Lily was ready to board the train, just having to say goodbye to her parents first. Petunia was there also, but was obviously hiding from everyone. She thought everyone around her was a freak and was muttering curses under her breath. Her parents had forced her to come along with them to farewell Lily for her third year at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Bye mum, dad" Lily said

Her mum gave her a stern look, so she muttered under her breath a goodbye to her sister. For her troubles she received a glare simply saying "don't talk to me freak".

Pissed off for going out of her way to actually saying something to the bitch, she decided to finally get away. To go onto the train, where her friends were probably waiting for her. So after a few quick hugs and kisses, she went left for the train ready for another year at school.

As soon as she got onto the train she went in search of her friends.

"LILY!" she heard and that was of course Jade her best BEST friend. Jade Waters was asian and pureblooded, however some other purebloods such as Lucius Malfoy looked down on her as they said she was "mixed raced". One of the prettiest girls in Hogwarts with the shiniest, blackest, straightest hair, which was envied, she had many friends. Loud, talkative, sarcastic but loving was her well rounded personality.

"How was your summer" Jade asked.

"Usual, bloody Petunia and her snobby stuck up nose glaring at me 24/7 a day. But it was hilarious when I had to do my homework. I shoved my wand in her face and she ran screaming. Didn't see her for a week at the least" Lily laughed with Jade alongside her.

"Well mine was pretty good. Had a few good snogs here and there at the pub until bloody Malfoy turned up and sneered at me with his stupid ugly face." Jade replied

"Nah, he's not physically ugly its his insides that show his true colours…I wonder if there's a spell to make him look as truly ugly as he is inside?" Lily pondered

So the girls were swapping stories and spells to help each other come up with ideas to get back at Malfoy and his racist remarks to Jade.

Suddenly the door was swung open and in entered Melanie Cottrell who looked like she had just ran a marathon race.

"Late for train. Parents wouldn't let go. Run through really annoying first years." She panted between breaths.

"Calm down Mel" Lily and Jade said in unison, looked at each other and laughed.

"What's so funny, what did I miss out on?" said a new voice, the voice of Kate Donnell.

"Nothing much, just watching Lily and Jade laughing at nothing" replied Mel.

Melanie Cottrell was one of the most fashion-obsessed girls in the world. She would absolutely freak if you wore something that didn't match and would fully command you to go back and get dressed. She'd then bring up something about a few fashion tip lessons. So from her, the other girls had the newest outfits and trends you could ever dream of. Her mum owned Limbo, the hottest clothes/robes shop in all of Britain. Melanie was a half-blood, her mum was a witch and dad a muggle, but she was mostly brought up with a muggle heritage. This was because her mum was fully fascinated by them and couldn't stop getting over how muggles lived without magic. Even though she'd been in contact with muggles for the past 14 years, ever since she married Mel's dad. She was blonde, vivacious and opinionative, and also one of the prettiest girls in their grade and being the biggest flirt ever.

Kate however was the total opposite of Mel. She was gorgeous but in a total different way. She preferred to be more simple having baby blue eyes and lovely soft brunette locks. She hated makeup and would simply wear bare minimum and only on special occasions. She was the quietest out of the group and was normally the one who had to shut them up and keep them under control (a/n sort of like Remus out of the guys). However she did know when to have fun when it was needed.

Lastly Lily. She was the studious girl of the group. With bright green eyes and dark eyelashes she was a killer for the men at school. Dating, to the guys disappointment wasn't on her mind right now. She just wanted to be able to study and get good grades. To become top of the class was one of her goals for this year. She had auburn locks which some might think would clash horribly with her eyes, but were actually quite the opposite. She was very outgoing and loved to get revenge on those who annoyed her. In other words Lucius Malfoy and her "only by blood" sister Petunia.

So, these four girls made the most popular, prettiest girls in the grade and were thought of to make a huge mark of themselves in their future and end up being the smartest, most achieved witches in history. However, even though they may look innocent and calm on the outside, there was a lot more under the surface than thought.

