A/N: I don't know what possessed me to write this. I wanted to write Uchihacest! Honest! But points I ended up writing something like crack. Or fluff. And canon. AGAIN. I'm really not well-versed in this kind of thing. .

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Title: Lait Rose

Rating: PG-13, for the snogging and swearing.

Pairing: SasukexSakura

Summary: He was eating her Fruit Loops. He had to therefore- DIE.


She was going to kill him.


Truly, with a spork if he was unlucky. And damn, she was only holding a spoon.

"Naruto was right," some exasperated hand movements were involved and he remembered only seeing her this upset when he had pointedly told her on Valentine's Day when they were fourteen that he did not like sweets and tried to refuse the box of chocolate she was intent on having him receive (though he had eaten them anyway). He thought a bit off handedly that he should really start to get to know her better, but that was a tad hard since- she had just gotten him into a head lock. He, who was just trying to-

"You're eating all of the Fruit Loops!" Sakura scowled, an arm wrapped around his slender pale neck (that was being strangled, mind you), and it was really he who should be the one scowling. But that would have been quite impossible with the death grip she had placed on him. If he had known that he would have died by trying to eat breakfast, he wouldn't have even made an attempt to live with her. And no other persuasive tomato waving or touches to the pink hair could bribe him to come and-

She was rambling, "You said you didn't even like sweet things, so why the hell-"

She had loosen her grip a bit (alas he could breathe) and he couldn't help but smirk (how could there be a fic without a smirking Sasuke?), impressed that he had least brought out Inner Sakura; and as deadly she may be, she'd always put up a fabulous fight. That involved punching. And kunai throwing. Which meant blood; and he was just a bit of a masochist.

He took another bite of the quickly soggy-ing cereal.

No, no he was a masochist.

She sputtered something, lovely pink hair flustered as her near red face and- "I cannot believe you just-" he took another bite.

She cuffed him on the ear. Since- whether it was Sasuke or not- he was…damn him, he was…eating her Fruit Loops.

"Have you been listening to me at all?"

Yes, yes he had been listening (well for the most part anyway) and Inner Sakura wasn't being as violent as he would hope she would be (not like last time when he had tried doing the laundry and something like a red sock got mixed with the whites; she had been furious yelling things a bit along the lines of "I have pink hair I don't need bloody pink under garments, you-" which he thought was a bit against justice since she looked very cute in pink. It really was a shame she seemed not to think so as well, and that he would never have the gall to tell her), but if he squinted he thought, the red fruit loops he could pretend-

"…and you'll be diabetic you know? Do you want to have children with your genes have something as silly as-"

He really should tell her diabetes was already hereditary in his family. Or least he thought it was. Since? Wouldn't that explain Itachi's wanton love for dango? Why he used to remember the aghast look his mother wore when she found his elder brother's trash can was full of those charming little sticks that had only a remnant of the sweet rice dough bits from- but he suppose that liking sweets couldn't mean one would be diabetic… and diabetes probably had nothing to do with bad eye sight so…

"Glasses!" her voice had risen to a pitch that if it went any higher he knew only dogs would be able to hear her "Glasses! Do you know how expensive those things were? Your health is just going to be down the hill if you…"

He pushed the said black framed things a little bit higher on the bridge of his nose, all that jostling had moved them right to the tip, he was a tad surprised they hadn't fallen off.

The cereal was looking rather unappealing now. And he did feel a bit bad that Sakura- if need be wanted the last of it was going to get the soggiest of the soggy if she just kept on babbling like that (however sweet she may had looked she had just woken up and was bound to be hungry) and he really was more in the mood for toast (with a tomato slice, and ooh maybe an egg; he knew nii-san had been fond of those…) or maybe he could finally use that strawberry jam Orochimaru had sent him …

She crossed her arms and made a sort of huffing noise; he could feel the puff of breath by his ear. And finally what seemed like an hour or so of silence she said as if brandishing a rather sharp sword- "Fine I'll just go make waffles,"

And she made off to turn to the cupboard to retrieve some batter mix only to be swung around-

"Mff!"- And be in the arms of an over enthusiastic Uchiha. Since it involved snogging. Lots of snogging. And the hair petting she liked.

But if he was even just trying to butter her up- "What was that about!" the yell didn't come out as indignant as she liked, but the boy was very good with his tongue so she decided to let him off a bit. A bit.

He muttered something about jam and waffles before releasing her and going to fetch a mixing bowl. She was half tempted to whack him with the spoon she still held, but decided not to, since it wouldn't help in making the waffles.

And she was very hungry.

The soggy Fruit Loops did not look at all appealing anymore.

It wasn't until later after the waffles were all done and made, and Sasuke had whipped out a small jar of strawberry jam ("Where on earth did you get that?" she had said and eyed it warily for it had no "Nutrient Fact Table thing" or whatever the hell that damn label was called and could have been poison for all she knew) and insist they use it on their waffles (with one of those small "Hn"s of his, as well as a bit of footsy; though she really didn't think that had been part of why she had slathered a bit of it onto her waffle) that she noticed something very bad.

They were out of milk.

She pulled out a kunai.