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Chapter 7

Atton stared at the woman who lie in front of him. It couldn't be true...it just wasn't possible. Skye wasn't dead. He refused to believe it. It had to be a lie, some sick joke or prank that Revan was playing on him. He leaned back against the wall. He put his hand on his head and rubbed it gingerly. He felt like he was going to be very ill. Revan looked at him so sympathetically and sincerely that he couldn't help but believe the ugly truth that had been told to him.

"How?" Atton said fighting back tears. He was still Atton and he would try and keep what little dignity he had left.

"There was...an ambush. It was meant to capture me, or kill me..." Revan avoided his gaze. "They came out of nowhere. Sith assasins. We fought off...the main wave of them...but they just kept coming..."

"So it was a trap...meant for you." Atton said accusingly.

"I'm sorry, Atton. I know this is hard for you-"

"You have no idea how I feel right now! Not a one!" Atton yelled.

"Are you going to..." Revan winced in pain, "be quiet and let me finish or are you going to act like a child some more?"

Atton remained silent.

"We were almost to the ship when the ship exploded in a big fireball..." Revan's gaze became pained. Her eyes showed how much death she had seen over the years and she looked like she was hundreds of years old inside.

Atton waited for more explanations but Revan remained silent. "Well? Then...then what happened?"

Revan said nothing.

"C'mon, Rev. I need to know...I need to know what happened to her." He said urgently.

"She was the closest to the ship. The explosion caught us both off guard, lucky for me I was farther. Skye she..." Revan paused as a few tears rolled down her cheek, "she was lying there...in a pool...in a pool of blood. I tried to heal her but...she had lost so much blood, Atton. I'm so sorry, I tried...the Force knows how much I tried, Atton..."

Revan began to cry and Atton felt guilty for yelling at the older woman earlier. Atton could sense the guilt rolling off of her, she felt guilty. Atton reached and grabbed her hand and gently sqeezed it.

"It...it wasn't your fault." Atton said, amazed at himself for not being as angry as he thought he would be.

Revan cried more. "You're right."


"I don't know how you feel right now...and that scares me, Atton." Revan looked away. "I wish I knew how you feel so I could provide some comfort, but I don't know. I feel so...helpless."

Atton remained silent and began to leave the room. Revan reached out her hand and grabbed Atton's before he could leave. "There's something else that you must know."

"What, Rev?" Atton said quietly.

"I held her while she died, Atton. She kept saying that she failed you, that she had broken the promise she made to you about coming back." Revan smiled slightly as she remembered. "She said that she knew that you would wait for her because you were too stubborn to do something other than wait. She loved you, Atton. She wanted you to know that she loved and was sorry for what happened."

This time Atton did start to cry. He held it back as long as possible but it was inevitable. The woman whom he had loved with all his heart was dead. She had died, and he felt responsible for it. He should have tried to go after her or do something. Yet he had done nothing. Nothing but wait. I'm sorry, Skye. I was the one who failed. I broke the promise that I made to you. I promised that I would protect you, and now you're dead.

Revan let go of Atton and walked quietly out of the med lab and past everyone eagerly awaiting some answers. Answers that would have to come from Revan because he was in too much pain to talk to anyone. He walked into the cockpit, close the door, and slumped into the pilot's seat. He finally let the tears, that he had kept bottled up for so long, loose.


"Hey Atton." Skye walked up to Atton and cupped his face with her hands.

Atton looked away. "I failed you, Skye."

"What kind of attitude is that?" She smiled.

"You're dead, Skye! I was supposed to protect you!" Atton said angrily.

She leaned in and kissed him firmly on the lips. "I know...I also know that you feel guilty about it."

Atton began to protest. "No need denying it, my love. I know you too well..." she said.

Atton looked away from her and towards the ground. "I'm sorry, Skye."

"Why? It isn't your fault...events happened that neither of us could control." She said nonchalantly.

"How can you be so calm? You are dead, Skye!" Atton yelled.

She cupped his face in her hands and made him look at her. "Atton, I love you."

"Love isn't going to bring you back to me, is it, Skye!" Atton began to cry.

She wiped away one of his tears. "Atton, you are wrong about a lot of things...this being one of them."

Atton looked at her in amazement. "What...what are you talking about?"

She smiled. "I'm not dead, Atton. I'm alive."

"That...isn't possible. Revan said that you...that you..." Atton stuttered.

"That I died? That is true...but only partially." Atton looked at her quizically. "Let me explain. I died, but the evil out here in the Unknown Regions had developed a medicine or something of the sort that puts a dead person in a tortuous state. Right now I'm being tortured...it really is quite painful y'know..."

"Then how are you talking to me?"

"Oh that...well I discovered a way to communicate with others telepathically. It's like I am throwing my mind outside my body. Lucky for me, and you, you were sleeping so I could communicate with you." She smiled triumphantly.

Skye's image began to flicker and she looked around anxiously. She began to walk away.

"Wait! Skye, don't leave! Tell me where you are!" Atton cried.

"Oh, Force...they are..."Skye let out an ear-splitting scream. "I'm sorry..."

"No!" Atton rushed after her figure but it was gone. He fell to his knees and let a large sigh escape from his lips.


"Atton, wake up! Wake up, Atton!" Mical shook Atton's shoulders roughly. The older man would not wake up and it was starting to make Mical worried.

"What? Huh? Mical! Stop shaking me!" Atton said as he pushed the blonde Jedi away.

"Are you alright?" Mical asked. Atton noticed that Mical's eyes were red.

"I'm fine...though you've looked like you've seen better days. Have you been...crying?" Atton asked.

Mical stood up and straightened his robes nervously. "No...no...I'm fine." He had to stress the last word out.

"You have been crying, haven't you?" Atton said, almost smiling.

Mical avoided his gaze. " I believe I was merely letting a few emotions take control of me...I'm fine now."

"Whatever you say...crying is still crying no matter hwo you phrase it."

Mical's look of nervousness turned to a look of anger. "How can you argue about something like that when you've just found out that Skye has...has..."

"Died?" Atton put his hands behind his head. "Because she isn't, Mical. That's why."

"What are you talking about?" Mical asked curiously.

"Long story. Just tell everyone that we're going on a little rescue mission." He said as he prepped the ship for hyperspace.

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