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Chapter 1- Too Much

Today was Kagome's eighteenth birthday. It had been three years since Mistress Centipede pulled her into the well. They were still gathering jewel shards while chasing Naraku. Today meant she was the same age Kikyo had been when she had died. For the last three years, the only person Kagome saw in the mirror anymore was Kikyo. That was until she found out about Tomi. Tomi was Inuyasha's dead mate and she had been Kikyo and Kaede's sister. Kikyo, herself, had told Kagome how unnerving the resemblance was.

Half a year had passed since Inuyasha told Kagome about his mate. He tried to erect an emotional barrier between himself and Kagome because he felt guilty for betraying his mate by his feelings for Kagome. Kagome felt like she had lost her friend in that instant. The only time Inuyasha spoke to her was when they were looking for jewel shards. He didn't even insult her anymore. Not that Kagome had liked being insulted, but at least then Inuyasha gave her the time of day. Kagome had always thought that Kikyo was his mate, even when he insisted that she wasn't. She just thought he was lying, so he wouldn't hurt her. Damn, she was sure wrong!

It had been a week since she found out the truth about Inuyasha's mate. Kikyo's sister, Tomi, was his mate. Naraku had confessed that he had killed her and made Inuyasha think that Kikyo had done it out of jealousy that Inuyasha wanted Tomi and not her. This would, of course, taint the jewel to a point where it might not even be possible to purify it. Naturally, Naraku had made Kikyo think that Inuyasha killed her beloved younger sister because she wouldn't give him the jewel. It had all been part of Naraku's disgusting plan to get the jewel. Kagome didn't know why he had made Tomi his victim, but it really didn't matter now.

Azure eyes stared into the mirror intently. Soaked strands of raven hair fell to her yellow towel covered breasts. Now, every time she looked into the mirror she saw Tomi. It was disturbing to see a woman she had never seen before, instead of herself when she looked in the mirror. How could she see herself when no one else did? Her left hand lifted a lock of hair and she turned her attention to hair, now held at eye level. Her small, quivering right hand introduced the scissors to her hair with a drastic cut. She watched dispassionately as nearly eight inches of length fell soundlessly into the sink. A tear rolled down her cheek as she cut more and more of her beautiful hair from her. She didn't care what it would look like when she finished. She had no identity anymore. Before, all they saw when they looked at her was Kikyo, now all they saw was the formerly unknown, Tomi. Didn't they know that she wasn't Kikyo or Tomi? She was Kagome!

She stared at the claw marks on her cheek and was reminded that Inuyasha knew this all too well. He had told her if she ever said Tomi's name again, he would kill her. He said this after backhanding her, digging his claws into her face, and knocking her to the floor. She couldn't believe that he would ever hit her. The betrayal of that act hurt her more than when she thought he was running off to have trysts with Kikyo.

She remembered Kikyo's words to her, before she had shoved Kagome into the well. "You need to stay away from him. For whatever reason, his demon half reacts to you like he would a mate, but his human half denies that you could be his mate, and that is why he is like this."

Sobbing, she dropped the scissors, and fell to her knees. That was how her mother found her. "Kagome?" She opened the door.

She stared at her daughter in shock, horror, and pity. Kagome had hacked away at her hair, leaving it where it would brush the collar of her shirt. "Oh, Kagome." She hugged her daughter tightly and let her cry in her arms. "Why did you do that Kagome?" She asked after a few moments.

"Because I look like Tomi. And I'm not her."

Mrs. Higurashi didn't even want to touch that one. She remembered Kagome returning in hysterics last week. She had made Kagome explain to her what happened and then refused to let Kagome return for at least a week. She ran her hands through her daughter's now short, black hair. Kagome suddenly stood up and looked in the mirror.

"It looks awful."

Her mom stood up, holding the scissors. "I can fix it. Make it even," she said.

"Okay." Kagome smiled weakly.

******** ******** ********

Kagome studied the cherry colored can of Coke in her hand as she sat at the table with her mother. Thank God her mother had been a hair dresser before Kagome's father died.

"Are you sure about this, Kagome?"

She nodded, her fingers toying with the tab on top of the can. "I don't even know why I go over there. What's the point? I love Sango, Miroku, and Shippo, but Inuyasha makes it so hard for me to be there. He doesn't talk to me much, and the only time he does is when I sense a jewel shard, mama. He threatened to kill me for saying her name, mom. I can't do this anymore. The others will understand. They even wonder why I still travel back and forth. Besides, Kikyo can find the shards for Inuyasha and it's only right that they be together because she is his mate's sister."

