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Chapter 1: The Sorcerer's Stone

Harry waited downstairs for Uncle Vernon to come down. He had been up since five because he was so excited; he was leaving the Dursleys and going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He smield at the thought of finally being free of the Dursleys. Pacing back and forth, Harry wondered what his life would be like away from the Dursleys. The brief glimpse of the magical world Hagrid had shown him was beyond amazing and he could not wait to see more. He stopped pacing and sat on his trunk. It was now 6:30. Time was going far too slowly.

There was a small pop and an envelope was sitting on his trunk. It read simply "Harry." Harry reached out one tentative hand and took the envelope. The handwriting looked familiar, but he could not place it. He moved to open the letter and stopped. There was a strange weight to the air and the envelope itself felt somehow heavier than it looked. Whatever was in the envelope Harry was sure it would change his life as sure as his Hogwarts letter had.

He opened it. He was very surprised to see there were only three lines and that included the openning and the closing:

Get to know Ginny Weasley.

Fate owed me one,

Harry J. Potter

Harry blinked. He knew this had to be strange, even for wizards, but now he knew why he recognized the handwriting, it was his. I wonder who Ginny is…and why does Fate owe me one?

He folded the letter and stuffed it in his pocket.

Uncle Vernon had left him at Kings Cross. He had no idea how to find Platform 9 3/4. Panic started to rise and that was when he heard the voice, "—packed with muggles of course—" followed by a girl's voice "Nine and three-quarters! Mom, can't I go…"

Harry moved toward the voices, it was a family of redheads. He could not help but feel relieved: he had found wizards and witches. Perhaps, now he would not have to start tapping the ticket counter with his wand. However, when he heard what could only be the mother respond his eyes widened and he felt his heart skip, "You're not old enough, Ginny, now be quiet…"

It can't be a coincidence. Looking intently at the family of redheads he immediatly found the one called Ginny. She was obviously the youngest and she had long red hair and a smattering of freckles across her face. Harry worked his way closer to the family. "Excuse me," instead of speaking to the mother as would have been his first inclination he spoke to the one known as Ginny. "Ginny, right?" For some reason the name on his tongue felt familiar and was accompanied by a strange feeling he did not recognize. There was a feeling similar to the one he had felt when he had found the letter. Time itself seemed to be holding its breath as she nodded, her bright brown eyes going wide as she looked at him. "How do I get on the platform?"

She was blushing, but smiled brightly at him, "All you've got to do is walk straight at the wall there," she said pointing, "Come on I'll show you." She grabbed his hand as if to pull him toward the barrier and something happened that had not occurred for more than two hundred years. A pulse of magic emanated from the pair that could be felt, weakly, but felt all the way to Hogwarts where Albus Dumbledore looked up from his desk and furrowed his eyebrows. Deep within the Ministry of Magic, within a rarely used section of the Hall of Records, a quill scratched out a sentence and date.

Harry was not sure what to make of what he was feeling, but it was amazing. His entire body tingled. There was no doubt in his mind that this small redhead was Ginny Weasley and he wanted to get to know her. "Hi. I'm Harry." Ginny squeezed his hand and pulled him toward the barrier, they went through together and Harry stopped and gasped, "Wow." The train was magnificient.

"Yeah, I can't wait until I can go. I don't get to until next year," she said dejectedly. Harry's heart went out to her; it was as if he could feel her pain. He also felt a jolt of dissappointment that he would not be able to get to know her better until next year.

He wanted to make her feel better, "Don't worry, I'm sure a year will go by before you know it." Even to him the words sounded hollow, but she smiled back at him. He knew he should be getting on the train, but he did not want to let go of her hand. She was the first person who had ever taken it willingly and who did not mind. "I guess…I guess I should get on the train."

She nodded sadly, "See you later then?"

"Yeah." Harry slowly released his grasp on her hand and turned. He began trying to get his trunk up into the carriage and Ginny walked back to her watching mother. Luckily, the twins he had seen earlier came over to help him. They recognized his scar and Harry would have found the reaction comical if he had not been so embarrassed.

He found an empty compartment and sat down. Looking out the window he saw the woman again holding Ginny's hand. The twins rejoined their mother and sister and made fun of their brothers there. Harry laughed at their antics. It felt so good to be away from the Dursleys. Then they announced that they had met him on the train, The Harry Potter. He heard Ginny plead with her mother to go on the train and see him, he did not find the idea repulsive. Some part of him had already decided Ginny was his friend, his first besides Hagrid.