As the girls got settled down and after the food trolley had gone by, they were digging into their cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties. They were deciding what they wanted to wear for the third year ball coming up. The biggest event at Hogwarts, for them, that year. Melanie's mum had decided that the girls were to come to Hogsmeade and try on some of the newest outfits when they could there, as soon as possible.

A loud sound suddenly came from the door. It sounded like a crash and a muffled "OW!"

They stood up with their wands, in case it was the Slytherins coming to cause trouble. But no, it was Sirius Black, the second rated hottest guy of Hogwarts. With his deep blue eyes and longish black hair, he was one of the biggest players out there. Not believing in long relationships was one of his 'known for' aspects. Some girls at Hogwarts would kill to be his girlfriend but for the four girls they knew it would be brainless to get involved with him. Besides they were only friends with the Marauders, the group of guys that Sirius was in.

"You stupid idiot Padfoot, its kind of hard to bang into a door that's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU" yelled James.

"Shut up Prongs you dick, I was opening the door to find it locked and walked into it before I could stop myself" retorted Sirius.

"Shut up both of you and stop whingeing, let's just go see the girls" Sighed Remus once again trying to stop his best friends from squabbling. (A/N is that a weird word?)

Remus, James and Sirius were all Marauders. Priding themselves on their mischief minds and ability to make pranks and sometimes even get away with them, even though the whole school knew who it was, they were also some of the most eligible bachelors to ever cross Hogwarts earth.

Remus had sandy blonde hair and light brown eyes with gold specks. Even though he was considered to be quite good looking, he had very few girlfriends to count. Dating was not on his mind even though Sirius and James had tried to set him up with some girls who were falling all over each other to get to Remus, he seemed to be date-phobic thinking that most girls would abandon him in a second if they ever found out what he turned into at every full moon. Unfortunately, the guys couldn't get him to change his mind. Remus was also quite stubborn and liked to do things his way.

James, some may call him the leader of the group but some say Sirius is, had dark brown hair and deep hazel eyes that you could get yourself lost in. The slyest, sneakiest one with help of his trusted invisibility cloak, he managed to get out almost every night without being caught and had a bit of fun with any girl he wanted.

Although for quite some time, James had wanted to have Lily as his girlfriend but had never set up the urge to ask her out.

"God, I can't believe you knuckle heads are sneaky! You can't even get into a compartment without making a racket, especially you Sirius!" Jade said rolling her eyes.

"Waters, you don't know what your talking about. I am the most sneakiest, handsomest man to ever cross this earth!" smirked Sirius.

When he uttered those words all the others rolled their eyes and looked at Sirius with the message in their eyes "God how up yourself are you exactly?"

"What?" asked Sirius. "I'm only telling the truth, but I guess you already knew that, I just had to rub it in a bit more."

"No way" stated Kate. "Diggory is much hotter than you" she said lying between her teeth. Not that Diggory was ugly; he was alright, just compared to Sirius made him not as handsome.

All the girls nodded going with Kate's idea, "Yeah, he's way sexier than you'll ever be Sirius" Lily agreed. "There's no way your hotter than him…he's a sex god" fake sighing and batting her eyes. All the girls giggled inside and thought what a drama queen but the guys were quite offended

"Are you bloody off your rocker?" James asked very put out

"Let's go Prongs, Moony. These girls obviously don't want our company. Let's just find some people who do such as Sarah, Grace, Amelia and Clarissa." Sirius said.

Remus followed the guys out the door looking quite disappointed but knew what the girls did. He rolled his eyes at them and gave them a look that clearly said "I think you hurt their feelings". But the girls knew he was joking for Remus was the only one that could see behind their insults and statements, compared to Sirius and James.

"Come on girls. Let's play a game of Exploding Snap" said Mel.

So for the rest of the journey the girls had fun playing exploding snap and eating Bertie Botts every flavour beans along the way.