Her shattered eyes locked with her mother's. "Mama, I can't do this anymore. I feel like I'm losing myself. That I'm not Kagome anymore. It's just too much, mama."

"Whatever you do, sweetie, I am totally behind you,"

"Thanks mom." Kagome rose to her feet.

"You're doing this today? But it's your birthday."

Kagome nodded. "The sooner I get this over with the better, because it's going to hurt a lot saying goodbye." She walked by her loaded yellow backpack as she opened the door. "If I wait until tomorrow, I might lose my nerve."

Her mom walked over to her and hugged her. "I love you, Kagome. Happy Birthday."

"I love you, too, mom. I'll be back in a few hours." She walked out the door.

She sat on the well's edge, staring into it for a long time. Three years ago today, she had been pulled in and taken to the past. She always thought it led her to her destiny. When she was fifteen, she had believed that Inuyasha was her destiny. Now she knew how incredibly naïve she had been.

At least Inuyasha was honest with her, well kind of. He could have acted like he cared about her when he really didn't. He was as cold to her as Sesshomaru was to everyone but Rin. She didn't think what she was doing was running away, because she wasn't afraid of anything to do with Inuyasha.

"Well," she said with a sigh. "It's time to say goodbye. It's useless to keep fighting. I don't even know why I keep fighting." She jumped into the well, feeling the time shift.

It felt strangely different this time. Kagome didn't try to analyze it as she grabbed the vines to climb out. One hand after another, she pulled her self out. She walked toward the village and froze when she saw the sacred tree. There was no scar on it from where Inuyasha had been pinned and ran back to the well. Something wasn't right! She climbed back down the vines about five feet from the bottom she jumped. She hit the bottom and nothing happened. She tried three more times and climbed out of the well. She frowned and was starting to panic as she continued on the path to the village.

"Big sister! Big sister!" A young girl's voice cried out.

Kagome froze and hid behind a tree. She watched as a girl about eight or so chased after an older priestess. Kagome knew her instantly. The older sister was Kikyo. But if the little girl was Kikyo's sister that meant… "Oh shit." Kagome stared at them in shock. They were Kikyo and Kaede! Some how the well had taken her back fifty three years too far. Now, she would get to see Tomi. Why? Why would it do that? Kagome shifted, stepping on a twig. It cracked under her feet.

Kikyo grabbed an arrow and shot it into the tree. "Don't make me come get you! Come out now."

Kagome was thankful for once that she had worn the priestess outfit given to her by her grandfather. "Please don't shoot." She stepped out from behind the tree, holding her hands up.

Kikyo lowered the arrow and approached the other priestess. "Sister Kikyo, she looks just like you, except for her eyes," Kaede said.

Kikyo had to admit that the resemblance was incredible. She knew her father had not been faithful to his wife. Perhaps, this girl was one of his bastards. Yes, that must be it. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"Tomiko." Kagome didn't hesitate to answer. It's not like she could tell them her real name, so she told them her mother's name.

"What brings you to our village, Tomiko?"

Kagome nearly panicked. What should she say? That she is from five hundred and fifty three years in the future and everyone thinks that she is Kikyo's reincarnation. 'Sure that one is believable.' Kagome mentally rolled her eyes. "I'm looking for my family," she told them.

Kikyo gasped before she dropped the bow and arrow to grab Kagome into an enthusiastic hug.

"What are you doing?" She pulled back, but Kikyo took hold of her hands.

"You're our sister. I knew it when I first saw you that you had to be sired by our father. I'm sorry to say that it has been nearly six years since he passed on. I am so happy to know that it's not just me and Kaede."

Kagome didn't know how to reply, so she said nothing. She should tell them the truth, but acting like their sister would give her some time to think about how she could get home. She smiled weakly at the beaming Kikyo.

"Kaede, come here. This is our sister, Tomiko! Tomiko, this is our sister, Kaede." She led Kagome to Kaede. Kaede's arms wrapped around her legs in a tight hug.

"Hello, sister Tomiko. It is nice to meet you," Kaede said.

"Hello Kaede. It is nice to meet you too." Kagome gave them a fake smile. It's falseness was lost on the happy girls.