Ginny started to cry and laugh at the same time as the train started to move. She ran after it waving. Harry stuck his head slightly out of the window and raised his hand; Ginny momentarily locked eyes with him and raised her own hand. He could have sworn he heard someone say, Bye Harry.

Harry shook himself. Today was turning out to be very strange. A mysterious letter, a friend, a wall that's not a wall, going to a wizarding school on a train…His thoughts were derailed by one of the redheads he had seen on the platform. He recongized the boy as Ginny's brother, although he could not remember the boy's name.

"So, anyone sitting here? Everywhere else if full." He asked. Harry shook his head. "I'm Ron Weasley," the boy said extending his hand.

Harry took it and smiled, "I'm Harry. Harry Potter. Your Ginny's brother right?"

Ron looked strange for a moment and then said, "Yeah, you met Ginny on the platform?" The conversation progressed from there.

Back at Kings Cross, Ginny and Molly Weasley were climbing back into the car and pulling out of the parking lot. "Was that really Harry Potter?"

"Yes, I think so," answered Molly and chuckled, it looked like her daughter had developed a crush. Ginny did not say another word for the rest of the trip home, which was strange for her.

Ginny was far more interested with what was playing out in her head. It was almost like she was hearing someone else's thoughts and voices. First, she thought she heard Ron say something and looked around forgetting Ron was gone. Then she heard the other voice, I'm Harry. Harry Potter. Your Ginny's brother right? Her eyes went wide. She could not believe it was possible. She had to be going crazy, there was no possible way that she could be hearing Harry and no one had ever referred to one of her brothers as "Ginny's brother" no it was always you're so-and-so's little sister. It made her sound more important than her brothers. Ginny blushed.

She listened intently as Ron tried to turn Scabbers yellow and failed. She heard a bossy voice tell Ron he had dirt on his nose and that they should put on their robes. She's strange was what Harry thought about the voice.

Every now and then Ginny would even see what Harry saw. Ginny smiled; if this continued it was going to be a very interesting year.

Harry stepped out of the train and waved to Hagrid. Ron joined him in one of the small boats along with the boy who had lost his toad, Neville, Harry thought his name was, and the bushy haired girl, Hermione.

As the boats came around the bend they got their first view of Hogwarts. Amazing thought Harry and again thought he heard a girl's voice say, It's fantastic, which had been quickly followed by You like the pie, dear? Harry shook his head; he'd been hearing things ever since about half-way through the train ride. By now he had placed the predominate voice – Ginny.

Harry waited nervously to be sorted. He could not help it. What if I'm not chosen at all?

Merlin, that is an awful thought. At least you're there.

Harry smiled; something about the voice cheered him up. Harry heard his name called and was so nervous that he did not notice that everyone had gone deathly quiet and then the Great Hall erupted again in murmurings and whispers. He put the hat on.

"What's this? Harry Potter. Hmmm how interesting, how interesting indeed. Never heard of this happening to one so young. I wonder has someone been meddling?...Ah well. No matter now, let's sort out who's who here. Here you are Harry - Lot's of potential I see and a thirst to prove your self, oh yes. Oh my, but you are a difficult one to place. You could do great things in Slytherin you know?"

Harry thought not Slytherin, not Slytherin.

Another slightly less loud voice echoed his.

"Hmmm, it seems there is agreement about that at least," chuckled the Sorthing Hat, "You two are gonig to be interesting to watch. Well if not Slytherin then it better be GRYFFINDOR." The hat screamed out the house name and Harry quickly moved to the correct table.

Harry was lying in his new bed. It was far more luxurious than anything he had ever slept on before. Hogwarts already felt like home more than the Privet Drive ever did.

I can't believe they treated you so badly. How could they? The voice was full of caring and concern and underneath that though was anger, but not at him.

Before Harry could stop himself he thought back to the voice in this head, It wasn't so bad. I learned to stay out of the way. I'm here now though. Harry felt shock that was not his own and was shocked in turn.

Is this for real? The voice was small now, tentative.

Oh boy. Thought Harry.



How do we know this is real for sure?

Can I send you a letter?

Of course. Just owl me.


Write a note to me, just say "It's real." Don't sign it either – mum will have a fit if she finds out about this. She'd probably think I was crazy and cart me off to St. Mungo's. Oh about the owl, just tie the note to an owl's leg. Put my name on the outside of the envelope.

