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Woody anxiously ran his hands through his hair when Santana's fruitless eyes met his. They both agreed that they needed to look for something in Jordan's apartment that could tell them what had happened to her, but so far they had found nothing. Glancing around, Woody took in the aspect of her room. Clothing was thrown everywhere haphazardly, a chunk of it missing. Her bathroom was in the same state. Frustrated, he kneeled and looked under her bed. And then he saw it. Her Guitar.

Knowing that Jordan would never leave it behind, he grabbed it and stared at it for a minute. He abruptly flipped the case open. Her mother's locket, a watch he knew was Max's, communion rosary beads – he could understand why those were there, it was obvious they meant something to her. But then he found old movie stubs of movies he knew they'd seen together, cards he had given her, a dried rose conserved in a Ziploc, and then finally, a neatly arranged pile of balloons, some within others. It was these items which made his heart constrict with pain, and something much deeper. Regret.

"I swear to you Jordan, I will not lose you again. I will find you and I'm gonna bring you back home. Just hang on sweetheart," he whispered.

Straightening from his stupor, he dimly heard a frantic voice calling for him.

"Woody! Look!"

And what he saw left him speechless.

"Anything Nige?" a tired Garret asked.

After the morning's meeting, he had delegated duties in efforts to find his wayward charge. Lily was looking over old case files in hopes of finding something to go on; Nigel was working on Jordan's computer and on the phone call to Woody's apartment. Knowing he couldn't fully abandon his full crypt, Bug and Sydney were working on case loads.

And he had spent the better part of the morning on the phone with Renee, chronicling the last week Jordan has spent at the morgue. And the thought made him chuckle a bit.

"Look Garret, I know this isn't really my job, but I want to find her just as much as you do," the DA had said.

When asked why, she hesitated a little, but reluctantly confessed, "Jordan's a lot like me. Over the last few months I actually tried to get to know her and I found a person who is just as driven and who cares about her cases. And we've both changed. We work together towards the same end, she's a hell of an ME, and most importantly, she's my friend."

He'd actually gone quiet for a few moments before telling her that she'd gotten soft. She had sputtered before replying that no, she hadn't, she'd just realized that there were more important things in life and that Jordan wasn't the enemy.

Agreeing with her wholeheartedly, he promised to call her if he knew anything new and for her to do the same.

"Oh and Renee, I think motherhood suits you."

Shifting back into the present, Garret heard Nigel telling him what little he knew.

"The email was sent at 8:07am, Saturday morning, and it was sent from her computer – nothing really new there. I should know where the call to Woody's was made from in a few minutes."

Working diligently on her computer for a moment, Nigel suddenly saw something that caught his attention. Clicking on it, he felt his jaw drop open and found himself calling a retreating Garret back to him.

"Dr. M I think you need to see this!"

Garret walked back and leaned over to see what Nigel was talking about and cursed lightly.

"Damn it! Why wouldn't she say anything Nige? She knows better, especially with the type of people we deal with sometimes."

Nigel looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "Maybe she didn't take it seriously? There are only two of them, and the first dated six months ago, the second 3 weeks ago. Our girl is impetuous, rash… a little calmer yes, but she's still Jordan at the core. She might've just blown it off when nothing came out of it… or she didn't open them at all."


"They were in bold on her inbox. The only reason I clicked on it is because I didn't really recognize the email address, and because of the subject title…"

Just then a beeping on Nigel's computer beckoned him back to his mistress.

Looking up gravely at Garret, he said, "Fredericksville, Virginia."

"Then that's where we're going," Woody said as he and Santana came in. Woody hurriedly took out an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Garret.

"I was going through her mail, seeing if anything looked out of place and I found that," Santana said quietly.

Garret handed the paper mutely to Nigel. Going over to Jordan's computer, he printed both emails and gave a copy to Woody and another to Santana.

All three had the same startling message.