a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic by deckman1063

This is a work of fiction, and I do NOT own the rights to the characters depicted within. This fan work is purely for entertainment purposes.

/ begin /

Rei watched the moon as she stared out the window. It was one of the few things she felt comfortable with, especially given all the changes that had occurred in the past few months. The arrival of the other pilots, the start of the Angel War that she had been training for as long as she could remember, her latest rebirth, all had been more chaotic and more painful than she knew how to handle. Thankfully the moon was predictable - ever changing, but in a regular, periodic cycle. The tumult she found herself in the middle of was hardly predictable, regardless of what the Commander thought. The current situation was proof of that - in a single moment of rebellion, she had decided that she wanted to live, not be the Commander's tool any longer, not give up her existence for a goal she would not benefit from. The Commander's face as she forced his hand and the embedded, embryonic form of Adam back out of her body was proof enough that she had done the right thing. As she stared out at the bright full moon, she allowed herself to smile.

A small sound in the apartment behind her captured her attention. The sleepy, shuffling footsteps of the Third Child interrupted her reverie as he made his way from his room to the bathroom. In his fog, and with the darkness of the room, she assumed that he did not realize that she was awake as she lay on the futon by the doors to the balcony, but she stayed quiet. Tomorrow would be a very busy day, and he didn't need her to wake him fully this early in the morning, regardless of how much she wanted his company.

The girl was therefore somewhat surprised as he came over and sat down next to her after he was finished with his nocturnal business. Turning to him expectantly, she watched his eyes as he stared out the balcony doors at the moon. "It's so bright, tonight," the boy quietly breathed, keeping his eyes on the large white and silver orb in the sky.

"It is only the second full moon since the last battle," offered the First Child, still not sure what was on the boy's mind.

"With Asuka coming home tomorrow, I think I'll miss the quiet the most."

"We will manage. She is not the same as she was." Rei reached out and took hold of her companion's hand, reassuring them both.

"I guess we will, but it won't be easy. She hasn't changed that much," sighed the boy, turning to face her, his gaze flicking down to their linked fingers before settling on her eyes.

She smiled at him, and watched in mixed wonder and amusement as he smiled back, before she responded, "She has changed enough, I hope." The girl paused, and looked back out the window. "You should go back to sleep."

"Yeah, I probably should," he said, yawning, as his gaze was drawn with hers back out to the night sky. He made no move to get up, though, unwilling to let go of Rei's hand.

In the morning Misato found them both asleep on the futon, hands joined.

/ end /

Author's note: this little piece of fluff came out of nowhere in particular. I tried to leave enough clues as to the circumstances surrounding the story, but readers familiar with EVA should have no problems in that regard. Please feel free to leave comments and reviews on either fanfictiondotnet or mediaminerdotorg, or email me directly at deckman1063/at thingy/att/dot-like bit/net