Will do. What's St. Mungo's?

Wizards' hospital.

Oh, good night Ginny.

Good night Harry. In his mind Harry could hear a giggle, he chuckled himself. He had been worried about not knowing what kids who had been raised as wizards and witches knew...now he had one inside his head.

Harry sent Hedwig off in the morning with the note to Ginny and then went down to breakfast. Classes were amazing Harry decided. Ron was great and Harry did not have people staring at him because they hated him, although they did stare at him.

During classes he could feel Ginny paying attention, drinking in the lessons. She would even offer advice. When he was in Transfiguration she had said, Focus Harry, Mom says magic is in the intent as much as the words and wand movement. Intend for the match to become a needle.

By the end of class he had succeeded in turning his match into a needle, which earned him a rare smile from McGonagall. Hermione glared at him, she had been the only other person in the class to get the match to change at all. His other classes were much like that as well. Ginny was a great help. She picked up on details that Harry glossed over.

Harry was right about the Potions professor, he did not like Harry at all. He could hear Ginny think, Greasy git, and choked back a cough. Professor Snape had started drilling Harry with questions, but by the third question Ginny was ready.

"What is the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?" Snape sneered out. Harry could hear Ginny asking her mom, Nothing, Harry, they're the same plant.

"Er…Nothing, sir, they are the same." Snape stopped moving in shock and his eyes narrowed. The professor looked like he was trying to see into Harry's soul.


Draco Malfoy was worse than Dudley. Harry could not believe it. Nor could Ginny and now he was sneaking through the dark hallways, after curfew, to duel him and he did not know one spell. Ron was with him, which was good. Somehow he had managed to pick up two others, Hermione and Neville. Harry felt sorry for Neville and without Neville's remembrall he would not be on the quidditch team.

That was some impressive flying.

Harry's cheeks blushed in the dark. Thanks Ginny…how am I going to make it through this duel? I don't know one spell.

Besides Ron, who had quickly become his best friend at Hogwarts, Harry had come to rely on Ginny for advice and she had become his closest confidant (not that he really had a choice). He did not understand how they were talking, but he would not give it up for the world now. When Hedwig had returned with the one line message from Ginny (Very real) he had not really known what to do. His first thought had been I have a girl in my head, which Ginny had giggled at. But, as time went on, Ginny helped him with classes and her presence gave him more self-confidence. It was like having someone with you all the time.

I've got a spell, announced Ginny. Harry smiled he could hear the mischievousness and pride in her voice; Bill told me about it - it involves bats and bogeys…ok. The incantations is…

By the end of the night Harry was very ready for bed; it had been a long day. First, he had nearly been expelled, but had made the quidditch team instead. Then he had been challenged by the greatest prat imaginable to a duel. Of course the prat, being a prat, did not show and he had nearly been caught by Filch. Finally, he had nearly been eaten by a huge three headed dog. It was definitely time for bed.


Harry was smiling looking down at his small pile of presents.

You know this is the first time I've actually looked forward to Christmas.

Happy Christmas, Harry, greeted Ginny.

How's Christmas in Romania?

Harry had actually known that Ron and the others were staying at Hogwarts before they did.

It's beautiful, but cold. Very cold.

Harry laughed and continued opening his presents. He had been very pleased with the sweater from Mrs. Weasley and had now moved on to a present with no name. Ron and Ginny were just as interested as he was. When he put the cloak on and looked into the mirror to only see his head he gasped.

Wow, Harry. It really is an invisibility cloak. Harry felt Ginny smirk, Do you realize the kind of pranks you could pull with one of these?


That night Harry found himself under the cloak running from Filch after a doomed trip to the Restricted Section that Ginny was still giggling at. Hermione was going to be disappointed that he had not found Flamel, but he had not expected the book to actually scream. To make it worse Snape was also patrolling the corridors. Ginny had stopped giggling when she heard Snape's voice. Her dislike for Snape was only matched by Snape's dislike for Harry. He hid inside what he thought was an empty room.

It looked like a very old, ornate mirror. Walking to stand in front of it Harry noticed it really did not seem to belong in the room. Indeed, it looked like someone had placed it there to get it out of the way. He nearly fell backwards in shock when he looked into it. It was not his reflection at all. It was "Ginny?"

