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Chapter 18: Super Massive Black Hole

"Steady Inuyasha. Steady." Kaede instructed him as she tried to teach the half demon how to use a bow and arrow. She had actually been quite surprised when she realized just how much control the half demon held over his spiritual powers.

When Sango and Miroku mentioned to Kaede that they believed Inuyasha needed help controlling his powers, she had agreed to help the stubborn man.

Knowing his temperament, it wouldn't be easy.

Each time Kaede had recommended something for him to try, he could already do it.

He could infuse the wind scar with spiritual power, summon his powers at will, and totally hide his power from humans and demons alike. He could erect a barrier, and the list went on.

Kaede had also realized that with his half demon stamina, he could use his powers longer without it draining him. Without anything else left to teach him and nearly out of ideas, she had decided to teach him how to use a bow and arrows.

After all, he needed something to fight with on his human nights. Hand to hand combat was too risky, though she knew he had no problem with it.

She watched as her student pulled the string taut and let the arrow fly. She shook her head when he missed the target again.

"Damn it!" He shouted, resisting the urge to throw the bow down.

She sighed. "Again Inuyasha."

"I don't understand why I need to be doing this anyway." He muttered as he notched another arrow.

"You shoot like the A-team." Shippo snorted.

"What is this A-team?" Kaede asked Shippo.

"I dunno." He shrugged. "It's just something that Kagome has said when people hit everything, but what they're aiming at."

"Perhaps we should ask Kagome when she returns."

Inuyasha ignored them and missed again.

"It's not as easy as it looks, is it? Just keep thinking of all those times you were mean to Kagome about her archery skills." Shippo taunted.

Inuyasha growled as he let the arrow fly. This time he at least hit the tree on which the target had been placed.

"Better Inuyasha. Shippo, I do not think your comments are helping Inuyasha. If you can not watch without taunting him, perhaps ye should go find something else to do."

Shippo said nothing and Inuyasha snickered as he shot another arrow. This one hit the bottom of the target. "I don't understand why I have to learn how to use these things anyway. I have my sword, after all."

"Aye Inuyasha, but ye can not use your sword during your human time. I know ye do not shirk at the idea of hand to hand combat, but you should learn something that keeps you out of reach during such a time."

"Keh! You act like I'm some kind of weakling or something." He pulled drew back the string and fired the last arrow in the quiver. "Damn, I'm good." He chuckled when he hit the target in the center.

Shippo rolled his eyes. "Yeah right. It only took you thirty arrows."

Kaede ignored them. "I know you are not weak Inuyasha, but there is nothing wrong with staying out of harms way at times."

"Whatever." He began to collect the arrows.

"Here Inuyasha." Shippo smiled as he handed him a few he had picked up.

"Thanks." He ruffled his hair and put them in the quiver.

They walked back to Kaede's hut in silence. Once they arrived, Inuyasha put his bow and arrows in the corner and prepared to leave.

"Just where are ye going Inuyasha?"

"To see Kagome."

Kaede shook her head. "Not right now. Now, you have to meditate."

"Aw man."

Not too much later, Sango and Miroku arrived back in the village. They had been out gathering herbs for Kaede.

"Are they… meditating?" Sango asked Miroku as she looked at Kaede, Inuyasha, and Shippo.

"It appears so." Amusement lightening his voice.

"How very odd. Now, I've seen everything." Sango laughed and they back out of the hut when Inuyasha growled softly.

Miroku began to laugh. "It's a shame Kagome isn't here to see this."

"I know. There is no way that what she is doing now is more bizarre than what we just saw."

Oh, they had no idea.


"Excuse me we were having a private conversation here. Just who the hell are you?" Yuka demanded.

She smirked at the girls. "I am Inuyasha's ex girlfriend, and I need to have a few words with Kagome, if you don't mind." Her hands on her hips.

Eri looked from Kikyo to the still shocked Kagome. "Are you sure you want us to leave?"

Kagome nodded. "Please? I need to talk to her."

"Okay Kagome. If you're sure."

"I am. I'll be fine. Why would I lie to you guys about something like this? She won't hurt me. Promise." She tried to sound cheery as her mind tried to absorb this new development.

Kikyo was in her time. How the hell did she get here? Maybe the well let her pass through.

That had to be it!

Then again, it didn't explain the thoroughly modern clothing on the woman or the fact that she didn't seem the least bit phased to be five hundred years in the future.

If she had come through the well, why would she be wearing the clothing she was and why in the world would she be in a grocery store buying…

Kagome noticed the basket on the floor, next to Kikyo. There was a box of soft bandages, gauze, and medical tape in it.

'Why would she need that?'

"Kagome!" Yuka snapped her fingers in Kagome's face to get her attention.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I'll see you later."

"Okay. If you say so." Eri hesitated.

"I do. Now go on. Thanks for looking out for me." She shooed them off and then turned to Kikyo.

"How did you get here?"

Kikyo looked around the aisle. "Maybe we should pay for our items, then take this conversation some place more private." She picked up her basket and started to walk away.

