Epilogue: From the Pen of Raven Roth

A/N: I just wanted to clear up one thing: Blade was the villainess in the very first chapter of the story... I guess a couple of you forgot about her...hehe... --'

To whomever it may concern,

The revelation of these recent events to public is probably a bit unexpected. Although I highly doubt any of you are surprised that Blade was a part of the ordeal, the fact it existed at all was rather shocking to us. We had never considered what tangled pasts out teammates had behind them. Alas, we are still coming to terms with the idea that the man who not only raised Starfire from a young age but treated us with such kindness on our first visit to Tamaran was truly the one responsible for all that has transpired.

This letter, however, is not to tell you of the various awkward feelings passing through the tower as much as it is to bring closure to what you have just learned. It is best that the public understand fully or remain uninformed, in my opinion. It is the loose-ended facts that leave us with the great rumors of the ages. So here is the accounting of what has gone on after Starfire destroyed the power source:

Galfore and Blade were both shipped off to the highest security Centauri prison in the Vegan star-system. Although Blade was technically still classified as a Terran villainess, the stronger security of the out-world prison was needed to contain her properly. She has been dealt with well and we Titans are confident there will be no hearing from her or Galfore for a good long time. I was quite pleased.

After Galfore and Blade were taken, Starfire kindly explained all that had happened during the time the rest of us were unconscious. Of course, we had woken up in time to be just outside of the final gate when Galfore and Blade explained their grand scheme, and that unfortunate situation did not have to be retold to us.

Starfire also told us a bit about her brother, Ryand'r, who had evidently come in spirit to aid us. The magic involved in that power source were stronger than any of us really had suspected. Ryand'r fulfilled part of the prophecy as well, being the forgotten soul that rose again and what not. Starfire was sentimental for quite some time after that.

We had to return to Tamaran to leave the star ship we had used and return with the T-ship. When we arrived, all of us were hit with the realization the planet no longer had a ruler. In all technicality, Starfire should have taken the throne again. But she decided that every great monarchy comes to an end and decided to aid the Tamaranians in becoming a free republic. She was quite fond of America's democracy.

The Tamaranians accepted it well, eager for change after Galfore's tyranny. They did, however, make Starfire promise she would take the title of Grand Ruler and at least pose as a figure-head of sorts. She will get to remain on earth with us and communicate with her people via a monthly transmission. Robin was quite happy about it. He said he would've been upset to loose a member of the team. Eh, he's still lacking in the area of open affection. We all know what he meant though, so I suppose it was alright. We decided not to mention he'd been sulking in one of the palace rooms until Starfire came to announce she could indeed return to earth.

Beast Boy claims that Starfire is the Tamaranian Queen of England. I am still attempted to make him understand that this statement really makes no sense. But forcing any information in his brain is a task which I cannot perform… because I have yet to locate his brain in the first place.

We were all incredibly happy to return home to the Tower and we were promptly welcomed back with a prison break-out by Fang and Kitten. Joy. They were quite easy to take down, but in the process, Kitten discovered the new terms of Starfire and Robin's relationship. She was crowing about it in the back seat of the squad car all the way back to her little prison cell. Somehow, Kitten's revelation got out to the press.

If you were to consult the Jump City tabloids, Robin and Starfire have already had their first love child. It's funny. I'd never seen that boy's face get so red in my life. Things at the tower have pretty much returned to normal, and I am feeling nicely centered at the moment. Our resident love birds balance their duty and their relationship nicely. It is almost as if they haven't changed at all. I was… happy to see that their friendship was able to flow into this deeper affection so smoothly. I suppose it was always destined to happen. They complete each other's auras perfectly.

Cyborg and Beast Boy have decided to be immature and use Robin's love life as a center of jokes and the such. He's taking that surprisingly well. I believe he's only pinned Beast Boy to the outside of the tower with birdarangs once so far. I must admit that was a rather satisfying sight. My outlook on the whole thing is pretty much… more power to them, just don't be drooling all over each other anywhere near my room. Or if I'm on the same couch. It's kind of… disturbing in its own respect. I guess I always saw Starfire as too innocent to make out with the infamous play boy of the tower so openly.

Ok… so I wasn't even sure she knew how to make out at all. But whatever. Not my place to judge, I guess.

Cyborg has taken to enlarging the T-ship, adding details from both the star ship and Vyxiis' craft. It's actually coming out pretty… cool… I guess. Beast Boy has officially decided that I am more interesting than the game station at the moment and he has been stalking me for the last week. He's still trying to get me to admit I liked his kiss. It's not going to happen. Because… I didn't like his kiss… at all… or anything… ahem. So I'm still trying to come up with a decent way of shutting him up that won't have the ASPCA crawling all over my back or something.


So that's about it. The Titans are back in Jump City running things just like before. And we're shard free. They were just… gone when Starfire checked last. She can't use telekinetic force anymore, but I can still detect a little trace of the ability in her. I might see if I can help her strengthen it so she can use it like before. It's a fairly useful skill, actually.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and I sincerely thank you for all of your support in the least sappy way possible. So does Robin and Starfire's love child. Just kidding. But… Robin's going to kill me for that.

I need some herbal tea.


Raven Roth

Author's Note: Ok, officially finished! The epilogue was short, I know, but I like to make them short. That's how I roll. Sorry. I hope you didn't mind the format. I wanted it to sort of be like Raven writting a letter to the city people to try and clear up whatever rumors they had heard were or whatever. I dunno if it worked. Reviews are really appreciated!

Love, Princess Starfire of Tamaran