Kikyo held her bow in one hand and Tomiko's in the other. Kaede held Tomiko's other hand and the two happy sisters led Kagome or Tomiko back to the village.

None of them knew about the half demon boy following them in the treetops.

******** ******** ********

Long after Kikyo and Kaede had fallen asleep, Kagome sat alone on the roof of the hut, like she had done several times before. Only this time, she was fifty three years farther back in time than she usually was. The only thing she knew for sure was that the well didn't work. So much for being back in time for her birthday party. Kagome sighed. 'Mom is going to kill me when I get back…if I get back'. This was even more hopeless than the first time she had fallen in the well. The gentle breeze pulled at the strands of Kagome's short hair. She raised her hand to her hair. It felt so odd to have it so short.

"Who the hell are you?" She jumped at the sound of the familiar, but very suspicion filled voice.

She looked at the half demon sitting in the moonlight a few feet from her in shock.

"What the fuck are you looking at, bitch? Are you stupid or something? Who the hell are you?"

Kagome was pissed. Nobody talked to her like that! "I'm looking at a rude half demon with cute ears. No, I'm not stupid. And I am Tomiko, Kikyo's sister."

"Well, you sure look stupid with your hair like th… Did you just say that my ears are cute?" He appeared speechless. She nearly snickered at the thought of rendering Inuyasha speechless.

Kagome blushed. Damn, this wasn't the Inuyasha she had once been friends with. This was the hurt, hard, suspicious, very damaged Inuyasha. He looked wild and feral, just sitting next to her. "I didn't mean to insult you."

She was suddenly pinned to the roof by him. His hair brushed her face as he leaned close enough to sniff her throat. "What are you doing?! Get off of me!" She bucked her hips causing them to collide with his.

His ears pinned back and a sound between a moan and a growl erupted from him. "Stop it! I'm not going to hurt you." He sniffed a few more times, before pulling back. His eyes were now slits, obviously they didn't smell similar enough for him. "You don't smell that much like her."

Kagome stared at him. "We do have different mother's, maybe I smell like my mother. Do you smell like your half brother?"

He was now even more suspicious. "How do you know that I have a half brother?"

'Nice going, Kagome' She nearly panicked. Damn, she was stupid! She shouldn't have known about Sesshomaru! "I didn't you, just told me."

"Huh?" He stared at her in shock.

"So, do you smell like him?"

"Not really."

"Well, Kikyo's my half sister, so doesn't it make sense that I don't really smell like her." She reasoned.

He grunted in agreement. He was both happy and unnerved that she didn't smell like Kikyo. On one hand, while Kikyo was his only friend, her scent had no impact on him. What unnerved him was the way he reacted to her scent. There was something different about it.

That something different made his blood, both demon and human, run thick and hot. Being a virgin, he had never felt such a strong urge to tear the clothing from a woman and mate in his life. She looked nearly identical to Kikyo except for a few things. Her eyes were more expressive and alive, not as cold. Her lips were more red and full. And the breasts he could feel pillowing his chest through his clothing were larger. Then there was her hair. He had never seen hair like that on anyone. His clawed hands released her wrists and burrowed in her hair. It was so short for a woman her age. He pushed his nose in her hair and inhaled. She was so clean. She didn't smell like most humans and her scent nearly drove him wild.

He could smell something else too. Something that made him want her even more. She was aroused. Very aroused. He might be a virgin, but he had been around enough people rutting to know what arousal smelled like. He was stunned that a human woman was so aroused by him. Him! A filthy half demon. His eyes narrowed. A trick! It had to be a trick! She was going to act like she was into him then purify him. Well he wouldn't let this bitch get the better of him. He leapt from her as if she were vile.

"You'll keep out of my way, if you know what's good for you, Tomi!" With those words, he was gone.

Things seemed so hopeless. This was supposed to be the last time she came to the past. Now she was too far in the past and the well wouldn't work. Kagome didn't move for a few moments as she continued to stare at the stars. She sat up with a gasp as she recalled what Inuyasha had called her. Tomi. That was why she looked so much like Tomi, because she was Tomi. She was Inuyasha's long lost mate and Naraku was going to kill her. Damn, she was stupid! It explained everything that had happened since she arrived here. She should have known when Kikyo said they were sisters. Her bitter laughter at the irony of the situation reached the ears of Inuyasha sitting not too far away.