In one of the dark corners of the room Albus Dumbledore's eyes widened in shock and it took all of his substantial self-control not to gasp aloud. He had thought of many possible things that Harry would see in the mirror, but a small girl was not one of them. Dumbledore watched in amazement as Harry stared at the mirror in shock and then tried to talk to the image. He had to stifle a small laugh. The laugh faded when Harry began to act like he was having a conversation. Every once in while he would say a one word answer or an 'I don't know.' Dumbledore's forehead crinkled in thought. To Dumbledore's complete astonishment Harry only came back to see the mirror once and it seemed to be more out of fascination than need.

Even the resulting discussion with Harry had been strange. When he had told him the Mirror of Erised showed your deepest desire Harry's eyes had widened and his face flushed. Dumbledore could only guess that Harry had developed a crush, a very deep crush. Shaking his head he left for his office and wondered who the girl was, she was not a student he knew, so he had no idea how Harry had even met her, but if she was his greatest desire then Dumbledore would have to find out who she was – Harry was too important for Dumbledore to ignore this. Still lost in thought Dumbledore headed to his quarters thinking that young Mr. Potter was full of surprises.


Madam Pomfrey bustled around the Hospital Wing. She could not believe a first-year student had managed to suffer a case of magical exhaustion, but if the rumors were true…well rumors were rumors.

Dumbledore watched Harry sleeping. He was still berating himself; he had never intended to allow Harry to face Voldemort alone, but the boy had done admirably well and had held of Quirell long enough. His only concern was that Harry might have mental problems. He kept mumbling to Ginny in his sleep. Dumbledore shook his head trying to clear it.

Harry had displayed huge potential this year. Much more potential than he had expected Harry to. Indeed, perhaps too much potential. He was even giving Miss Granger some competition. Dumbledore had taken to watching Harry occasionally while he was in class and sometimes it seemed that he was getting advice or talking to someone else. He would try a spell and then wait sometimes moving his wand differently or saying the incantation with different emphasis.

Ginny, oh I've got a headache.

Oh, Harry! You're alright! It was awful. I thought you were going to die. Then you kinda woke up and only mumbled nonsense. Please don't do that again. I don't…I don't know what I'd do without having you to talk to. I don't want to be alone.

Harry reached out with his mind trying to reassure Ginny, You're never alone. I'm here. I'll never leave. Neither of us is ever alone. Remember that. His eyes slowly closed and he fell into a real sleep comforted by Ginny now sending her own reassurance to him.

Back in the Burrow, Ginny smiled as she felt comfort flowing from Harry. They had learned that they could share what they were feeling as well as speaking to each other.


Harry was depressed. He was going back to the Dursleys for the summer and there was nothing good about it. At least they didn't know he couldn't do magic. There were only two bright spots. First, Ron had said that he could visit the Burrow, Ron's home, sometime during the summer. The other one was that Ginny had told him that she would be on the platform with her mother.

Molly Weasley was concerned. Her daughter had been acting strangely all year, ever since Ron had left for Hogwarts. She was strangely quiet and seemed far away much of the time. On Halloween her daughter had screamed suddenly. Then again not a week ago she was in her room and she had screamed "Harry." For the next day she had been extremely anxious and worried. When Mrs. Weasley had heard about her son's and Harry's adventures she had become suspicious.

She did not know how her daughter knew what had happen and begun to suspect the possibility that Ginny was a seer. Mrs. Weasley shook her head; one thing was for certain though, Ginny was excited to have Ron and the others back from Hogwarts. She was practically bouncing as she waited on the platform.

Mrs. Weasley soon changed her mind. It was not Ron or any of Ginny's brothers the young girl was eager to see, but Harry Potter. The two had greeted each other shyly and shook hands. Both of them were blushing. Mrs. Weasley wondered what was going on. Her daughter had only received one unknown owl, a snowy white, and she saw that it was the same bird that accompanied Harry. She wondered if there had been more owls than she had been aware of.

She watched as Harry, with a look of dejection on his face, made his way over to some Muggles she assumed were his family. "Oh, they don't look like good muggles at all." She was surprised when her daughter had absently said, "No, they aren't." Ginny's eyes were narrowed and she wore an expression Mrs. Weasley had never seen on her face. She thought it just might be hate.

Albus Dumbledore watched, unobserved as Harry greeted the young red headed girl. It was the same girl that was in the mirror. Dumbledore's eyes widened as the young Ginny reacted the same way as Harry. Was it only a crush? Dumbledore shook his head in confusion. He would have to watch both of them very carefully next year.