Chapter 1

Harry couldn't believe they'd gotten lost in the Forbidden Forest – but really, what was Dumbledore doing allowing detentions to be held out here anyway? He and Hermione had gotten into it with Malfoy once again; Ron had been in the loo and so missed the resulting dressing down and punishment from Filch. To top it all off, Draco, the git obviously couldn't be bothered and hadn't shown for the detention.

"Just as well he didn't come really, you wouldn't believe what a whiner he is about the Forest 'Mione. I'm glad not to have the aggravation."

His friend just nodded while making a noncommittal noise. She'd been quieter this year, lost in her thoughts more. Harry supposed their 'adventure' last year had brought home to her just how real the whole Voldemort situation really was. He couldn't blame her; the Department of Mysteries had certainly been an eye opener for him as well.

Harry exhaled loudly and kicked a tree. Hagrid had set them to gathering Moonstools; little purple mushrooms that only sprouted at night. If gathered on the full moon, which was tonight, they apparently served as a powerful potions ingredient.


The dark haired boy kept kicking at the tree dejectedly.


"What?" he snapped.

Hermione gave him an annoyed look, "I hear voices."

"Guess they finally noticed we were missing," he muttered, "not like we haven't been out here for hours or anything."

The girl just rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand, pulling him in the direction of the voices.

Harry gave a small smile. Whatever else had happened at the DOM, he and Hermione were now closer than ever. While Ron had become distant, the female Gryffindor had truly become the sister he'd never had. She ignored his angsty temper tantrums, recognizing them for venting when she saw them, but was still able to spot when something was actually bothering him.

He grunted when a branch smacked him in the face.


He stuck his tongue out at her and promptly stumbled.

"'Mione are you sure this is the right direction?"

"Of course it is Harry, if you'd pay attention you'd realize the voices are getting louder. Dolt."

Harry shut up and realized the voices were indeed much closer.

Pushing through a particularly thick patch of undergrowth, the pair stumbled into a clearing – and came face to face with Voldemort himself.

The pair was bound and gagged with very little comment from the Dark Lord – which was a surprise for Harry.

Despite the masks he could recognize half those present in the small clearing. Lucius and Draco were there (you couldn't miss that hair) and Snape as well (you'd have to be blind not to recognize that nose). Four others finished out the group but Harry had no idea who they might be.

He narrowed his eyes when Draco knelt at Voldemort's feet. Harry couldn't believe anyone would want to follow that snake faced skeletal bastard. Draco didn't even flinch when the Dark Lord put wand to flesh and the Dark Mark appeared on his perfect milk white Malfoy skin. Harry watched as Lucius and Snape gave small smiles of pride.

The Gryffindor chewed on the gag while trying to pull his hands free from behind his back, they were tied rather tightly to his ankles though which made just staying upright on his knees difficult. It was obvious they would get no help from Snape, the traitor.

Suddenly several loud cracks filled the air from multiple apparitions. Hexes, curses, and jinxes flashed through the darkness. The full moon helped Harry identify Professors McGonagall and Sinistra but the rest were hidden in darkness.

The Malfoys, Snape, and Voldemort quickly made their way to the captives. As one Harry and Hermione began struggling and yelling through their gags. At most they would slow down the bastards and maybe enable Dumbledore to capture them. At the very least maybe the pair would be abandoned in favor of a hasty escape.

No such luck, however.

Harry yelped when Voldemort jerked him back to his knees by the hair. Lucius lifted Hermione and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of grain.

He heard Dumbledore's voice, felt a spell wash over him, and then nothing as a portkey was activated.