feeling pissed me off, so I drove faster. And faster.

The streets blurred together, the cars were nothing but dust beneath my wheels. Have you ever been riding before? No, I suppose you haven't. Usually, it feels as if the world is peeling away and I'm disappearing into the wind. But that day, it felt as if the world was crushing me, and I was a prisoner desperately trying to escape. The world didn't disappear but mutated into shadows so much like my dream.

When I finally stopped running, I was drenched from head to toe in sweat, and the heart in my chest was bursting. At the hill is where I stood, leaning on my bike and watching as the sky lightened over the lake. I kept seeing her lying there, floundering in a lake of her own blood.

The sun rose that day, reflecting the bloodshed that was to come. The light broke in a sky of crimson, cradled in a blanket of violence that radiated and pulsed with every illuminating ray.

A shadow was in my heart; it was suffocating me. I couldn't breathe. The only thing that could save me was my girl. I was racing through the streets, the sun seemed to be raised high in the sky; I didn't think that I had gone so far. I didn't give a damn though. I didn't give a damn about anything, nothing but…

My bike screeched to a halt in front of her house, before I was up and running banging on her door like a mad man. My mind was filled with images of her. It was terrifying, I hated it. I knew I was trippin', but I would have gone insane if I didn't see her. Kira, Kira…

The door disappeared beneath my fist and then she was there. Her hair was messy and stinking in every which way, paint smeared on her cheek. Her eyes were so wide they almost swallowed her face. She looked so beautiful right then, so fresh, so alive that my knees gave from under me and I was falling in her arms.

She caught me, like I knew she would, cradling me and holding me close to her heart. The soft beat soothed me and the disquiet melted into content, and I nuzzled deeper into her chest. She was so soft; I could lose myself in her. And I did.

Kira's strong arms tightened around me, and I vaguely noticed she was pulling me inside. The warmth that embraced me soothed my heart, and entranced me. Kira cooed to me and settled me into her bed, soon following me when I gave a cry of discontent. Soon after, when I grasped enough of my cool to settle with just holding her hand, she asked me what was wrong.

Jeez, what kind of shit faced question was that?

I didn't want to talk about it. Not when she was as warm and sweet smelling, her hand warm and tangled in my strong grip. But she was looking at me with such sadness and worry that I had to reach a finger towards her and rub the soft crease in her forehead away. After I did I couldn't stop, and my finger traced her soft nose and full lips. I pulled her towards me and crushed her to my chest.

She sighed and molded into my hard angles, like she was made for me. Kissing her was like kissing sunshine. So warm it was addicting, but get too close and I would start to burn. I wanted to have her; I wanted her bad. But I just kissed her, and held her, and touched her until she sighed and leaned into me, resting her head on my chest.

Her bed was pretty small, but with her completely on top of me, we made a snug fit. I stuffed an arm behind my head and ran my fingers through her beautiful tresses with my other.

In the end I would tell her nothing, only run my hands through her hair and listen to her purr in content. We would fall asleep that way, with no one to interrupt us.

That's what I want to say happened.

But then, that would be a lie.

When I arrived at her house, I realized that something was wrong. I leapt off the bike and went to bang on her door. The door swung open with the first rap of my knuckles. No one stood on the other side.

The house was so silent the quiet seemed to bleed through the walls. The hair rose on the back of my neck, and the constriction in my chest tightened. I walked out of the foyer and into the kitchen; the air was freezing.

In the kitchen, the window was opened, the curtains were blowing in the morning breeze and the soft sunlight blossomed and illuminated the sharpness of Mrs. Aso's corpse. Her body was spread like a broken doll, her eyes opened and glossy; mouth a perfect 'O' of surprise. My stomach leapt into my throat, and I swear I was close to puking my guts out. I really did when I realized that the pink and red splatter on the wall behind her was her brain.

The bullet on her forehead gaped at me, an ugly mark of death on ghostly white skin. I had to turn away, wiping the puke on my lips away with my jacket sleeve. It was then when I was staring at the pale yellow wallpaper in front of my face that the fear swamped me. It was so strong that my whole body was shaking. Then I was running, stumbling on unsteady feet.

I took the stairs in giant leaps, dashing and tripping over my legs in my haste. I couldn't run fast enough; the door always seemed so far…

The room smelled of oils and the sweet scent of apples, the window was open…and Kira was gone.

