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Break Free

A month later, Tenten was released from the hospital. Lee thought it would be a good idea to throw a party, which he did.

While Neji looked himself over in the mirror, he noticed the green lines of the marking on his forehead were fading. Now, it was more significantly than other times in the past month.

"Is this normal? Ever since that day, it's been getting lighter and lighter. I hope I'm not sick or anything." He wondered if he should report it to Hinata's father, but the more he thought about it, he decided not to. As usual, he ignored the curse and finished getting ready.

The party's location was at one of the hotels in Konoha. Usually, it was used for travelers from other countries, but for the night, it was for parting. No one knew how Lee was able to do it, but no one really cared either. No parents, no senseis, no adults, and all the sake that could be supplied.

"Lee! Hands off the sake!" Neji scolded his sneaky, but not so sly teammate. He saw Lee walk from the bar, defeated. Neji turned his attention back to Shikamaru and Kiba.

Kiba, as usual, was drunk to his delight and no one could clearly see the difference between his cheeks and clan paint on his face. Shikamaru was drinking casually. Not too much, and not too little.

"So what's up with you and Tenten now?" Shikamaru asked.

Neji diverted his attention to Tenten, who was on the other side of the room, socializing with Sakura and Hinata.

"We're alright. We haven't done much because she was in the hospital, so there's nothing to tell," Neji confessed.

"Aww! That's' boring! You two haven't had…" Neji cut off Kiba's loud drunken vocal words.

"No, you perverted little dog! What is wrong with you? It's not like you have anyone in your life, so why do you care about other's intimate stories so much?"

"Tch… you're no fun. What about you and Temari, Shikamaru?"

"Hmm? Us? We're fine. No stories for you," Shikamaru replied.

"No fair you two! Keeping everything to yourselves!" Kiba slurred.

As Kiba kept pestering Shikamaru to hear some 'personal relationship stories', Neji directed his attention towards the three girls again. Seeing Hinata reminded him he needed to return something that belonged to her. Excusing himself from the lazy and drunken boys, he made his way over to the group of three.

"Hey Neji," Sakura and Tenten greeted him.

"Hey. Oh Hinata. I found this in the hospital last month when visiting Tenten. I never had the time to return it to you. Here."

Neji reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a felt red and yellow patch.

"Oh. It was missing?" Hinata questioned, looking at her right arm; the patch was missing from her jacket. "Thank you Neji-niisan."

"That's it…" Tenten stuttered while her eyes dilated.

"What? What are you talking about?" Neji asked, looking down at the patch in his right hand.

"The… the… that's… the flame I saw… protect…"

"Tenten calm down! Get a hold of yourself. Sakura, Hinata. Do you know what she's talking about?"

Sakura shook her head to deny and Hinata looked the other way.

"Do you know something Hinata? … Wait… to protect? Were you the one who attacked Tenten that day?" Neji frantically splurged, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

"I… um… I…"

"Answer me!" Neji demanded.

"Neji…" Tenten whispered, clinging on to his robe.

"I did… I did… to show you… that you could be free." Hinata ran away from them and out the door of the room.

"Neji, get her out of here. I'll calm things out here and take the attention off you two" Sakura proposed.

"Thanks, Sakura." Neji replied and picked up Tenten to place in his arms. He carried her into one of the upper hotel rooms.

"No, Neji! Look out!" Tenten screamed, having horrid flashbacks from when she was attacked.

Neji was in the bathroom, wringing out a washcloth to place on Tenten's forehead. Tenten's sudden screaming scared him and he ran out the bathroom to see what the concern was. When he has realized she was dreaming, he took a deep breath. He let his heartbeat slow down a bit and placed the washcloth on her forehead. Tenten flinched to the touch of the damp and warm cloth.

"Neji…" Tenten said, opening her eyes.

"Are you alright now?"

"I… I think so. It's just that patch… It reminded me of the flame from that day.

"Hinata? She attacked you then?" Neji questioned with shock in his voice.

"I am not too sure myself, but she did admit to it. Or least I think she did. But, just now when I had those flashbacks, the profile of the attacker because clearer. It resembles more and more of Hinata now. Sadly enough, it might be her. But if she did confess to attacking me, she wouldn't lie about it."

"I have to do something about this…" Neji was cut off by Tenten's grip on his wrist, "Tenten?"

