Title: Angelus an Diabolus

Author: Lia (Unattainable Adrenaline)

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He HATED his father. Absolutely hated him. This one thought kept his mind fixed against the pain of the Crucio curse even though the time he was under would have killed or mentally incapacitated anyone how hadn't had prior experience with it. Prior "training" as his father called these painful sessions.

But no matter. Nothing mattered at the moment as Draco felt his muscles again clench and burn uncontrollably. Spikes of pain shot through his nerve endings and his mind itself nearly shut down against the pain. Blood spilled out of his mouth as he bit through his tongue and he chanted in his head don't scream, don't scream as he heard his father cast another spell and soon he was pinned into the wall.

By knives.

The sharp silver burned red hot and seared his skin, amplifying the pain to immeasurable heights. The pain pulsed throughout his body in thick waves, destroying the iron walls he had constructed around his mind, but it was important, it was always so important, not to scream, not to show weakness. Because weakness made him unfit.


His father walked across the table in the dining hall and the servants hurried out, clutching trays and staring frightfully back at the eldest Malfoy male's face glaring in cold anger.

"But, daddy, what did I do!" the five-year-old Draco asked his pale blue eyes staring up fearfully at his father from his chair at the far end of the table. His father strode to the side of his chair and slammed the back of his hand across Draco's face. Draco cried out and huddled closer to the padding of his chair as he pressed his hand against the glaringly red skin on his cheek. It was already hot and swelled.

"What did I tell you about calling me that?" His father yelled. Draco shrunk back even further and his wide scared eyes stared up at his father, flinching as he remembered his mistake.

"Never say "daddy", it is an unfit placing of one's rank… Father." Draco gulped, hoping that he wouldn't hurt him anymore.

He sounded like a little mini soldier…

"Good boy, now what did you do today?" His father smiled darkly, sending even more fear shooting through his son.

"I-I went to my tutoring classes in the morning… and I went to my fencing classes.. and- and…" Draco swallowed. He knew what he did wrong. "And I talked to Clementine Rumson."

"Oh, really?" His father bent down close to his son's face and smiled again. "And what is Miss Clementine?"

"A dirty, filthy mudblood…" Draco whispered.

"What was that?" His father was still smiling insanely and he seemed to glow with fiendish delight.

"A dirty, filthy mudblood," Draco said with more force.


And that was the last time Draco's eyes were blue. He woke up the next day and they had faded somehow overnight. The end of innocence. The loss of colour now made him smile even as he felt his father becoming more angry that his son wasn't submitting to the curse. Now the pain truly began.

But it didn't hurt anymore.

No, not anymore.

And Draco laughed as the blood poured out.

To be continued…

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