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Chapter 1

She's going and that's final

Kagome Higurashi. The girl born as the reincarnation of a grand and mighty miko who was the guardian of the shikon no tama. The girl who had surpassed her incarnations skills like no other resulting in her power challenging Midoriko her self. The only one who is able to sense the shards of the shikon no tama...was panicking and running around her room in girlish distress.

"No!nonononononono!"Kagome wailed miserably, tossing her dark blue hair over shoulder and looked around with wide teddy bear brown eyes.

"Where is it! Inuyasha's gonna kill me!"Kagome scrambled through the pile of clothes she had ended up throwing to the ground in her haste to find the one item she was looking for. It was something someone very close to her had given to her. She would always remember him.

Feudal Era

"What's taking her so long?" Inuyasha snarled irritably as he paced a hole in the ground in front of the well, a scowl resting firmly in place on his face.

"I'm sure Lady Kagome had no intentions to keep us waiting Inuyasha."A monk said calmly as he walked up to the brooding hanyou. The monk wore dark purple robes and held a golden staff in his hands.

"Cram it Miroku!" Inuyasha responded vermently towards the one now dubbed Miroku. A young Kitsune sat and watched as Miroku smacked Inuyasha on the head with his staff cooly, doing nothing to ease the hanyous none to pleasant mood.

"What the hell was that for you damn monk?" Inuyasha shouted glaring at Miroku.

"I'm afraid you need to work on that temper of yours Inuyasha." Was all that the inuyoukai got in response.

"Keh!" Shippo sighed as the 'mature' dog turned from the two and strutted to the wells lip and plopped down Indian style and crossed his arms while holding his nose high in the air while grumbling rude comments.

Finally, a faint light shone from the well and Inuyasha jumped up immediately ready to bite the one who emerged from it's depths head off.

"What took you so long wench?"He exclaimed as Kagome climbed out of the well. She glared at him, anger rising within herself now.

"I was busy!" Kagome cried frustrated. Her voice was a lot tougher than it had been when she first fell in the well. Her voice had gotten deeper and she was now starting to fill out and gain the curves that she had dreamt of. Kagome was now 17 years old. She had spent the past 2 years working on finding the shards of the shikon no tama. Though the threat of Naraku stealing them was little to none for they had destroyed the evil hanyou a few months ago. In that time Sango and Miroku had gotten married. Obviously, Sango was pregnant and currently 3 months into her pregnancy. She insisted on walking and helping the others search but Miroku would have none of that. Kagome had been able to get Sango agree after much pleading and reasoning. It was also thanks to Kohaku that Sango was even that compromisable. When they had killed Naraku everyone had been back in control of their own bodies again. Except for his incarnations that is. As a part of them they faded and turned to dust. Inuyasha hadn't been severely injured though he had suffered a minor puncture through his shoulder. The others had made it quite well.

"What kept you so busy that you forgot to come ON TIME to find jewel shards?"Inuyasha spat back venomously.

"I was looking...for this!"Kagome paused a moment to dig in her pack which was considerably smaller than usual, yo pull out a photo. An OLD photo. It had two kids, one boy and the other a girl. Both looked about 9 years old and quite similar.

"Besides."Kagome started matter of factly,"I'm going away for a month to visit him."She pointed at the boy with her index finger. Inuyasha looked both hurt and infuriated.

"No way! Your not going away for a month just to see a weakling like him! We have to collect the shards before any other demons get them!" Inuyasha was secretly struggling. Kagome, his Kagome was leaving to be in the company of another male. For a month!

'I don't know if I can stay sane with her gone that long!' Inuyasha had long since admitted to himself that he loved Kagome. Just not to her.

Kagome scowled and lashed out angrily,"Don't you dare call him weak! You don't even know him! I bet he's as strong as you are!"

Miroku guffawed as she said this but Kagome paid him no attention. Instead she picked Shippo up into her arms and started down the hill to Kaedes hut and called over shoulder,

"I'll only be here for three days." Looking dumbstruck, Inuyasha followed after her but quickly 'keh'ed'. However his ears laid flat against his skull.