"I'm sure she had a good intention. This is Hinata we're talking about. Like everyone else, she didn't expect this to happen to me. But then again, no one did."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. If you want to do something about it, then do it later. But for now, just stay with me."

Neji sat on the bed next to his supposed 'girlfriend'. She smiled at him and her simple smile made him feel a little uneasy.

"Must you stare at me that way?" Neji blushed

"I can't look at you?" Her voice to Neji's ears sounded so simple, so innocent. She sat up from her position on the bed and moved closer towards him.

"You can, but, it's making me feel a little nervous," Neji shyly confessed. He released himself from his robe top and sat next to her in his black fishnet shirt.

"Sorry, my intention wasn't to do that." She raised her left hand to the side of Neji's soft and tender skin on his face. "It's just that… I love you so much."

"…" Neji didn't know how to respond to her. Soon, he cleared his throat. "I understand that, I think. But give me some time. I'm sure within time, I will feel the same way about you as you feel for me."

"What are you saying?" Tenten inquired. Neji's words felt as if they were piercing swords of rejection.

"No, it's not like that. It's just that it'll take some more time before my feelings to develop into what yours are now. Do you understand?"

"I do. Just… thank you for giving me this chance." Neji smiled at her words.

"My pleasure."

Neji slowly leaned towards Tenten and kissed her. Tenten was surprised by his sudden urge for their lips to meet. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

"What's wrong?" He asked in response to her flushed face.

"No… nothing. I'm just shocked. I… my first kiss," she tried to explain as flustered as she was.

"It was mine too. Was it uncomfortable for me to kiss you?"

"No, not at all. Actually I like it. Do it again."

Neji did as he was commanded and kissed her. In response, she reacted to his lips on hers and deepened the kiss. Neji could hear and feel Tenten's soft giggles. He pulled away from her in confusion.

"Why are you laughing? Am I that bad of a kisser?"

"Don't think that Neji. It's just that I didn't think I would be enjoying it this much," she replied and smiled.

"Oh. So that's it then?" Neji smirked.

The next thing Tenten knew, Neji's hands were at her side, tickling her.

"Neji… hahahaha… stop…haha…stop it."

"No," he smiled while she squirmed underneath him.

"Neji. If you… hahahahaha… don't stop, we're going… hahaha… fall off the…"

Tenten's words were cut off with a loud thump. "..bed…"

She flinched as her back hit the carpet. Not only that, but Neji's weight was pushed against her.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think…"

"You sure?"

"I'd be better if you weren't so heavy. Where do you pack all that weight?"

Neji realized his position and he moved his arms to lift himself off Tenten. Now he was still on top of her, but looking down at her. His loose hair draped over his shoulders and almost touched Tenten's face. She raised her hands to reach and pushed back the loose strands of his black hair behind his ears.


"Shh…" she told him before she placed his hands behind his ears and pulled his head down to hers. "Don't say anything for right now." Tenten wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down far enough for his lips to meet hers.

Neji let his tongue explore Tenten's mouth. Now, instead of giggles beneath him, he was able to hear small moans escape from her lips. He could sense she was satisfied with his motions. But he wanted to do more. Shifting his weight to his left arm, with his right hand, he searched for a way to release her from her top. Reaching to the right side of her top, he unclipped the Chinese like top and peeled it away. Once her top was open and exposed, he reached under her bra and softly and gently caressed the top of her left breast.

"Neji…" she moaned.

He smiled at her pleasure. Neji still continued to kiss her. Slowly he found his hands traveling down from her breast, to her waist.

"Do you want me to take them off?" Tenten questioned.

"If you don't mind. I don't want to do anything you wouldn't want me to," Neji stuttered.

"I don't mind. And you don't need to feel ashamed Neji. I am yours after all."

Neji helped Tenten slip off her pants. He was graced with almost seeing her full form. But in reaction, his hands began to tremble.

"It's alright," Tenten read his reaction perfectly. "Go."

Tenten spread her legs a little bit. Neji still trembled in fear of doing something she really did not want and hurting her, but she welcomed him. So what was there to fear now? Neji's hand made its way to the opening she made a path for. Slowly, one finger entered her. Once again, she heard him moan at his touch. He pulled one finger in and out of her in a slow rhythm. Neji would feel her getting wet with each motion.

"You like it?" Neji asked, looking at her pale face.

"Yeah. Put another one in," she requested, her eyes closed and relaxed.

