Chapter Eighteen: And All Is Well… Hopefully

So you must all be wondering what ever happened to our dear little Fuji. However, as you must all know, Fuji wasn't the only person that was involved with this whole ordeal. The other schools had their part of it too, and they were a whole lot less pleased with the whole thing than Fuji.

Of Fudomine

"And it was embarrassing! Do you know what it feels like to have a girl return one of my shots! Girls can't even play tennis and-"


Kamio immediately snapped out of his ranting to Shinji (though it was usually the other way around) and blushed as he swiveled to face a rather annoyed Tachibana An. He blushed even deeper as he realized that An had heard the entire conversation.

"What were you saying about girls not being able to play tennis?" An asked as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

"I-I… well… I didn't mean you, An-chan, I just…" Kamio stuttered. "She… she was just…"

"Oh Kamio you're so dense," An sighed, shaking her head and making Kamio blush even more. "Couldn't you tell?"

"Tell what?"

"Kamio is mentally impaired when he is angry, but all people are mentally impaired when they are angry because their sense of judgment is foggy so they can't really do anything but Kamio is always angry so-"

"…Boys these days…"

Of Hyoutei

By now Atobe had calmed most of the rumors, having held a press conference the other day to clean up the misunderstandings. Still, it didn't really help when it came to his team members however, for every time he wasn't looking, he could be sure to hear a snicker from somebody behind his back.

"So that really was Fuji Syusuke, wasn't it?" Oshitari asked wistfully as he and Atobe observed a match between Hiyoshi and Gakuto.

"Yeah," Atobe grunted, preferring never to hear that name ever again. As you can see, the damage was still mending, and having another prodigy around wasn't exactly helping the situation.

"Do you know how he did it?" Oshitari went on as Hiyoshi kept his service game.

"Some chemical thing," Atobe muttered, hoping Oshitari would get the point and change the subject. Oshitari, however, pushed further.

"How wonderful it must be," Oshitari said with a smirk, "to be able to alter genders like that."

"I hope you're not getting any ideas," Atobe said darkly, knowing a scheming face when he sees one.

"Now what possible harm could I do?"

Of St. Rudolph

Perhaps worst off of all the schools was St. Rudolph, or more specifically, Mizuki. On the bright side, he had stopped hyperventilating and reciting poetry in people's closets and hasn't been to practice for the whole rest of the week, giving everyone a break. On the dark side, and slightly queer side, well…

"M-Mizuki dane… w-what are you doing dane?"

Yanagisawa had been sent by Akazawa to find their team manager after his third day of absence. Sure, they were enjoying the loosening up and the lack of purple on the courts, but part of them all did miss the flamboyant boy.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Mizuki snapped back in a rather un-Mizuki-ish way. Yanagisawa could only stare.

"…You've become Fuji obsessed dane…" Actually, staring at the massive pictures of Fuji (Syusuke) and the piles of notebooks all with his name scribbled onto it and other knick-knacks of the sort, Yanagisawa's statement wasn't very exaggerated.

"Of course not!" Mizuki insisted darkly, shooting a glare at the other. "I am merely studying my opponent so one day I shall crush him! Nfufufufu!"


Of Yamabuki

"So unlucky!" Sengoku wailed.

Minami silently swore as the cord ball dropped into his side of the court, effectively winning the set for Sengoku. Apparently, the boy's luck had taken a change for the better and now Sengoku was steamrolling any and everyone going against him.

"For Minami-buchou that is!" Sengoku laughed as Minami twitched.

"Why couldn't he have kept that unlucky streak?" Minami sighed.

Of Rikkai Dai

"Everyone is –cough- so slow –cough- on their –cough- follow ups and –cough- serves –cough- -cough- cough-"

"Genichirou, was it really a good idea to have Yukimura here when he has a fever?" Yanagi asked, concerned over his captain and friend's health.

"He insisted," Sanada sighed as he pulled the rim of him cap. "There was little I could do."

Yanagi gave the boy a solemn yet understanding look. He knew all too well that when Yukimura wanted to do something, he did it, and there was just no stopping him. So if it meant the captain observing practice with a packet of medicine and a box of tissues, so be it. Besides, the boy was vastly anxious about the performance of the team as they seemed to be constantly spacing out a lot.

"Yagyuu! You're –cough- two steps too –cough- slow!" Yukimura coughed out as he grabbed another tissue and blew his nose.

"Sorry," Yagyuu apologized as he walked back to his position on the court, being followed by a pair of taunting eyes that belonged to Niou.

"Why –cough- is –cough- everyone so –cough- disturbed?" Yukimura demanded of Yanagi and Sanada.

"Various… reasons," Yanagi answered uncomfortably. Sanada sent him a glare as if to say that it was all his fault, which technically it was.

"-cough- Sanada? –cough-" Yukimura went on. "And I want –cough- the real –cough- truth. -cough-"

Sanada sighed again as he prepared to let the strangest words ever to come from his mouth tumble out. "Well, it's a long story…"

Of Seigaku

Recapping from last time…

"Five," Inui had begun the countdown.

"Saa… probably not," Fuji smiled. "I wouldn't be able to play tennis with you guys then, will I?"


"But was it fun, Fuji-sempai?" Momoshiro asked, "I mean, it's not everyday you get a… a gender swap." At this Fuji let out a small giggle.


"Ah… I suppose you could say that," Fuji answered. "Though there was one thing I always wanted to do that I didn't get to…"


"What was that, Fuji-sempai?" Ryoma asked darkly, as if afraid of the answer.


Fuji let out another giggle, only this time it was with a dash of maliciousness. "Well, I never got to kiss anyone…"


And then… nothing happened.

As more seconds past by, everyone grew from nervous to anxious to right out scared that nothing spectacular was going to take place. Fuji herself seemed rather jumpy as well.

"Inui," Fuji hissed as a murderous glint came over her eyes. "Why am I still are girl?"

Inui could only tinker with his glasses as his mind whirled to think up of some means to explain the situation. "Well, actually, Renji and I did some extensive research on the properties of the Magical Chemical 3.8 and the results it yielded were different than those Renji had previously conducted."

"What?" Fuji hissed.

"Nya! Does that mean Fuji's going to be a girl for forever!" Eiji gasped as he clutched his head in frustration and disbelief.

"Inui…" Tezuka added darkly.

"No, actually, the experiments that were previously tested on a stray dog by Renji rendered a maximum effect of one week, but it did not correlate to the effects that would be demonstrated on humans so…"

"So?" Momoshiro urged.

"So?" Kawamura said as well.


"So?" Fuji asked in mock politeness. Inui took a deep breath.

"So… Fuji here will remain in this form for another week," Inui concluded, getting ready to run for his life.


More silence…

Even more silence…

And then…

"INUI!" Fuji screamed as she advanced rapidly towards the boy.

"B-but Renji and I also managed to create a remedy for the effects! Really! It should work and-"

"Should work!"

"No! I mean- what I'm trying to say is that-"

"Wah! Inui nya!"

"W-we tested it! Except-"



"Except what!"


"E-except it just has the side effect that you'd never be able to reproduce so I strongly advise you not to try it and-"


"…Mada mada dane."


And so concludes the strangest, most twisted and most bizarre piece I have ever written. Ah yes, wonderful ending. If all goes well, I should have some kind of sequel up next year. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING AND REVIEWING! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years as well!