Kagome stood there for a minute, before realizing she was alone, and hurried after Kikyo.

'Now what?'


Kagome wasn't sure if Wacdonalds was such a good choice of location or not. After all, it wasn't that much more private than the store had been. However since it was almost empty and there was no one sitting remotely close to them. She guessed it wasn't that bad of a choice.

She was relieved that Kikyo hadn't suggested some place where she was totally alone with her. After all, what if this wasn't really Kikyo? What if this was some demon masquerading in her time as Kikyo for any numerous reasons? She couldn't afford to be that stupid.

Not even in her own time.

"Nothing ever killed me."

"What?" Kagome was shaken from her musing by Kikyo's voice.

She lifted her cup of soda to her lips and drank from the straw. "I managed not to be destroyed in the past five hundred years." She sat her cup down and reached for a fry. "I was the walking dead five hundred years ago, Kagome. I am still the walking dead now." She waited until she was finished speaking, before she popped the fry in her mouth.

Kagome slumped back in the seat with slight frown marring her pretty features. Well, that actually kind of made sense.

It was about time something started to make sense. It was just totally weird that this was the thing that made sense.

"If you've been here all this time, why haven't you looked for me?"

Kikyo froze at she was bringing the hamburger to her mouth. "Why would I look for you? What if I told you something that hadn't happened yet and you changed the way you reacted to it. You've already changed the past…"

"Ha!" Kagome smacked her hands down on the plastic table, jarring the food Kikyo had bought for them both. "If you haven't tried to find me before now then how did you know that I have changed the past?"

Both of Kikyo's well groomed eyebrows rose. "The small mark on your neck that nearly everyone thinks is a tattoo."

Kagome's hand crept to Inuyasha's mark. "Oh," she replied sheepishly.

And Kagome thought that nothing could surprise her anymore.

'Wrong again'

"So, if you won't tell me anything, why are we having lunch together like two long lost friends?"

Kikyo's smile was so sad it was almost tragic. "Because I haven't seen you in five hundred years. Tell me, Kagome, what happened before you returned here?"

"Naraku kidnapped you a few days ago. Do we find you soon? Does he bring you back?"

Kikyo laughed. "Always so eager to have an answer. Why do you waste our time with questions that you know I will not answer?"

"Sorry. I guess I got so excited to see you okay. I figured since I knew he didn't kill you that you would tell me what happened."

"I'm so sorry, but you know I can't tell you anything. Perhaps this was a bad idea." Kikyo's eyes held Kagome's.

Kagome knew there was something wrong, but she knew that Kikyo would never tell her what it was. Maybe Kikyo was right and this was a bad idea. They probably shouldn't be doing this.

What if this conversation caused some kind of rift that would destroy the universe? What if it made Kikyo and Kagome simply drop out of existence? What if…

Kagome was pulled from her paranoid thoughts as the song "Super Massive Black Hole" began to play.

Kikyo smiled. "Excuse me for a moment." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a red cell phone.

And began speaking American English. She knew it was American, because it was the kind she heard on all the American movies. It wasn't broken; it was fluent, leading Kagome to believe that Kikyo had spent quite sometime in America to be able to speak English that well.

Kagome sighed and began to eat the food that was rapidly growing cold. She hated it when people did this to her. It was one of those things she just found unspeakably rude.

Besides, it wasn't like Kagome could actually carry a cell phone with her all the time. Even if it did work in the feudal era, what would she tell her friends? That she couldn't come out with them, because she was fighting a demon.

Yeah. That would be good.

She had a cell phone. What twenty first century Tokyo resident didn't? She even had it with her, but to only mom, gramps, and Sota had the number. So she didn't have to worry about somebody calling her.

"I'm sorry, Kagome. I have to go." Kikyo's voice once again interrupted Kagome's thought process.

"Okay. It was…uh…nice seeing you, Kikyo."

"I need your cell phone number."

"What? Why?"

Kikyo scribbled down her number and waited for Kagome to locate hers and did the same. "Here." Kikyo shoved her number into Kagome's hand. "I shouldn't be doing this, but you need to call me each time you return and tell me what has happened. This is very important Kagome. Do you understand?"

Kagome nodded dumbly shocked at the woman's sudden change in attitude. "I understand."

"Bye!" Kikyo rushed toward the door.

"Kikyo!" Kagome lifted the bag that Kikyo had forgotten.

"Keep it! You'll know what to do with it!" Then she breezed out the door.

Kagome picked up both trays and walked them to the trashcan, then collected her stuff, and started walking home.

She felt even more uneasy now than she had when she returned from the past.


Kikyo watched from the crowd of people across the street as Kagome walked toward her shrine.

"What are you doing, Kikyo?" His voice spoke perfect English.

She leaned into the man that had placed his hands on her shoulders and knew he was watching too as Kagome disappeared into the crowd.

"You know you shouldn't have even said a word to her." He chastised her.

"I know, but…"

"You don't even know if that will still happen, now that she has changed the past."

She spun to face the man behind her. "But I can't let that happen. I can't let them die like that. Not again."