Neji did as he was told and inserted two fingers within her.

"Yeah… that feels… so good..." Tenten sighed.

Neji sped up the rhythm a little bit. Tenten moaned more beneath him and her back began to arch. He smiled at her reaction. Never would he have though he would be doing this to Tenten. Maybe down deep inside, this is what he really wanted. Just to be with her. She was the only one who treated him like a normal person. Not one from a high and prestige family. She did not expect high standards from him or anything. She just wanted him… to be himself.

"Stop Neji. I can't leave you to have all the fun," Tenten panted.

Neji pulled out from her and sat to the right of Tenten. Tenten got up and wrapped her arms around his waist. She laid her head on his lap.

"I just want to tease you for a bit. I want to feel you."

Tenten sat up and released Neji from his pants. When stripped down to his boxers, Tenten reached inside and grabbed onto his bulk, which had been hard for a while. Gently, she thrust his package up and down. Doing so made Neji moan with delight.

"I never knew… this could feel… so good," Neji muttered.

"What are you saying?" You've never masturbated before?" Tenten inquired, speeding up the motion.

"No… no… I… never…," with Tenten's work, he could not quite catch his breath. How could she make him feel like this? "Naruto… talked about it before… but… I've… nev…"

"Shh… you've already answered my question. No more talking."

Neji felt a rush within him. Of course he felt good by Tenten's tease, but there was another feeling he could not quite put his finger on. A sense of belonging… maybe, just maybe he had finally found it.

"Tenten," Neji groaned.

She smiled at her name. She always wanted to be with him, but did not think that something like what was going on would pop up so soon. Either way, she was happy he had finally truly accepted her.

"Oh… Tenten… stop."

Tenten did as she was told and let go of him. Neji sighed and relaxed. He felt all his tension had melted away and he felt so loose. He looked back at Tenten and smiled.

"Was it good?"

"Yeah. Thank you." Neji kissed her on her forehead and then stood up.

He held out a hand to her and she gracefully accepted. Now the two stood in front of each other. Tenten moved closer and embraced him. He reacted by holding her just as close.

"Neji, this is how I always wanted to see you."

"How you wanted to see me?" Neji did not quite understand his girlfriend's statement.

"Without a mask. Not acting like something you're not in front of your family and friends. Without chains tied to you."

"Tenten…" She pulled away from him at the sound of her name.

" Neji, all I've wanted you to do is break free. And look, you already have."

"I have?"

Knowing Neji would be confused by her words, she pulled him into the bathroom. There, she turned on the light and she faced him in front of the mirror. Tenten stood beside him, pulled back his hair from his face and retied it. In the reflection, she just smiled at him and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Look at your reflection Neji. Your curse no more."

Neji was shocked at the truth of Tenten's words. He approached the mirror to examine himself. The green lines were completely faded and the markings failed to exist.

"I can't believe it…" Neji exclaimed barely over a whisper.

"Believe it Neji. You're finally set free."

"I couldn't believe it at first. After you and I had gotten together, the lines since then started to fade. I thought it was because I might have been getting ill or something. But now I understand… I have you to thank."

"Don't fully thank me. Thank your cousin as well."

"I did… I did… to show you… that you could be free." Neji heard Hinata's words resound his in head.

Neji smiled and lead Tenten out of the bathroom to sit on the bed.

"You know, I feel really guilty," Neji confessed.

"Why is that?" Tenten wondered.

"I remember a while ago I had thought about all the girls I've met and I couldn't think of someone who would be right for me. Lee kept pushing for me to find the 'person will come along and change' me. I always would have to hear it from him everyday before training. But I feel guilty because I thought about it that night, and I never mentioned you. I even thought about Hokage-sama and Kin, but you never came up once. My mind kept asking me, 'aren't you forgetting someone?' and I would think, 'no, I'm not'. But now, I can't even believe I could forget a person like you."

"It's alright. If you want forgiveness, you're not going to get it. There's nothing to forgive you for. And just because you didn't think of me then doesn't mean you don't think of me now."

"Well, I guess you're right."

"Hey Neji, this is sort of sudden, but I want to feel you inside of me. For real this time."

"Are you sure that's what you want? I don't want to make you risk something you can't go back on."

"I'm sure. Remember, I trust you. And not only that; I love you."

"Yes I know. I love you too. You are the one who has allowed me to break free."

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