Prince of Tennis © Takeshi Konomi

Don't know if this has been done. Someone tell me if it has, and if you want, I'll tear this down. Yay…

Note: Fuji will probably be very out of character for some parts of this fic due to uh, his 'condition'. I hope you all understand. There will also probably be no serious romance in this fic, and I usually update between one to two weeks, usually.

Chapter One: Magical Chemical 3.8

It was a rainy day, and for once, Inui was bored out of his mind. He had already updated his data on just about everyone, reviewed his data on just about everyone, and well, anything that has to do data on everyone, if that even makes any sense… The point was, Inui was bored, and…

Just then the most obvious and the greatest idea hit Inui. What better way to spend time inside on a rainy day than to make a new addition to the Inui juice family? None, you could say.

"But what special chemical should I use today?" Inui wondered out loud, an evil grin splashed on his face. A glint of a test tube caught the corner of his eye. "But of course…"

Inui had no idea what it was he had found that day. He had been digging threw a random person's trashcan, searching for other ingredients to his juices when he suddenly stumbled upon it. It was a light blue liquid in a rather dirty vile with a faded label that indicated something in a language not even Inui could understand. The only thing he could make out was the small letters on the bottom that spelt 'magical chemical 3.8' 'effects lasts for a one week' and 'edible'. So that's how the vile came to the possession of Inui. I mean, after all, if it were edible, why not throw it in there?

"I have a good feeling about this one," Inui laughed maliciously as sparks and rings of fumes emitted from his juice. "I'll call it… Magical Inui Juice Remix Deluxe 3.8, Limited Edition Golden Version." (Whatever that means…)

"Nya! Fuji, hurry up!" Eiji wailed to his classmate, who just smiled and continued at the same pace. "We're going to be late, and Tezuka's probably going to make us run a hundred laps or something!"

"Eiji, calm down, we'll make it in time," Fuji said in a calm manner, the total opposite of his fretting teammate.

"Nya! Can't you at least walk a little faster?" Eiji pleaded as Fuji sighed but obliged to his wish.

The pair was halfway out of the school building when some sinister laughter sent Eiji and Fuji to an immediate stop.

"Fuji, did you hear that?" Eiji asked him, pointing to the classroom from which the laugh came from. The two crept closer. Fuji slowly opened the door and the two peered in, hurrying to tennis practice quickly overtaken by curiosity.

"It's Inui," Fuji noted. Eiji nodded. What he was doing there, the two weren't too sure until he suddenly turned around and held a pitcher of dark blue liquid high in the air with a sense of accomplishment on his face.

"It's finally finished!" he announced. Then he noticed Fuji and Eiji. Well, actually it was more like Eiji trying to drag Fuji off before they become intoxicated.

"Hey, Inui, is that a new juice?" Fuji asked smiling as always as he walked in with Eiji desperately trying to stop him in tow.

"Nya! Fuji! We're going to die here! DIE! Let's get out of this place before Inui's juice kills us both!" Eiji begged, clinging onto Fuji's legs. The prodigy simply ignored him.

"Yes," Inui said evilly, pouring a bit of it into a cup and waving it in front of a terrified Eiji. "It's the Magical Inui Juice Remix Deluxe 3.8, Limited Edition Golden Version. Want to be the first to try?" Eiji shook his head.

"I'll try," Fuji volunteered happily as Inui handed him the glass.

"No! Fuji, you're too young to die, nya!" Eiji screamed, trying to get the glass away from Fuji with no avail.

"It's all right, Eiji, everything's completely edible," Inui assured the traumatized redhead. "If it make you feel any better, you can do it with Fuji." Inui held the pitcher in Eiji's face.

"Pass!" Eiji said quickly, trying not to gag at the foul smell from the juice. Inui shrugged and withdrew the pitcher much to Eiji's relief.

"Saa… here goes, cheers!" Fuji said trying to block out Eiji's wails to stop. He drained the whole cup in one gulp.

It happened very fast, and if you asked the three of them to try and recall it, they would say it was the most bizarre thing they've ever seen. As soon as Fuji drank the last drop, a sort of blue light engulfed the mystified teen as surprise washed over Inui and Eiji. Before they knew what was really going on, a blinding light spread threw the whole room and… POOF! Everything returned to normal. The whole thing happened in less that a couple of seconds at most, but everything seemed more or less the same. Well, almost. Wasn't that totally lame?

"Hmm… strange, my other Inui Juices never had this sort of reaction… must be that Magical Chemical 3.8. I think should just stick to the ingredients I know from now on to avoid such circumstances again," Inui mused. "Well, anyway, Fuji… Fuji…!"

"Nya! Inui, next time you decide to put some magical chemical thing that you don't really know a lot about in one of your juices, warn us! I mean, Fuji could've… Fuji…!"

Fuji stared strangely at the two who were gaping at him, completely dumbstruck. They didn't even seem to snap out of it as Inui dropped the whole pitcher of Inui Juice on the floor. "Are you two alright?"

The two said nothing, only staring at Fuji, or well, more specifically, his chest. Now that he noticed it, Fuji did think for some reason his uniform was a bit tighter than usual…

"Eiji? Inui?" Fuji asked. Something was definitely up. "Eiji! Inui!"

"Fuji… I… I…I…" Inui started to say, but was at a complete loss of words on how to express the situation.

"Um… it's not… that bad… I think…" Eiji said slowly. The two were still staring, and quite frankly, it was getting on Fuji's nerves.

"What are you two staring a-" Fuji's eyes snapped opened at the sight as he followed their gaze onto himself. Turning around, he hastily ripped opened his uniform he peered down. After a couple of seconds of staring in plain shock, Fuji Syusuke did the most out of character thing in his life. He screamed, and he screamed, and he screamed. And he sounded like a girl. Because at the present moment, he is a girl. Or should I say 'she'?