I was shaking. I can't really tell you what I was thinking when I stumbled down the stairs. My thoughts were a whirlwind of chaos and despair, like when you're stuck in a nightmare that seems never ending, and you jerk yourself awake to escape it all. But I wasn't asleep, and this was reality. Perfectly normal for my fucked up life. Mrs. Aso was in the same place I left her, her eyes staring at everything and nothing.


Her soft yellow skirt had drifted up her pale thighs; they were painted with deep, dark crimson splotches. My feet were moving me, and before I knew it, my hands were gently pulling her dress down, covering her thighs. I don't know why I did it, I mean, she's already dead, right? But, I don't know, I just…I didn't want anybody to see her that way. I wanted to preserve what little honor she had left.

I turned away from the corpse, leaning heavily against the counter. I could feel the women's lifeless eyes boring into the back of my neck. Damn, damn, damn, damn…think Rei. THINK.

"Why did you do it Rei?" I groaned at the sound of her voice, turning away from my girl in favor of staring at the hole in my comforter.

"He pissed me off." Actually that was an understatement. The dumb-ass should have known better than to talk about my girl like she was some piece of ass.

"You got suspended again."

"What else is new?"

Kira sighed heavily and the bed dipped when she sat down beside me. I could feel her warmth against my back. She rested her hand against my shoulder blade, and I shivered. It was soft against my shirt. Twisting onto my back I yanked her into my chest, her heart beating with mine. My tension leaked out of me, and I tightened my arms around her.

"I really hate it when you fight, Rei."

"I know."

"You scare me to death, sometimes."

I sighed. Kira shifted, her face raising so that she could look up at my face. I turned away.

"Rei…" She drew a small pattern on my shirt. My hand tightened on her hip, before relaxing and smoothing out the wrinkles I made on her dress. "I'm not trying to change you, I just want you to think about what you're going to do before you do it." Her warmth and the soft scent of apples and oils soothed me. She touched my chin, my eyes immediately finding hers. "Please?"

I tired. For her I tried. But…the despair was coiling in me like a snake, mutating inevitably into rage. I was slowly turning numb, and my shaking stopped. The rage was fierce, and all I wanted to do was kill. I'd burn the city to the ground if I had to, I'd take every one down. I was a walking time bomb, and it was only a matter of time before I blew.

Something caught my attention, and I turned to fridge. There on the refrigerator was a note scrawled sloppily, hanging on by one of Kira's homemade butterfly magnets. I moved forward. The note was in my hand.

The world stopped turning on its axis, my heart skipped a beat, before the ice incased it. I tore the note to pieces.

I bowed stiffly in respect to the remains of Mrs. Aso and stalked out the front door, barely noticing the bloody handprint I left behind. Only one thing was on my mind. The bike was moving even before I was even on. I drove, I knew exactly where she was. I knew exactly whohe was.Damn, I should have killed him when I had the chance.


I don't know what I'd do with out you.

I'd die for you.

I'd kill for you.

I swear.

I barely took in the familiar settings when I stopped, they were but a blur as I streaked by. The door was open and gaping; a dark hole leading into hell. I passed through. The hallways were silent and empty; the only sound came from the squieak of my sneakers against the floor. The lockers creating a never-ending tunnel of gray and white. It was dark, the lights above for once, not illuminating. It was disquieting. But still, I ran.

I raced up the stairs, ignoring the ache in my legs. There! Finally. The door that stood before me was intimidating. I remember, quite clearly, the last time I had gone through a door like this. It looked exactly the same, I felt the same anguish I felt then. The ice around my heart was melting.

There on the refrigerator was a note scrawled sloppily, hanging on by one of Kira's homemade butterfly magnets. I moved forward. The note was in my hand.

"You hate me, because you are just like me, Rei. Funny, isn't it, how things work out? I have something you care about, I wonder what expression will play across your face when she falls… Are you scared now, Rei?"

The cool steel of the door burned me as I twisted it. It opened.

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war…

Author's note: Alright people, again sorry for the long wait, thx to every one who has been keeping up with this story. I hope this chapter wasn't too confusing for anybody.

It looked exactly the same, I felt the same anguish I felt then. By this, Rei is referring to the time when he had raced up the stairs to the roof to save his brother. He feels the same sense of foreboding now as he did then.

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war--- It's such cool line, one of my favorites from Julius Caesar and it goes with the mood, and basically fits with this chapter. I was going to name it death in the sunrise but that didn't seem to fit anymore as the chapter began to shape itself. Well, I hope you liked this chapter, tell me what you think in a review!